Friday, December 10, 2010

Bite Club book picks 2010

It's that time of year when everyone looks back on the year, choosing the highs and lows, and looking toward the coming year with varying degrees of anticipation. 2010 saw the release of so many good books, not to mention that the paranormal genre seemed to explode, all of which makes choosing any favorites extremely difficult to do. I have turned to my Bite Club contributors for a list of just some of the books that made 2010 special. And next week we'll take a sneak peek at the 2011books that make waiting worth while.

Betty, our incredibly awesome Vampire Diaries correspondent, put together this Top 5:

*Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood)—JR Ward 

*Drink of Me—Jacquelyn Frank

*Ecstasy in Darkness—Gena Showalter

*Crave—JR Ward

*Eat Prey Love—Kerrelyn Sparks

I'd probably add the following titles:

*Sin Undone- Larissa Ione

*Eternal Kiss of Darkness- Jeanine Frost

*Demon From the Dark- Kresley Cole

*Haunted Honeymoon- Marta Acosta

*Blood Oath- Christopher Farnsworth


I planned a pretty book cover wall of all our favorite titles but Blogger is not liking my laptop today and I can't get any of the images to work. They just keep splattering all over the post. Don't even ask how I manage to do these things. When I get to my desktop I will tinker around and try to get all the cover art working.

What were your favorites?

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