Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Discussion Questions for Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn

DQ 1:

As with most books that begin a new series Night Myst had many different elements to sort through including numerous characters and a lengthy backstory. Certain areas of interest are:

a) Cecily and all her baggage- taking over for Marta, finding Heather and Peyton, the issue of evolving magic and shifting to an owl, her relationship to Grieve and their past lives/history, and her new role as leader of the 'rebellion' against the Indigo Court. Rhiannon and Kaylin fit here too.

b) the coming war between the Crimson Court and the Indigo Court, to which I'd include all the vampire characters like, Lannan, his sister Regina, Chatter, and Gregory. Plus I'd stick Leo, the boyfriend dayrunner, in this slot too. Then you have the Queen of Rivers and Rushes, Lainule, and her involvement in Cecily's life and the war. Add Cecily working for the Crimson Court and not telling Grieve. Plus you have the added intrigue of a possible virus that poisons the Vampiric Fae- seemed more science fiction and less magic to me.

What elements grabbed your interest? Which characters did you like most/least? What are your thoughts on the melding of vampires, fae, and magic?

DQ 2:

Why do you think that Cecily was so angry at Lannan after he fed from her? Was it because he was nice to her (brought her milk and cookies) when before he seemed cold and calculating? It just seemed like so much more than a 'resistance to becoming a bloodwhore' issue to me. She was angry that she had these visceral reactions to something she previously rejected and accuses him of being nonchalant. Both of them seemed to be conflicted to some degree, like they expected different outcomes. Did his explanation help or hurt? How did you interpret that scene?

Lannan raised his head, his golden hair falling forward as a perplexed look crossed his face. "Do you want it to mean something?" he asked softly. (page 247)

DQ 3:

Would you trust Ulean to guard your back after learning that she originally belonged to Lainule (a character that obviously has an agenda)and never said anything?

DQ 4:

How many secrets can you forgive before trust is severely compromised? Grieve has so many facets that it's hard to identify the real man and even harder to know if he is truly part of the Indigo Court. It's obvious that he loves Cecily and that she loves him but how much of that is from their past lives? Would you trust Grieve with not only your heart but the lives of everyone around you?

DQ 5:

Would you classify this book as a Paranormal Romance or an Urban Fantasy?

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Jen D. said...

DQ1: The better question is what didn't grab my interest. I thought the vamp/fae mash up was interesting and unique. And scary as hell! I really like that the vamps were something to be feared.

Favorite characters: Cecily, Greive, Kaylin and Peyton

Least Favorite: Uh, Myst for sure. All the vamps and vampiric fae. And there's something about Leo that I'm not liking.

DQ2: I think she was angry that her body was betraying her and that she was at his mercy. I mean if someone made me get down on my knees and kiss his feet and then made my war against myself about wanting to do it I'd be mad as hell too. I wouldn't want someone using my own body against me.

DQ3: I think I can see where Ulean felt it wasn't her place to tell Cicely and despite the omission I would still trust her.

DQ4: I think that Yasmine did a really good job of showing his struggle against his new nature. And I really believed that these two love each other and believe that they are meant to be together. I would trust him enough to believe him when he says he's not to be trusted. I think he really is trying his best to be the old Grieve and protect Cicely and everyone else as much as he can.

DQ5: I'd have to go with Urban Fantasy. Although we see and learn about Cicely and Grieve's past and relationship it takes a backseat to everything else that's going on.

What did you all think about that ending and what Cicely finds out about who she is? Intense! I may have started sweating during that last action sequence. LOL!