Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Vampire Diaries ~ The Descent ~

I am thrilled that TVD is back on for its second half of the season! This episode jumped right into the action and kept a fast pace right until the very end.

Jules—Jules wakes up in the woods with blood all over her face. She stumbles upon a campsite where she had apparently ripped several campers to pieces. She gathers up the bodies but is interrupted by a park ranger. She kneels down and starts to cry saying a wolf had attacked them during the night. She then smashes something over the park ranger’s head, killing him. Later we see Jules turn up in the Grille, where Damon comes in and confronts her. She greets him as “the one I meant to kill.” He asks her for the cure for a werewolf bite and promises that he won’t kill her. She tells him the cure to help Rose is to take a stake and drive it through her heart. Later we see her talking to Tyler and she tells Tyler that Caroline is the one that killed Mason and that she’s not the only vampire in town. Jules is surprised that Tyler can’t smell the vampires and realizes that he’s only gone through one transformation. She tells him that there are others like them and they’re on their way.

Stefan and Elena—Stefan doesn’t like it that Elena made a pact with Elijah and vows to find a way to help her. He tells her that he’s going to find Isobel because of her extensive knowledge of myths and legends. She has to know something about Klaus and the originals. Stefan gets Alaric to find the last number he had for Isobel. Stefan returns, not with Isobel, but with Uncle John.

Rose—Rose is still suffering the effects from the werewolf bite. She attacks Elena, thinking she’s Katherine. Elena gets her to calm down and Rose realizes who Elena is. Later Elena discovers Rose gone and finds her in the basement sucking down bags of blood from the cooler. Rose chases after Elena again thinking she’s Katherine and Elena locks herself in a bedroom flooding the room with light. Rose then escapes the house at nightfall and goes on a killing spree, killing three people before Damon can catch her.

Caroline and Matt—Such an interesting love triangle going on here… Matt tells Caroline that he loves her, and she tells him she loves him too. But they can’t be together… Matt kisses her and Caroline rushes away from him.

Caroline and Tyler—Caroline finally tells Tyler that a werewolf bite is fatal to vampires. He demands to know why she stayed with him and she tells him again that she didn’t want him to be alone. She gets angry and tells Tyler that she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want someone to care about him. She starts to escape into her house and he grabs her and kisses her. She says you shouldn’t have done that. “I just wish everyone would stop kissing me.”

Damon and Rose—This honestly broke my heart. Although Damon spends a lot of time telling Elena that everyone dies and that vampires have lived long enough, he is so gentle and caring for Rose while she’s sick. He takes care of her after her killing spree, telling her that ‘so you went on a murderous rampage, it happens.’ He realizes that there’s no hope for Rose and weaves a dream for her taking her back to her home. Rose’s home is a very pretty place with beautiful horses, hillsides, and trees. Damon sits with her on a hillside and she asks him how he knew what she wanted. “You told Elena…” he shrugs and she laughs at him. They sit for a while and she finally stands and says, “Come on I’ll race you to the trees.” Damon responds that he’ll beat her and “She says I’m older and faster… On the count of three… One… Two…” and Damon pushes a stake through her heart ending her life.

Damon and Elena—Elena sees the pain that Damon is going through and she waits for him while he takes Rose’s body to Sheriff Forbes and tells her that he staked the vampire and everyone is safe. She tells him that she understands and he rebuffs her soothing comments. She hugs him and tells him to call her if he needs her.

At the end of the episode Damon breaks my heart again… He’s lying in the middle of a road when a car screeches to a halt and a girl gets out and rushes to see if he’s okay. He tells her he’s lost but not that kind of lost. He compels her to tell him her name and then tells Jessica to not move and he says “I have a secret. A big one. I can’t be what other people want me to be… what SHE wants me to be. This is who I am Jessica. Do I kill you or do I not kill you? But I have too… because I’m not human… I miss it more than anything in the world and that is my secret—there is only so much hurt a man can take.” He tells her to go… but rushes up to her, slamming her into her car and biting into her neck…..

I was so pleased with this episode! It was fast paced and it gave me the glimpse of Damon I'd been hoping for. The one single, lone tear he cried as he held Rose still gives me chills. I fell a little be more in love with Damon!

Elena's finally got strong and she fought Rose and won without Damon or Stefan's help. Granted she hid in a bedroom but it can't be easy fighting off a demented vampire who thinks she's Katherine.

What did you guys think? I'm anxious to hear your comments...

Also I little tidbit that I pulled from @TVD_Chloe (Twitter)... did any of you guys try calling the number that Stefan called for Isobel?? Yeah you guys should try it... 919-399-2507 as of 1-29 at 2:40 am it still worked and there's a message waiting for you.....

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