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The Vampire Diaries ~ By the Light of the Moon ~

**************Spoiler Alerts*************************

The Mid-Season Cliff Hanger! The next new episode of The Vampire Diaries will be on January 27th. This episode was filled with lots of action and a very graphic scene of Tyler's transformation into a werewolf. So in essence this post is pretty long so bear with me... :)


Tyler prepares for the full moon getting together chains, when he tries calling Mason again. Tyler leaves a message about the full moon and a girl overhears the message.

Elena and Bonnie are discussing the stone. Bonnie takes Stefan side and says they’re not going to let Elena be “used in some creepy sacrifice ritual”. Bonnie and Jeremy test Elena and she tries to sneak out with the moonstone. Bonnie has spelled Elena’s house where she can’t get out

Damon takes Stefan a care package with lanterns etc. He offers Stefan blood and Stefan says “you know I’ll have to share it with her.” Nodding to Katherine Damon tells Stefan that “Elena is on a martyr trip.”

At Tyler’s house a friend of Mason’s shows up. Jules says that Mason didn’t come back to Florida. Tyler meets Caroline at the grille and he tells her that mason never made it back to Florida and his mom was on the phone with Sheriff Forbes.

Damon turns up at Elena’s house saying, “You should really lock your door.” Elena didn’t find that funny. Damon tells Elena that he didn’t tell Stefan about Elijah because he’d worry and there’s nothing he can do. He asks where Bonnie is and Jeremy says he’s on moonstone duty and Jeremy asks who’s watching Tyler with the full moon coming. Damon says “Vampire Barbie asked me if she could take care of Tyler” Alaric calls Damon about Jewels and the Sheriff declared Mason missing. He tells Jeremy he’s on Elena babysitting duty.

In the woods, Caroline tells Tyler “I’m sure he’s okay he probably just stopped to surf somewhere.”

As Jules is leaving the Lockwood mansion she makes a call to someone saying “No one knows where Mason is and Mason was lying, there’s another werewolf—his nephew.”

Jules arrives at The Grille asks Matt about Mason and Tyler while Damon and Alaric discuss Jules and her being a werewolf. Alaric has brought wolfs bane to prove she’s a werewolf. Damon distracts her while Alaric puts wolfs bane in her drink.

Caroline and Tyler are in the cellar and they are arranging the chains for his transformation. Caroline asks if 5000 pounds is more than a wolf can pull? He says he doesn’t’ know… and then she asks Tyler how he is and he says he’s still human. He starts to take off his shirt and Caroline freaks out. “You’re not getting naked are you?” He says “It’s elastic, what should I wear? I don’t think it’s like the Hulk where I get to keep my pants.

Bonnie goes to apologize to Luka. He takes back his dog tags and forgives her. He lets her in and is awed by the amount of grimoires they have. He says his dad is obsessed with them and that he feels like all witches are family. Bonnie says ‘So that’s why you’ve been so nice to me.” Luca replies “That’s one reason.” She wants to know if he can help her break the bond between a spell and a talisman. He says spells are very unique and very specific. But he’ll try to help her.

Katherine asks Stefan “So we’re fasting now? We’re so pious. How long have you gone without blood—I know you get desiccation in theory in reality it’s much worse. Your veins rub together like sand paper--it’s excruciating.” Stefan remains silent. “It’s stuffy in here and I’ve been in this dress for days—want to help me get out of it—come on Stefan—don’t be such a grump—we’re here together might as well make the best of it—(She drops the dress and is in her bra and panties.) You really think Damon is going to rush to get you out—he’s got what he wants—Elena—given what’s most certainly going on out there-you’re welcome to do what you want in here.” They start to make out and Katherine pulls off his shirt. ….. Stefan jerks awake and tells Katherine to stay out of his head.

At Elena’s house, Jenna is digging out boxes of old books and tells Elena that she’s offered to help Mrs. Lockwood with the historical society. Elena gets a scare when Elijah is standing behind Jenna and he smiles and says “Hey I’m Elijah.”

Jenna explains that Elijah is in town doing research on Mystic Falls. He shakes Elena’s hand. Elena rushes upstairs and bangs on Jeremy’s door, but Elijah beats her there. Elena tells Jeremy to go downstairs and help Jenna with the boxes. Elena asks Elijah what he wants and he replies “It’s time you and I had a little chat.”

Caroline is still sitting with Tyler waiting for the change to take him over. He drinks the water with the wolfsbane and gets violent sick. Caroline holds him and he tells her to go, but she won’t leave. He apologizes to her. He tells her he’s burning up and she tells him he has to breathe through it. Finally the change starts and his bones and body violently twist and turn. (With some really nasty sound effects) Caroline locks him in the cage and bars the door while he slams against it trying to get out. Caroline flees through the forest in case he does get out.

Elena asks Elijah why did he kill those vampires and he says that Klaus is the moste feared and hated of the originals and if word that a Petrova doppelganger lived, there there would be a long line of vampires trying to take you to Klaus. Elena asks “Isn’t that what you’re going to do?” Elijah replies “Let’s just say my goal is not to break the curse.” Elena asks “What is your goal?” Elijah replies “Klaus’s obsessions have made him paranoid---he’s a recluse—he only trusts those in his immediate circle.” Elena says that he’s trying to use her to draw Klaus out. “I need you to stay put and stop trying to get yourself killed.” Elena wants to know how does she knows he’s being honest and he tells her that her family is still alive and she’s not on her way to Klaus. He tells her to go about living her life and live it and when Elijah needs her, they’ll draw Klaus out. Elena says “Then what?” “Then I’ll kill him.” Elijah says. Elijah says he’ll use Bonnie and his witches to keep her and her friends safe. Then Elena asks him to do one more thing for her in exchange for her cooperation.

Bonnie and Luka are on the rooftop in a circle of candles. He says they have a clear view of the moon and it’s private. Bonnie shows Luca the moonstone and they chant, the moonstone rises and explodes in a shower of sparks.

Jules realizes that Damon has spiked her drink and tells him he’s a fool and that she could smell him as soon as she walked in. On any other night it would have been safe to bully her, but now he’s been marked.

Outside The Grill, Damon scoffs “You’ve been marked. What does that even mean?” Alaric tells him that one bite and you’re dead , just go home and lock your doors and we’ll deal with it in the morning.

Damon comes home and he realizes something is wrong. Rose is sitting in the den and she tells him that she’s sorry, that she didn’t know Elena had a death wish. Damon says that there’s nothing here for her. They hear glass breaking and realize a wolf is in the house. Rose shoves Damon out of the way and the wolf bites Rose. The wolf jumps back out the window and Damon holds Rose as she cries. He looks confused as he says that it’s healing.

Luka comes home smiling and his Jonas says :”You were successful.” And Luca says that Bonnie fell for the whole show and didn’t suspect a thing.” His dad tells him that there is one more thing that Elijah needs them to do before they loose the full moon.

Katherine whines to Katherine about them not talking. Stefan tells her they could talk about how she’s made his life miserable. Katherine apologizes and says she really loves him. He tells her to prove that there is something inside of her that is actually worth trusting.” She accuses Stefan of playing her and tells him to start with Isobel—she was a research expert—she found me. A loud noise interrupts them.

Stefan takes a lantern and they go to the front of the tomb. Elijah smiles and says “Good evening Katerina, thank you for having the good sense to be frightened.” He looks at Stefan and says “Your release has been requested. Your Elena and I—we’ve reached a peaceful agreement—come.” Stefan tells him that he can’t but Elijah has had the spell lifted. Katherine tries to leave too but Elijah blocks her and compels her that she can’t exit the tomb until he says she can and that Klaus will want to know exactly where you are. Elijah tells Stefan to go that Elena will explain their arrangement. Katherine begs Stefan to not leave her there but he says goodbye and walks away.

Caroline goes back to the cellar to see that Tyler has changed back into a human. She holds him and says “You’re okay.” He cries and says “No I’m not.”

Stefan turns up in Elena’s room and they kiss and end up on the bed.

Damon tells Rose that Caroline said Tyler was all locked up and Rose deduces it was Jules. He apologizes and said that he picked a fight with her and she was coming after him. He asks her if she’s healed. She replies with “Yeah seems that way.” Damon tells her that “I’m happy that the legend was fake probably a story wolves made up to keep vampires away.” She says “Lucky me.” He strokes her leg and she tells him that she’ll stay and ‘help you save Elena, protect Elena, all things Elena.” He wants to know why and she tells him that she likes him and she needs a friend and he needs all the friends he can get. He asks “Just friends” and she responds ‘Just friends.’ He pulls her down and kisses her. He asks her “Are you sure you can do that…?” She tells him that “I don’t love men who love other women. I think more of myself than that, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a special friend.” Damon smiles and kisses her again rubbing his hands over her should. She gasps and jerks away and tells him it hurts. The place on her shoulder is infected.


So that's it for now until January 27th. But keep tuned in for the Vampire Diaries vs. True Blood series of posts that Jen and I are collaborating on.

Also the CW is running a Vampire Diaries marathon starting on Monday December 13th. They'll run one episode every night for the whole week. !!

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