Monday, September 20, 2010

Discussion: I'll Be Slaying You by Cynthia Eden

DQ 1:
Doing movie quotes every couple of weeks has got me to thinking about my favorite lines (and scenes) from the books I'm reading, and one of the reasons I love reading Cynthia Eden is because of the wit and sarcasm. Here are just a few lines from I'll Be Slaying You--

*Should have seen that one coming. You just couldn't trust killers these days. (Simon, pg 13)

*Some women collected figurines, Dee- Instruments of Death. (Simon, pg 99)

*"Um, yeah? Well, here's a tip. Flowers work well. They say, 'Hi, here's a present.' Fire, ummm, not so much." (Dee, pg 144)

*"I'll f&^%ing love you forever." Bald. Flat. No hesitancy. Just stating a fact. (This is part of a great, and pivotal, scene beginning on page 229.)

So what were some of your favorite lines and/or scenes? Did you like the sarcasm and dialogue? How did you feel about Dee and Simon as a couple?

DQ 2:

Creating vampire lore is one way that an author can showcase creativity and make their world unique. Some of the highpoints for me were--

*Dying (quoted from page 56): When vamps were staked they didn't age or shrivel or explode into dust. Their bodies stiffened, hardened immediately so that when an ME looked later, the TOD was never right. Their skin whitened, not slowly turning ashy and yellow like a human's. No, the skin drained of color until the flesh was the starkest of whites, and the drain was nearly instantaneous.

*Weakness to fire (from page 148): Many folktales include a weakness to fire but Eden went so far as to explain that vampire skin burns too quickly. I imagined parchment paper.

*The Link (quoted from page 105-6): A Born Master took a victim, and formed a psychic connection with his prey. But if the Master turned that Prey into the Taken, and the new vampire took another victim, the Born Master's connection would trickle into the new prey, and keep trickling down through every blood exchange. Like freaking tentacles, reaching out for minds and spirits. 

I love when an author includes all the rich details and really makes the vampire world new and exciting. It also helps when the explanations aren't boring, which wasn't a problem here at all.

What areas of the vampire lore did you like? How important are the explanations?

DQ 3:

Jason Pak created the Night Watch Agency as a bounty hunting business that deals with Other. His hunters include a variety of 'races'- Dee is human, Zane is half-demon, Jude is shifter, and charmers are also on hand. Night Watch also works with local law enforcement in secret- Tony knows that Others exist. 

Which of these secondary characters would you like to know more about? Jude has his mate but it appears that Zane and Catalina have some unfinished business. Pak is a mystery and I'd love to know what female is capable of snaring him. Bet the sparks really fly then!

DQ 4:

This is the curiosity section of our questions. Do names affect how you feel about the characters? Do you prefer realistic names, like Simon and Dee, or would you rather names like Grim? Do you like to know why the author chose names?

The sex scenes in this book were super hot and managed to fit in well with the story. How would you rate them- Too graphic? Tame?

For more information about this or any other Eden title, please visit her website.

Jude's story can be found in Eternal Hunter.

And Zane's story will be told in Eternal Flame which comes out on my November 30th (my birthday)

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