Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Vampire Diaries ~ Season 2 Recap ~ Episode 1-5

So I was hard core disappointed when I flipped on my DVR to watch The Vampire Diaries, only to find it wasn’t a new episode! I'm sure most of you guys are having Stefan or Damon (in my case) withdrawal by now. So I’ll get over my disappointment by recapping what has happened so far episode by episode—

***Be warned there are spoilers for the entire season up till now***

The return—

This season picked up right where season one left off, Elena arrived home to discover that Uncle John had been stabbed and Jeremy had ingested vampire blood and tried to kill himself. Sheriff Forbes along with Matt and Tyler waits to hear if Caroline will survive the car accident. Damon, Bonnie, and Elena agree that Caroline needs some of Damon's blood in her system to make sure she pulls through. Damon (obviously) is the first to realize that Katherine has returned and is now impersonating Elena around Mystic Falls. At the Lockwoods’ house, Bonnie has a run in with Katherine and Katherine slams Bonnie against wall. Stefan interrupts them and he and Damon try to find out what Katherine wants. Tyler’s uncle Mason arrives in town for his brother’s funeral. Katherine tells Damon that she never loved him and that it was always Stefan that she loved. Damon is extremely upset and goes to see Elena. Elena not knowing that Katherine had told Damon that she didn’t love him and never loved him, she tells him almost the same thing and Damon ends up snapping Jeremy’s neck when he walks into the room. Thankfully, Jeremy survives because he is wearing John's ring which protects him from death from supernatural forces. Katherine later goes to the hospital to see Caroline, who mistakes her for Elena. Katherine asks Caroline to give the Salvatore brothers a message, before grabbing a pillow and smothering her with it. Before Caroline dies, Katherine delivers her message - "Game on."

Bad Moon Rising—

Elena, Damon, and Alaric take a road trip to Duke University to search through Isobel's old office looking for information on Katherine and the Lockwood family secret. They meet Isobel's research assistant, Vanessa, who helps them locate information on werewolves and their relationship to vampires. Stefan stayed behind in Mystic Falls to help Caroline adjust to life as a vampire, which includes teaching her how to control herself and hunt animals. Stefan also convinces Bonnie to make her a daylight ring. Mason's plan to restrain himself during the full moon hits a snag, leading him to roam free as a werewolf. Caroline cannot control herself while making out with Matt, and ends up feeding on him. She compels him to forget about it. Mason comes into contact with both Stefan and Caroline. Tyler saves them by shouting at the werewolf, causing it to take off through the woods. He later finds Mason in the woods, naked and covered in dirt, and says “It was you.” Mason nods. Caroline causes Matt to break up with her to keep him safe from herself. Damon gives Elena Katherine's real name (Katerina Petrova) to aid in her research, but Elena still refuses to forgive him for everything he's done. Alaric reaffirms his romantic interest in Jenna. Caroline awakens to find Katherine in her bedroom who says “We’re going to have so much fun.”

Memory Lane—

Katherine delivers an ultimatum and tells Stefan that she will kill everyone in Elena's life unless they get back together, but Stefan still refuses. Katherine then tells him she will “snap Elena’s neck.” Stefan attacks her, which causes her to break free from the chains he has been using to hold her. But Katherine tells Stefan that she has been drinking a bit of vervain for the last 145 years and has developed an immunity to it. She stabs Stefan in the leg and then hears Elena upstairs. Elena had left Caroline who was attempting to break Stefan and Elena up. Elena and Katherine meet and Katherine says that Elena was asking the wrong questions. Meanwhile, Damon is out making trouble with Tyler's uncle Mason. As she watches the full moon rise, Katherine remembers what happened back in 1864, after Stefan and Damon had been both shot in an attempt to save her. She goes to Stefan and kisses him, and later says that she'll be back for him, and that she loves him. Stefan and Elena set up a plot to pretend that they are no longer dating so that Katherine won't hurt anybody. They "break up" within earshot of Caroline and Damon.

Kill or be Killed—

Elena and Stefan continue their fighting in public at the Mystic Falls picnic. Mason Lockwood tells Sheriff Liz that Stefan and Damon are vampires and that he can prove it. He proves it by spiking Damon's cup of lemonade with vervain, causing him to choke after taking a sip. Stefan and Damon are set up and shot by Liz and her fellow officers. Meanwhile, Caroline takes to higher ground to listen and fill Elena in. They have a short run-in with Mason, during which Caroline fights him off. They get to Stefan and Damon just before Liz kills them. Caroline's identity as a vampire is exposed and Liz rejects Caroline as her daughter. Stefan and Elena get into an argument about him drinking human blood, and Damon tells Elena that she knows that Stefan needs to. Elena lets Stefan drink her blood for strength. Caroline confesses to Elena that Katherine threatened to kill Matt if Caroline didn't spy on Elena and Stefan for her. Elena let’s Caroline know that she knew what Caroline was up to. During all this Tyler almost kills a girl by accidentally pushing her down the stairs and realizes that he almost wanted the girl to die. After this he gives up the moonstone to Mason. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Mason is working for Katherine (who wants the moonstone) and a flashback shows that Katherine orchestrated Mason accidently killing his friend and triggering his curse. Then the scene fades out with Katherine and Mason making out.

Hopefully this has caught you up to date on the episodes that have aired already...

Tell me what's your favorite (or most interesting) episode and why? Also give me an idea of what you think is going to happen in Mystic Falls......?

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