Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Vampire Diaries ~ Rose ~

*****Spoiler Warning*****

This episode jumped right into the action, with a small recap of Elena being kidnapped from the masquerade ball. We see a car pull into a vacant lot off the highway and Elena is moved from the trunk to the backseat of a stranger’s SUV. The stranger in the SUV turns out to be a vampire and attacks the kidnapper leaving him for dead in the vacant lot.

Jeremy realizes that Elena didn’t come home last night and teases Stefan about Elena staying with him. Stefan tells Jeremy that she wasn’t with him.
Damon and Stefan argue about Katherine. Damon tells Stefan “Here’s how it’ll go, Katherine will negotiate her release from the tomb, and we’ll both be dead.” Stefan says he doesn’t care that “It’s Elena.”

Elena is wakes up in the abandoned house as Trevor is untying her hands. She says, “Please, I’m hurt” and Trevor goes all vampy face and says “I know, I just want a little taste.” He’s interrupted by Rose who tells him to stop and she tells Elena that she wants her to stay quiet. Elena fires questions at her, Rose backhands her back onto the couch, and she is unconscious.

Tyler has to deal with the fallout of Sara’s death. He tries to get Caroline to tell him what she knows about his abilities. She tells him that she was just being nice and covering for him and she walks away.
Jeremy tells Stefan that he can’t go after Elena alone. Damon steps into the room and says “He’s not. Let’s go.” Bonnie does a spell using Jeremy’s blood and map and gets a general location of where Elena is 300 miles away.

Elena wakes up to hear Rose and Trevor arguing about a vampire who they refer to as “an original”. Elena tries to sneak out of the house and Rose warns her there’s nothing around for miles. Elena asks who Elijah is and what “an original” is.

On their road trip Damon sips blood from a bag and asks Stefan if he wants some. Much to Damon’s shock Stefan agrees and reveals that he’s been drinking a little every day to be strong. Damon asks how Elena feels about that and Stefan tells him that Elena lets him drink from her. Damon (of course) scoffs “how romantic.” Stefan wants to know why Damon is here, is it because he wants to help his little brother. Damon rolls his eyes and says he doesn’t’ want to do the “whole road trip bonding thing.’

Tyler again tries to confront Caroline again and wants to know what she knows. He gets angry and grabs her wrist and she twists out of his hold and plants him on the ground. He stares at her and asks “What are you?” Caroline says she’s “nothing.” Tyler gets angry and kicks a metal trashcan really hard into a parked car as Caroline walks away (again).

Bonnie asks Jeremy to help her do a spell to get a message to Elena; she needs a candle and a hairbrush. The paper burns in her hand, Bonnie’s nose bleeds, and she passes out. When she comes to, she explains to Jeremy that the craft, when pushed, it pushes back. She’s been using it too much.

At the abandoned house Elena does get Bonnie’s note that Stefan and Damon are coming. Elijah arrives and Trevor and Rose are terrified. Rose goes tot talk to Elijah and barter the Petrova doppelganger for her and Trevor’s life.

Caroline enters her house and can tell something is wrong. She calls out “mom” but Tyler is standing behind her. He aggressively demands that she tell him how she’s stronger than him and he walks around her and says “Say it. Say it! You’re a werewolf. Just like me.” Caroline bursts into laughter. (I really haven’t mentioned the Twilight jokes found in TVD… but this one was the funniest spoof yet.) She quickly sobers when he gets physical and pushes her into a wall. She pushes back going into vampy face mode and slams him to another wall and says “I’m not a werewolf!!” Her vampy face fades away as she regains control and lets Tyler go.

Damon and Stefan arrive a little way from the house and Damon says “If we go in that house we may not come out.” Stefan says he’s willing to die for Elena. They silently agree and head off toward the house.

Elijah agrees to spare Rose but on a whim decapitates Trevor while Rose looks on and cries. Elena tries to stall Elijah, saying she knows where the moonstone is. He smirks and rips off her vervain necklace and compels her to tell him where it is. He hears someone upstairs and Rose swears there’s no one else here. Elijah thrusts Elena toward Rose and goes to investigate.

Using their vamp speed Stefan and Damon confuse Elijah and Damon grabs Rose to keep her quiet and Stefan grabs Elena. They speed around the house firing stakes at Elijah and Elena steps onto the staircase and tells Elijah to leave her friends alone she’ll go with him. He starts toward her and she throws a grenade full of vervain which slows Elijah down. He stares up the staircase with yellow tinted eyes. Damon actually stabs Elijah with a banister from the stairs and impales him in the door. Elena comes down the stairs and Damon thinks she’s coming to him but she hugs Stefan. Looking over Stefan’s shoulder Elena whispers “Thank you” he smiles and whispers “You’re welcome.”

Tyler breaks down and tells Caroline that he’s the only werewolf except his Uncle Mason who went back to Florida. He’s alone and he’s scared and he doesn't know what to do. Caroline tells him that they can’t tell anyone what they are it’s a matter of life and death. Tyler breaks down when he says “I don’t have anyone to tell.” Caroline hugs him to her and tells him it’ll be okay.

Damon is drinking when Stefan comes in from taking Elena home. He asks where she is and Stefan says she’s with her family. Stefan tells Damon that he’s thankful for his help and that he’s very sorry for what he did 145 years ago. That is was selfish for him to turn Damon, but that he didn’t want to be alone that he needed his brother. Damon leaves the house.

Elena arrives safe at home where both Bonnie and Jeremy are waiting. They hug her and cry and welcome her home.

She goes into her room to find Damon waiting by her window. He stands up and has her necklace in his hand. He says that he has something she needs to know and she wants to know why he can’t give her the necklace first. He tells her “I love you, but I can’t be selfish. I love you but I don’t deserve you, but my brother does.” He leans in like he’s going to kiss her and kisses her forehead. He stares into her eyes and tells her to forget what he just said as a tear rolls down his face. Elena is suddenly confused standing in her bedroom with her vervain necklace back on, her window open and the curtains blowing in the wind.

Stefan at home alone realizes that someone is in the house. He calls ‘who’s there’ and Rose reveals herself. She tells him she knew Lexi (Stefan’s only other real friend) and that Lexi said he was one of the good guys. She says that she’s still running from ‘the originals.’ Stefan says he can’t help her. Rose tells him that with Elena being the Petrova doppelganger and knowing where the moonstone is, Elijah won’t be the only ‘original’ looking for Elena. Stefan says why do they want them so badly. She says that Klaus has the originals looking for the Petrova doppelganger to break the curse and he won’t stop.

At the abandoned house, Elijah starts to move and he slowly pulls the wooden stake out of his body and lets it drop to the floor.


I have to admit that I was heartbroken when Damon admitted he loved Elena and then made her forget. I've always been a fan of Damon and I think he's misunderstood.

What do you think of Damon?

Do you think he's a better fit for Elena than Stefan?

Why is the character of Damon so desirable even though he's flawed?


Anna (Bite Club) said...

This was actually the first Vamp Diaries that I've sat down and watched, sad I know. The good news is that I am intrigued and would like to get the first season to watch.

The scene where Damon confessed his feelings and then made her forget was so sad. I'm not sure why Elena wants Stephan anyways...Damon is much cooler, and way better looking. Those eyes *sigh*

Another great recap. Thanks Betty!

Betty Turner said...

Thanks for the comment Anna. This was a good episode to catch!

It broke my heart about poor Damon. I know he has his flaws and he's such a bad boy, but I think he has his good points and I think that his stronger personality is a better match for Elena's.

As for why Elena (and Katherine) wants Stefan instead of Damon, I just don't understand. He's just too much of a 'good' boy for me I guess.

Thanks for the comment!


Mirko di Wallenberg said...

Another well written episode by Kevin Williamson. The tension keeps rising week after week! This week we got the introdution of new characters like Rose and Elijah! Further we got an elaboration on the current storyline opening up a much broader canvas than originally planned when the series started way back with episode 1 of the first season. Now it is not only Katherine and her tribe once locked up under a church but also the original master vampires like "Elijah" as the "Originals" but also another super vampire in the background that is being served by the Originals called "Claus" (Thank God, it is not Dracula but maybe he is in disguise). So the information is pouring in drop by drop (of blood)! Oh, and I forgot the mentioning of Elena as a "Doppelgänger" just like Katherine who was the "first" doppelgänger. Does this mean that there is another Elena/Katherine look-a-like Original in the wings to be shown further down the line or maybe at the end of this season as the real embodiment of Elana's spirit and soul? Maybe that is the reason why every other vampire lurks after Elana like a Queen Bee with her minions Damon and Stefan. Would be a nice spin on the present story. What I do not like about the VD is the deus-ex-machina that always pops up to serve the story like Jeremy coming back to life after getting the Life-ring or in this case Elija coming back as a vampire after being impaled by a wooden pole! In the end still a good story.