Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: Sixty-One Nails by Mike Shevdon

Sixty-One Nails: Courts of the Feyre, Book 1 is a freakin' fantastic read.  It's been compared to Gaiman's work, but this book stands on its own merit.  The hero, Niall, also known as Rabbit, and thanks to his previously unknown heritage, is whisked into a world he has only ever imagined, and faces the challenges with smarts, cunning, and a sense of wonder.  The action begins immediately, and will keep the reader turning pages to discover the mystery, and learn as much as they can about Shevdon's fascinating world of the Feyre.  Niall's cohort is Blackbird, a mysterious fey who changes her glamour often, but never her confident heart.  She intrigues, and provides a solid ground for Niall to depend upon, even though she is ever changeable.  The two make the perfect fictional pair.  Touches of romance sweeten the story perfectly, while the worldbuilding adds the perfect elements of fantasy, mythology and details to make this story a must-read.

The next in the series, The Road To Bedlam, came out the end of October, and will be reviewed here as well.

—Michele Hauf for Bite Club

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