Friday, February 11, 2011

Joy Division

VampChix had Derek Tatum, of Mondo Vampire fame, over on Wednesday (original post can be found here) to discuss vampire music and one of his selections was a song from the band Joy Division, called Day of the Lords. I hadn't heard of them before, shame on me, but in a weird coincidence I happened across a Playmobile video set to one of their songs when I cruised around one of my favorite sites, The Awl.

Take a look:

This is a different song than the one Derek chose but I thought it was funny and I liked the sound. Turns out that Joy Division started jamming in the 70's, which means that I should have heard of them by now but my head has been jammed under a rock, and they have a dark, gritty sound that I totally love. My thanks to Derek for turning me on to the band!

Check out this vid that I found for Day of the Lords:

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