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The Vampire Diaries ~ The Sacrifice~

******Spoiler alert******

This episode was very fast paced and stuff a lot of things that moved the story along quickly.

Elena wakes up to a noise in her house. While she goes to investigate the noise, Luca’s father takes some stuff from Elena’s room, like her hairbrush and a picture of her as a cheerleader. She discovers Alaric naked holding a bowl of chunky monkey ice cream. Jenna apologizes and goes back to bed. Luca’s dad sneaks back out of the house.

Stefan and Damon go to the tomb to see Katherine who tells them that if they want the moonstone they have to let her out or come in and get it. Damon tells her he’d rather poke out his eyes and she tells him that he’s always had beautiful eyes.
Stefan and Damon end up at Elena’s and they tell her they’ve been to see Katherine and they’re trying to get the moonstone to save her. Elena tells them she doesn’t want the people she loves to get hurt, including Stefan and Damon. Stefan tells her they don’t have a choice and she tells them that she refuses to let them get hurt because of her.

Bonnie and Luca are discussing their powers and he’s surprised that Bonnie’s grandmother didn’t tell her about her powers until she was in high school. Bonnie tells him that she just thought it was her grandmother’s drunk ramblings and that it’s hard because her powers take a toll on her. He asks about the nosebleeds and he tells her that she has to draw her power from nature. He shows her how to draw power from him and they cause a windstorm, He says “pretty cool huh?” Damon texts bonnie and she tells Luca she has to go.
At the Salvatore house, Rose walks out in a robe saying “You left pretty early this morning” and then she realizes that it’s Elena. Rose tells her that she’d better get dressed when she realizes that Elena wants something from her. Elena wants Rose to take her to Slater and Rose says Damon and Stefan are just trying to protect you. Elena tells Rose that she’ll have Bonnie make her a day walking ring if she’ll take her to Slater.

At school Matt apologizes to Tyler for picking a fight and he’s really sorry for everything that happened. As Matt walks away he runs into Caroline and she asks how he is and he says that he’s been better… and he’s got to get to class.
Caroline tells Tyler that it’s almost the full moon and he needs to plan. He gets slightly irritated and asks her doesn’t she have ‘vampire’ stuff to worry about. Caroline gets back in his face and says “Look, I ran the homecoming committee and started the town’s clean-up campaign are you really going to turn down my help?” Tyler just smiles at her.

Damon and Stefan meet with Bonnie and Jeremy. She says that she can lower the block for a moment for them to get the moonstone. Jeremy objects and tells Bonnie that she can’t do this. She tells him that she can and she will do it to save Elena. She tells Stefan and Damon that she may have a plan that will incapacitate Katherine long enough for Stefan to get the moonstone.
Rose and Elena knock on Slater’s door and he doesn’t answer. Rose wants to leave but Elena refuses. They find Slater dead with a stake through his heart. They hear someone in the apartment and Rose finds Alex (Slater’s girlfriend) hiding. She sees Rose and hugs her and starts to cry.

Stefan brings Bonnie his picture of Katherine and says that it was hers. Stefan, Jeremy and Damon watch Bonnie do a spell that reduces the metal picture to ashes and she says that the ash will incapacitate her long enough for them to get the moonstone.

Tyler and Caroline are walking through the woods on the Lockwood property talking about Matt and Tyler says that “It’s not really fair to him to not be able to tell him who you are.” Caroline agrees. Caroline wants to know why they’re here and he says he thinks Mason was headed to the cellar the night he changed. They scout around the cellar and see really old claw marks on the walls and Caroline finds Mason’s diary that chronicles his change.

Rose tells Elena that found Slater just a few minutes before they did. Elena asks Alex to open is computer and promises Alex that Rose will turn her. Slater’s password turns out to be the name Kristen Stewart. (Another funny reference to the Twilight saga.) Rose and Elena notice that Slater has exchanged a ton of emails with someone named Cody. Elena tells Alex to send Cody an email saying the Doppelganger is ready to turn herself over to Klaus. A shocked Rose realizes that Elena is about to sacrifice herself to save the ones she loves. Rose looks impressed with her.

Jeremy takes some of the ashes and goes to see Katherine. He tells her that he wants the moonstone and she tells him to come get it. He stakes her in the stomach and uses the ashes to incapacitate her. He walks into the tomb saying “I knew you’d say that.” He doesn’t find the moonstone on her person, but finds it hidden in the tomb. On the way out Katherine grabs him, but he throws the stone outside the tomb.

Damon gets a call from Rose and she starts out “Don’t be mad at me but you need to get to Richmond.”

Elijah tells Luca’s father that he wants to find Elena and he does a finding spell. He cuts Elijah’s hand and places it on the picture of Elena. He sees Elena in Slater’s apartment and tells Luca’s father that he knows exactly where she is.

Luca comes home and his father realizes that something is not right with him.

Stefan and Bonnie find the moonstone outside the tomb and realizes that Katherine has Jeremy and is feeding off of him. Katherine tells them that she realizes he’s wearing the ring so she can kill him over and over. Bonnie starts doing the spell to get Stefan into the tomb, but she’s too weak and collapses ont eh floor. Stefan trades himself for Jeremy by going into the tomb and tossing Jeremy out.

Tyler and Caroline find a memory chip that has a video on it of Mason’s transformation. Tyler freaks and says that he can’t go through that. Caroline says that Mason says the transformation gets shorter and shorter.

Damon has come to get Elena and tells her. He tells her “get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself” and she tries to slap Damon—he grabs her hand and gets in her face—“Don’t EVER do that again.”

Caroline tells Tyler she doesn’t want him to be alone when the transformation happens because she was alone and it was horrible. She killed someone. The doorbell rings and she finds Matt at the door and he tells her he misses her. He sees Tyler at the house and he leaves. Very awkward moment.

Damon says it’s time to go but Cody and his friend show up. Elena starts to go around Damon and he tells her to stay put or “I’ll break your arm.” Elijah shows up, Rose runs, and Elijah kills Cody and his friend but leaves Elena and Damon alive.

Elijah and Luca’s father discuss the location spell was successful and Elijah says that he had a run in with one of the brothers that killed him. The doctor says I’m sure you killed him. Elijah says that he spared him for now. He says that Damon would die for him and that Elena will be kept safe for now—they need her to be safe.

Jeremy and Bonnie argue about their attraction. He tries to kiss her and she tells him that she can’t and she leaves.

Damon tells Elena that her ride left her and Elena says she doesn’t blame Rose. Damon just brushes it off and Elena asks why Elijah killed Cody and left her. Damon gets angry and tells her that what she did was incredibly stupid and that she’d better not do that again. Damon also says that she should question why he would try to save her.

Jeremy tells Damon what happened and Damon and Elena head to the tomb. Elena tries to rush into the tomb when Stefan and Katherine won’t answer their calls. Damon holds her against the wall and she struggles with him and she gets mad. He makes Elena go out of the tomb.

Stefan comes out to talk to Damon and Damon promises to get him out. Stefan says that Bonnie has the moonstone and he needs to work with her. Stefan makes Damon promise to take care of Elena. Damon promises to do both.

Katherine walks out of the shadows after Damon leaves and tells Stefan “That right there was the biggest mistake you’ve ever made.”


So what do we think Elijah and the good doctor are up to?

Why does it seem like they are protecting Elena from Klaus?

Now that Stefan is locked in with Katherine will he give in to her desires?

I can't wait till next week!!

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