Monday, November 29, 2010

Walking Dead episode 5

They called this episode Wildfire but I have unofficially changed that title to Resistance because these folks have a serious aversion to making the tough choices required when one survives a zombie outbreak. They seemed to have decided on a protocol for if someone in camp gets attacked and bitten, but when it actually happens they all fall apart...and suddenly the rules have changed. Everyone recognizes the need for rules and leadership so why can't they stick with the program? Emotions are such a tricky thing. This episode was quite emotional, something I find rather odd for a zombie show and that demonstration of humanity is why I keep watching. Daryl seems to be the only one that can detach himself from the task at hand and just get it done, although we know this attitude costs him. He's growing on me more and more with each new episode. Damn hillbilly:)

Tough questions for the week (my answers are listed in red):

1. Would you have let Amy wake up like that before killing her?

I actually thought the Amy situation was one of the most selfish acts I've witnessed so far, especially since it seemed to have been done out of guilt. Waiting until your dead sister reawakens as a zombie is probably not the right time to apologize for all your mistakes. I kept waiting for Amy to chomp on her face.

2. How would you react if a member of camp turned up bitten?

Absolutely no clue what to do! Killing seems so wrong but watching someone suffer like that is outrageous. Can you imagine how that feels knowing that you are a few hours away from becoming a walker? I'm glad they finally realized that the decision belonged to Jim and Jim alone. I wanted to cry for him.

3. Would you dig graves?

No. I thought the burning of bodies was actually quite honorable. Isn't that how the Jedi handle death?


Melissa Walker ~ Edge of Forever said...

Good Morning Anna! I was so happy to see you had already posted your thoughts. Last night's episode was a real mind bender, right? The situation with Jim has been on my mind - I even dreamed about the poor guy, heh!

1. I didn't understand why Amy's sister let her turn. If she was trying to absolve the guilt of not being there for Amy when she was young, how does shooting her in the head instead help with guilt? I mean, yeah, you ignored her when she was little, now you let her turn undead and shot her. I think ignoring her is the lesser of the two evils, huh?

2. I would let the Daryl of the group do what had to be done. Not saying I could do it, but I could let him, no doubt.

3. Jedi! I thought of the old Norse kings sent off in their boat pyres to burn. I don't think burning infected bodies is disrespectful either.

Anna (Bite Club) said...

I had just watched some of the Star Wars movies so I had Jedi on my mind:) And now I'm exhausted because Jim kept me awake for quite awhile and then I kept dreaming about creepy zombie children that begged to be free. So sad and so scary. I need a nap!

Jen D. said...

Hi ladies! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I was able to get caught up and am ready to discuss! BTW, last week's episode was crazy! Where the hell is the damn van?!?! But, I digress. Last night's episode was a total mind fu, er, um bender. I would have totally jump through the TV if that S.O.B. shot Rick. Anywho..

1. Hell to the no! I would not have wanted to see my sister turn into a mindless brain muncher. I agree with you Anna. It was totally selfish on her part. I just don't get why you would make that situation purposely harder.

2. It's a tough situation but, I agree with you that it's ultimately up to the person who was bitten to decide how they want to be um, dealt with. I don't think I could kill or let someone kill them if they were still human.

3. I agree with both of you. People choose to be cremated all the time so I don't think it should've been this big dramatic thing. You kind of have to do what makes the most sense logically even if it's not what you want emotionally. I thought of the whole viking thing too Melissa.

I too am starting to grow fond of Daryl. Scary...very scary...

Anna (Bite Club) said...

I'm glad you caught up on our favorite zombie addiction! I have this theory about Shane, see, I think he purposely let Rick get shot by the bad guys in episode 1 because he wanted him out of the way. That conversation in the car about girlfriends and wives just raised a red flag for me. He has jealousy issues and I don't think we have seen the last of them.

Jen D. said...

Hmmm...that's an interesting theory and one I could totally go with. Combined with the fact that he's the one that tells Rick's wife that he's dead...I think you're one to something.