Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday 56: The Child Thief by Brom

* Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like) along with these instructions on your blog or (if you do not have your own blog) in the comments section of this blog.
*Post a link along with your post back to this blog.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.

Thank the Goddess it's finally Friday! I hope you all have an awesome cool weekend. This week I'm finishing up 3 different books for review on VampChix and here at Bite Club, and I'm hoping that after next week everything will be back to normal. I have managed to read a few blogs but haven't commented much...that will change once I'm back in a real house with real internet with my own computer. I've been on Flyboy's laptop and it just doesn't have all my stuff.

The Child Thief: A Novel

Anyways, here's a look at The Child Thief by Brom. My full review will be up in the next few weeks and I am really enjoying this twisted take on a classic fairy tale.

The Mist slid back into the sea, its swirling, sparkling mass dissipating, leaving Peter standing alone.

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Carrie said...

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From the book
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