Friday, September 24, 2010

Bad Moon Rising--The Vampire Diaries

****Spoiler Alert*****

Last nights episode was action packed from the very beginning! The episode started out with Damon, Elena, Stefan, and Alaric discussing Isobel’s research and what is going on with the Lockwood family. Alaric, Elena, and Damon decide to take a road trip to Duke to search through Isobel’s research on paranormal activity. Stefan has to stay behind in Mystic Falls to babysit a newly turned Caroline. To prove to Damon that Elena’s heart belongs to Stefan she gives Stefan a long lingering kiss before they depart.

Stefan convinces Bonnie to make a day-walking ring so Caroline can be outside in the sun saying that it will help Caroline retain her humanity if she is able to interact with her friends and Matt.

Mason scouts out some interesting places in the woods, while Tyler tracks him. He checks out the chains in the basement of the old Lockwood estate, which burned down many years ago. Tyler, back at the house, asks his mother about the old estate and why is there a cellar with chains. She replies that they live in the south and everyone is not open to talking about slavery. Mason interrupts and Tyler covers his questions by asking if he can have a party on the property. His mother agrees but tells him to be careful since the family is liable for any injuries.

Stefan then teaches Caroline how to hunt. Bunnies. (This is by far the first time I’ve ever seen Stefan have a sense of humor and all around a funny scene.) Stefan explains to Caroline that their human personalities will be amplified now that they’re vampires. When he was human he had very deep feelings for others around him and he felt guilt, now that he’s a vampire all that is amplified. Caroline replies, “I'm basically an insecure, neurotic control freak on crack?" Stefan tells her that if she will listen to him and learns to hunt that they can go to the party at Tyler’s estate and she can see Matt. She agrees.

At Duke, Damon, Elena, and Alaric meet Vanessa who is a grad student and was a student of Isobel’s. She seems nice enough until she tries to shoot Elena with a crossbow. Damon (of course) steps in and gets shot in the back with an arrow. Alaric disarms Vanessa and takes her into an office while Elena hesitates about pulling the arrow out of Damon’s back. He goads her into pulling out the arrow by telling her it hurts. In true Damon form he says “She has so got to die.” Elena won’t let him.

They search through Isobel’s records and research notes while back in Mystic Falls Tyler’s party is well under way when Caroline and Stefan arrive. Stefan and Mason (who was telling Tyler to have his friends out of there before nightfall so someone won’t end up drunk and dead at the bottom of the lake.) share a dark look at each other before Mason drives off. Caroline pokes fun at Stefan’s “serious vampire look” and he says “so you think I’m too serious.” The rapport between these two characters is very amusing.

Caroline gets jealous over Matt talking to Amy and compels Amy to go and find some single guys to chase. Matt gets mad and tells Caroline he’s tired of the drama and walks off. Stefan reprimands Caroline for compelling Amy and he says that no one deserves to have their minds messed with. Caroline goes and apologizes to Matt and kisses him. He takes her hand and leads her off into the woods. Stefan gets a phone call from Elena who fills him in on what they found in Isobel’s research. When Elena tells Stefan about the werewolves and their bite is fatal to vampires, he realizes that Caroline has disappeared with Matt.

Mason is back in the cave chaining himself to the wall. He hears voices approaching and takes off. We see Tyler and Amy enter the cellar room and they start kissing. Amy tells Tyler that she can’t do this that she really likes Matt. He lets her leave.

Meanwhile Mason has locked himself in the truck and we see the truck rocking back and forth…. Stefan, who is looking for Caroline and Matt, stumbles upon Mason’s truck parked in the woods and sees the chains and things around the truck. Stefan peers into the back window and is startled when a black wolf jumps through the window shattering it and takes off into the woods.

Caroline and Matt are in the woods making out when Caroline gets a little rough and Matt cuts his hand on the tree. Overcome by bloodlust Caroline licks the blood from Matt’s cut and then bites him. She almost kills him before Stefan finds her and pulls her off Matt. They hear the growl and Stefan orders Matt to stay down on the ground. He tells Caroline to run as fast as she can to lead it away from Matt. They run (really fast) off into the woods and Caroline stops and asks Stefan what they’re running from and he says werewolf. The wolf jumps onto Caroline and is growling poised at her throat. Tyler arrives on the scene and yells “No!” at the wolf who backs off of Caroline and takes off into the woods. Stefan and Tyler stare at each other shocked.

Meanwhile at Duke Alaric thanks Vanessa for helping them and tells her that Isobel actually became her research and warns Vanessa not to let her research take over her life. Damon shows Elena a book he found labeled "Petrova," Katherine's family name. "You hated me before and we became friends," he tells Elena. "It would suck if that was gone forever. Is it?" Elena doesn't immediately answer.

Tyler comes across Mason’s truck and takes in the broken window and the clothes inside the truck. Mason appears (naked but no good bits were shown). Tyler says “it was you” and Mason nods.

Caroline compels Matt to forget what happened and that she attacked him. She discusses with Stefan that it was probably better for Matt if they weren’t together. He told her that he was not the person to talk to about letting a human go for their own safety. Caroline stages a fight with Matt and he breaks up with her. He walks away and the look on Caroline’s face is heartbreaking.

Damon is walking Elena to her front door and Damon admits to Elena that he didn’t know Jeremy was wearing John’s protective ring when Damon snapped his neck and that he didn’t know what he would have done if he hadn’t been wearing it. Despite Damon’s apologized to Elena she still tells him that their friendship is over. He throws Elena’s words back in her face “I thought friends don’t manipulate friends?” Damon retorts "You and Katherine have a lot more in common than just your looks." He leaves her on the porch.

I was so happy with this weeks episode and I’m certain that I’ll be thrilled with next week’s episode…

Things I loved--

not actually seeing Mason "morph" into a wolf. I'd much rather imagine it and not actually see it instead of being disappointed with some really bad cgi computer stuff.

The really fast running scene with Caroline and Stefan... it was very well done.

Here's a preview pic of next week's episode... "Memory Lane"

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