Saturday, December 4, 2010

Contest winners and news from around the blogosphere

First things first. I have a few contest winners to announce so let's get right to it. The magic hat has been consulted and...

*Randy Newnham wins a copy of The Vampire-Kitty Cat Chronicles by Ray Rhamey
*Barbara E. wins a copy of Dying Light by D. Scott Meek

 Next on the agenda is the big announcement for our 3rd Rule of Bite Club contest. There were quite few really good submissions which made for a pretty tough decision making process (something I'm not very good at to begin with). So after much deliberation the new rule for Bite Club is:

Read Free, Bite Hard- sent in by jmspettoli

Because I had such a rough time choosing, and I really liked this next one,  I have decided to include a bonus rule and the winner will get some author swag and a couple of books that I happen to have  waiting around for a good home. So our new 4th rule will be:

One BITE at a time- sent in by iamthehmic

Congrats to all the contest winners! Please send me mailing information and I will get these books sent out as soon as possible. 

And now for some news...

*Our very own Jen D. is doing a 30 day meme over at her blog Not Now...I'm Reading so if you're not afraid of a little petty theft, stop by and check out her answers to all sorts of book related stuff. Day 1 and I was already adding new books to my shopping list. Thanks Jen:)

*Ever wanted to name a book? Well, here's your chance. Tyr Kieran took the last 18 months and wrote a vampire book exclusively using Facebook and Twitter posts. The idea was to create an impromptu story with no prior planning, letting the reader have a front row seat to the writing process. I haven't had a chance to read this little endeavour but the idea is certainly intriguing. Here's a quick summary:

Riddled with torments from his past, Iames walks through the night in designed invisibility. He's been able to survive for centuries under the safety of an inconspicuous and solitary lifestyle. But just as the anguish and the monotony begin to overwhelm, his past resurfaces in a whirlwind of events and emotions. Bitter-sweet reunions lead him to the brink of death at the hands of a bloodthirsty Lycanthropic horde. And yet a greater evil stalks them all with an insatiable desire to kill any being they deem ?unnatural?. Follow Iames in this intense night of violence and discovery, as he fights for peace within and without. Will he be forced to relive past failures or can he help his fellow Vampires find a path to survival?

You can read the book and enter the naming contest at the Tyr's website.

*It's time to vote for your favorite book covers! Abigail from All Things Urban Fantasy is hosting her annual cover contest and I predict the competition will be fierce. You can vote by clicking here.

*Don't forget to watch the finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday. This episode promises to be a doozy! This sneak peek vid should tide you over for the next couple days.

That's all folks! Have a happy weekend! 


Melissa Walker ~ Edge of Forever said...

Super big congrats to the winners! How awesome that you ended up with two new rules.

And after your sneak peek video, I'm convinced CDC guy is a raving loon waiting to break free.

Jen D. said...

Congrats to all the winners!

Thanks for the shout out Anna. That was very sweet of you. The 30 day meme is part of my master plan to increase the size of TBR piles around the world. MWUAHAHAHA! *cough* Um, I just got carried away didn't I. LOL...I was kidding about the whole TBR pile thing...I swear!

Woohoo!! Bring on episode 6 of The Walking Dead!! I'm with you Melissa. He's 100% raving loon.

Abigail [All Things Urban Fantasy] said...

Thanks for the shout out about the awards!

iamthehmic said...

This was really cool to see the rule I suggested as #3!!!