Friday, February 11, 2011

The Vampire Diaries ~ Crying Wolf ~

It was a whirlwind of action in “Crying Wolf.” Elena and Stefan took a romantic weekend getaway to her parent’s lake house. He was of course really sweet and romantic while keeping her safe.

While Stefan and Elena had their time together, Damon and Andie woke up together and he sends her off the historical society’s high tea after she told him he was a sweet man.

Jules and Brady tell Tyler a little about the curse and that if the werewolves break it first then they can change at will. Which means that Tyler can choose to not change at all. He is shocked to see a picture of what he thinks is Elena and tells Jules and Brady that he knows her.

Caroline and Matt have a run in at the Grille and Matt tells her that he knows she lied and that Bonnie was at the Grille with Jeremy. He tells her he wants her and Tyler to stop lying.

Tyler intentionally runs into Caroline and she tells him to leave her alone, but she drops her phone. Tyler snatches it and later uses it to find out where Elena and Stefan are.

Bonnie and Caroline plot to use a spell to get Luka to spill the truth about Elijah’s plan. Jeremy stumbles upon Caroline while Bonnie is using her feminine wiles on Luka. She puts something in his drink and he starts to pass out. Jeremy helps Bonnie and Caroline take him to Caroline’s house. Bonnie forces Luka reveal that Elijah still plans to kill Elena because Klaus will be at his weakest when the curse is broken and he can kill Klaus.

Caroline tells Bonnie that there is nothing wrong with her being attracted to Jeremy. Caroline leaves Bonnie and Jeremy alone. Bonnie tries to tell him that he’s Elena’s little brother and that she saw him go through his awkward phase, his emo phase, and his druggie phase. He interrupts her telling her to stop and just kisses her long and deep. (SWOON) She looks stunned and says “Wow.” (My thoughts exactly!)

Elena and Stefan finds a hidden storage area where they find more diaries and vampire hunting tools. Brady and Tyler goes after Stefan and Elena at the lake house. Brady shoots Stefan and tells Tyler to watch him as he goes after Elena. Elena seriously shows her intelligence, outsmarts Brady, and stabs him twice with a wooden stake. Tyler finally wises up when Stefan tells him that the sacrifice requires that Elena dies and Tyler helps Stefan kill Brady.

While Stefan is dealing with Brady, Jules and some others of the surviving werewolf pack catch Damon. In the process, Alaric is stabbed and Damon wakes up with a collar around his neck and when the chains are pulled wooden pins are driven into his neck. (Which this makes for a really nasty image.) Damon is himself until the end refusing to tell Jules where the moonstone is.

Elijah shows up and immediately removes the heart of a werewolf. He lays the moonstone on a stack of books and tells them to come get it. In a style that only Elijah can pull off, he extracts the hearts of all the wolf pack and sends Jules running scared without the moonstone. He wipes the blood off his hands and tells Damon that this is the second time he’s saved his life.

Stefan is furious when he realizes that Elena knew she was going to die in the sacrifice. She tells him that Elijah words things very carefully, he promised to protect her friends, not her. Stefan tells her that she’s being martyr and that it’s not heroic, it’s tragic. He walks out.

After leaving a note for his mom, Tyler shows up at the Grille and confesses to Matt that Caroline had helped him through some things and that he’d fallen for her. But Matt was better for her and that he’s better take care of her. Tyler goes to Caroline’s house but doesn’t knock on the door and she doesn’t know he’s there. The scene cuts to Tyler getting in the car with Jules and telling her he can’t stay here anymore.

So I was really surprised with the way Elena's character grew a backbone. In the last couple of episodes she's kept Rose from killing her and fought off a werewolf. I think as the season goes on, we'll see her get stronger and more assertive. What do our readers think?


Kelsey said...

Elijah actually told Damon that this was the THIRD time he'd saved his life. I'm still trying to figure out the second time...

Anyway, I'm really enjoying Elena's transformance. While I do think Vampire Diaries is forgetting Katherine a little bit, it's nice to see the other characters grow and become more than the silly teenagers :)

This season's finale is going to be epic.

Betty Turner said...

Kelsey, you're so right... but I can't place the 2nd time that Elijah saved his life either. At the end of 'Crying Wolf' I think they teased that Katherine is about to be turned loose from the tomb again. I can only imagine the havoc she'll create! I'm looking forward to the finale too!