Thursday, February 17, 2011

Being Human recap: The End of the World As We Knew it (episode 5)

*spoiler free recap that mostly hints at the big secrets*
*feel free to spoiler in the comments*

In the words of Darren Pang, one of my favorite hockey announcers from his Phoenix Coyotes days...Holy Jumpin!!! What does that mean exactly? I think it's a phrase for holy hell that was awesome! Or can you believe that? Okay, since you aren't here for a hockey class let's get down to business.

Episode 5 of Syfy's Being Human answered many of our lingering questions about Sally and Josh, or more to the point, how they were made into a ghost and a werewolf. I had sorta guessed about Sally but its always cool to have your suspicions confirmed. Loved her reaction to all the memories too! And it totally cracks me up that the plumbing is like Sally's personal mood ring. Who knew that it was all about the forshadowing? I just hope that she is able to warn Brigit about what a jerk Danny can be before it's too late.

Josh's story spin was more of a shocker because I just thought that maybe Ray would turn out to be a vampire serial killer that was wanted by vampire clans all over the world. Or maybe that he was trying to set up Josh to take the fall for some werewolf killings that happened in his neck of the woods.

Aidan rocks! I loved watching him kick ass all over the priest guy. Wow, that felt weird to type and I feel like I should offer my assurances that I do not condone attacking priests in our mundane world of reality. On TV though, that was cool. My fear is that Bishop has this evil mastermind plan that we can't figure out yet and that Aidan will be blindsided by it. Things on that front will be interesting for sure.

Flyboy got to watch with me last night and although he isn't fond of the acting he does enjoy the storyline. It will be fun to talk about each episode with him. Maybe we should do a "He said, She said" type thing on the blog to compare notes. Hmm, that might actually work.

Want the rundown on this episode? Watch this video.

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