Monday, August 16, 2010

True Blood - Episode 9 Recap & Highlights

This post contains spoilers and may contain offensive language.
If you don’t like either, please cover your eyes now.

Hello Bite Clubbers. Welcome back to our regularly scheduled True Blood post. Feels good to get back to normal. So tonight’s episode wasn’t as insane as the last one but, it was still good nonetheless. I don’t know that my nerves could’ve handle another show like the one we had last week. So let’s get on to the good stuff.

Sookie’s in the shower cleaning up after her semi-MMA fight with Debbie and her makeup sex with Bill, when Bill steps in and joins her. He tenderly heals her wounds and they enjoy a little more makeup lovemaking. She heads downstairs and discovers the body of the one of the werewolves Bill and Jessica killed. He walks in and together they clean up the mess. They get into a conversation about the file he’s been keeping on her which then turns into a conversation about trusting one another. The next morning Sookie’s looking through an album with newspaper clippings when she gets a call from Hadley. Hadley says she’s at the aquarium and has someone she’d like her to meet. Sookie (who apparently can teleport from Bon Temps to Monroe) finds Hadley and the person Hadley wants her to meet ends up being her son Hunter. She tells Sookie about her relationship with Sophie-Anne and that she ended up telling Sophie-Anne about her abilities. She’s tells her she’s worried because Russell also knows about her abilities and that her and Sookie and in serious danger. She also wants Sookie to help her find out if Hunter has the same abilities she does. Sookie asks Hunter to come sit with her and sure enough he’s also telepathic like her. (But we knew that was going to happen, right?). Bill stops by Sookie’s house and Sookie starts telling him about Hadley and the Queen and King and he says he thinks he knows why they’re after her. (See below for more details). Naturally, they ended the episode so we’ll find out what Sookie is next Sunday.

And just when you thought we weren’t going to have to revisit the Fairy Garden Utopia, BAM, we’re taken back via Bill’s subconscious. (Which in and of itself is bizarre and since when do vampires dream?). Anyway I digress, Bill ends up in Fairy Land and meets Claudine, who is shocked by his presence in her territory. She tries to run away but he catches up to her. His fangs drop and he’s about to take a bite when she hits him with her fairy blast and knocks him back across the garden. She accuses him of killing Sookie and he swears that he hasn’t and the he loves her and never would. He asks what she is and she refuses to tell him. He tells her that Sookie has the right to know so that she can defend herself.

Jessica heads into work and the first customers she gets to seat are Hoyt and his new girlfriend. Needless to say she’s not happy. Hoyt tries to be nice and introduce his girlfriend but Jessica cuts him off so that she can take them to their table. After a little bit of a tantrum she tries to play nice and when Hoyt introduces Summer her fangs accidentally drop down. Jessica heads back to apologize to Hoyt and they end up getting into a really funny conversation about how he can’t stand his girlfriend. She asks him why’s he’s with her if he hates her so much. He responds by saying that it beats sitting around thinking about her. Poor thing gets all emotional and runs off.

The morning after talking with Sam, Tara attends a meeting for rape survivors. She sees Holly, the new Merlotte’s waitress, there and starts to get nervous. Holly insists that she stay. Holly starts off the session and tells her story. As she describes what happened and how she’s learning to deal with it we see Tara start to become affected by what Holly is saying and she begins to cry. That night at Merlotte’s, Tara notices Jesus at the restaurant and heads over to Lafayette to get confirmation about them dating. She starts to lay into him but, stops and tells him she’s happy for him. After helping Jesus and Lafayette load an injured Calvin into an SUV, she watches them ride off. She starts to make her way into the bar and friggin’ FRANKLIN comes up and drags her off behind the building. (C’mon now…you all didn’t think he was dead, did you?). Poor Tara is terrified but, she stands up to him. He doesn’t like this one bit and grabs her by the throat. As her breathing becomes labored, Jason comes to her rescue, points a shotgun at Franklin and tells him to let her go. Being his usual charming self, Franklin tells Jason that he’s a vampire and that it doesn’t matter how many times he shoots him, nothing’s going to happen. Jason cocks his shotgun, shoots him and he explodes. Gotta love wooden bullets.

Sam is with Tara in his trailer talking about her recent ordeal when he gets a call from Terry complaining about the noise his little brother is making. Sam hangs up and asks Tara if she wants to come with him. She waves him off and he heads out the door. Sam walks into the apartment and finds a very naked Tommy with his half naked date. Tommy cops an attitude with him right off the bat. Sam tells him that he doesn’t care how he entertains himself but, that he can’t disturb the neighbors while their trying to sleep. After another smart remark from Tommy, he heads back home. The next day Arlene and Tommy get into an argument because Arlene accuses Tommy of stealing her tip money. Tommy is a complete jerk about it and Sam tells him he’s going to take it out of his salary. Tommy gets mad and insults Sam by telling him that he lets people walk all over him. Calvin walks into the bar and finds Crystal talking to Jason. Jason challenges Calvin to meet him outside. Sam steps out from behind the bar and gets in Calvin’s face. Calvin mouths of and Sam loses his cool. He starts to serve up a serious beat down. Crystal tells him to stop and he shoves her out of the way. Sam keeps at him until he loses consciousness. Everyone at the bar is stunned. Hoyt and Jason finally pull him off. Jesus and Lafayette load him up into a car and head to the hospital. Crystal tells them to stop so she can go with them. Jason tries to prevent her from going but, she takes off anyway.

Jason comes home to find Crystal yelling at someone. When he walks in he finds Felton screaming at Crystal. He accuses Jason of kidnapping her and Jason tells him that she came of her own free will. Things get crazier when Crystal accuses Jason of raping her. Felton attacks him and while he’s distracted Crystal knocks him unconscious. They take him out to the middle of nowhere and Crystal hog ties him. Jason calls the cops to let them know he’s there and they take off. Jason and Crystal walk into the station the next morning and find out that Kevin was attacked after responding to a distress call. Turns out he was the one who went to check out Jason’s call and was almost killed as a result. As Crystal sits down to console the receptionist, Kenya walks out with the drug dealer they arrested in Hot Shot a few episodes back. He spots Crystal and gives her a smirk. Meanwhile, Jason heads back to see Andy and asks if there was any V found on the scene. Andy tells him that Kenya put it into evidence. Jason then says that he has sources that say the guys who run the meth lab are also selling V and that if they can connect the V found at the scene with the V they’re selling in Hot Shot they could raid the meth lab in Hot Shot again. Andy looks very interested in this theory and starts taking notes. Andy then says that if they connect the V that he’ll bring in the FBI, DEA and crap load of other agencies into the fold to bring them down. Later that night he tells Crystal about his brilliant plan and she starts to freak out. She begs him not to send law enforcement out there. Jason is baffled by her response.

Looks like our boy Eric is in a bit of trouble. After offing Talbot, Eric heads back to Fangtasia. After filling Pam in on what happened he tells her they need sanctuary. Ginger walks in and they ask her where she lives. She asks if it’s because of the V feds. Eric and Pam look at each other and walk out to the bar where they’re joined by Nan Flanagan and her vampire SAWT team. She’s more than a little pissed with Eric for having to clean up his mess. Eric tries to pull one over on her and tells her there’s nothing wrong with his area. Obviously not amused she asks one of her guards to silver him. After searching the bar Nan tells him they’ve found nothing, except for the fact that that basement is as sterile as an operating room. Nan then has some of her SWAT members bring in web cams so that they can get Eric’s statement regarding the disappearance of the Magister. Sitting on the other end of the web cams is the Authority. Eric goes into some history about werewolves fueled by vampire blood and brings up Russell Edgington. He relays to them that Russell is not interested in co-existing with humans and delivers them Russell’s ‘f*ck the authority’ message. He tells them that Russell killed the Magister because the Magister defied him. When Nan asks why he didn’t come forth sooner he launches into a story about Russell massacring his family. He tells the Authority that he did not come forward because he’s waited 1,000 years to kill Russell. The interview ends with Nan informing Eric that she didn’t fly out of her way to listen to a bunch of bullsh*t and that it’s odd that the same man who wants to bring down the AVL just donated a half a million dollars to the organization. Nan then puts him and Pam on lock down until the Authority makes a ruling in his case. The next evening Pam wakes up to find Eric at his desk. She asks him why he never shared his family history with her and he replies by saying that the burden was his alone to carry. He tells her that if he can’t go on then she must make a new vampire. He says it’s her time to be a maker. Later that evening Nan shows up with her vamp SWAT team and we see Russell keeping an eye on the club. He thinks the AVL is protecting Eric and vows to a jar full of Talbot to get revenge on them. Nan walks into the club to deliver the Authority’s ruling. In a nutshell, Eric gets permission to seek out his revenge. Oh happy day! On a side note, while Nan’s heading back to whatever it is she does, Russell, our favorite crazy vampire, interrupts a news report by ripping out the reporters spine and basically AVL look like a bunch of liars. The guy is flippin’ insane. And I love it.


Lafayette and Jesus
From the floral robe that Jesus borrows from Lafayette to the sweet smile Lafayette wears the next day, I like everything about this new relationship. If only I didn’t have that nagging feeling that something was up with Jesus I’d be one very happy camper.

The King
Wow, Denis O’Hare plays a great crazy vampire doesn’t he. He put one hell of a performance tonight.

Arlene getting more screen time
Poor Arlene. I’m glad we got to see more of her even though she was all kinds of upset and depressed.


What a little snot!  Anyone else disliking him as much as I am?

Favorite One Liners

‘Normal couples do not do this Bill Compton.’
-Sookie to Bill

‘Usually this is where I come up with an excuse to get you the f*ck up out of here.’
-Lafayette to Jesus

‘Dude I got the gun shut the f*ck up!’
-Jason to Felton

‘Well I’m a Virgo. I like to be neat.’
-Eric to Nan

‘You’re lucky it’s just me buddy. Arlene’s fixing to through a Molotov through your little brother’s window if you don’t get down here.’
-Terry to Sam

‘Everything ends. Even the immortal.’
-Eric to Pam

‘God help me but, I f*cking hate her.’
-Hoyt to Jessica

I wasn’t able to find any goodies tonight other than a couple of clips from last night’s episode. Enjoy!

So what did ya’ll think? Did you enjoy the slower paced episode? What were some of your favorites scenes?


Vickie said...

I was only able to catch the last half hour when my dad went down to the mancave to bond with DH over pre-season football....
But what a last half hour of the episode. LOVED the wooden bullets scene!
Jesus is too good to be true, call me a cynic and I am going to hate seeing Lafayette get is heart broke.
The televised newscast was priceless!

"And now the weather...Tiffany?"

Jen D. said...

Yeah I'm with you on Jesus and Lafayette. I am not going to enjoy watching Lafayette get hurt.

The newscast was hilarious. Not to mention that he did half of it with a piece of the reporter's spine in his hand. Priceless!

Anna D said...

Each episode just gets better and better!

Fairyland was still kinda lame and I'm not sure why Bill was clueless about where he was. He drinks from Sookie on a regular basis so he should already be aware that she is from fairy, especially since their blood is addictive to vamps.

I'm really trying to rack my brain about Hadley's kid because I thought he wasn't introduced until much later. Guess I'm wrong. Can't really check since all my books are packed up. Sometimes I think its better to watch the show while pretending the books never existed. Too confusing trying to figure out the parallel routes between show and books.

Michele Hauf said...

Seriously? Faery blood is addictive to vamps in this series? Oh man, i'm doing the same thing in my world. But I've never even read Harris. How does the faery/vamp thing work in her world? Or maybe I don't want to know. Yes, I need to know!

Anna D said...

It's not so much that the blood is addictive to vampires, but it is extremely intoxicating and I'm pretty sure that vampires are able to sense those that have fairy blood.

Jen D. said...

That's a good point Anna. In the books vamps know about fairies and you're right...Hadley's kid doesn't show up until book 8 or something. I totally forget about the books when I'm watching a show based on them. Chances are very high that they're never going to be the same.

James said...

How can I get my hands on the audio clips from this episode. I loved the line about calling the DOJ...Blackwater etc.

Please help!

Jen D. said...

Hi James. Good question. That particular scene would probably be hard to find online. I'll have to research it when I get home. Send me an e-mail at and if I find it I'll send you the link.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anna (Bite Club) said...

I'd try they are the ultimate fan site and each week they discuss the episode that just aired. I think they replayed the final scene of Everything's Broken.

That was one of my favorite scenes from all 3 seasons.