Sunday, February 13, 2011

Romantic Reading: The Dark Hunters series

My Valentine's Day salute to romance:

If I had to pick one series that is capable of highlighting almost every emotion known to man, and then some, I'd choose the Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. These books will absolutely break your heart and then fill it full. On any given page you might laugh, cry, hate, love, wonder, dream, yearn, but most of all you will be thoroughly enthralled from beginning to end. This isn't a peaceful world to visit and the fighting is plentiful and intense, surpassed only by the relationships developed in each new story. The writing is so much more than words on a page, these characters become your friends, and the world becomes your own. The Dark-Hunters bring to light the harsh realities of living and surviving, sharing universal truths about life and death, but most of all they are a testament to the healing power of love.  

My top 3:

*Kiss of the Night (Wulf and Cassandra)

*Sins of the Night (Alexion and Danger)

*Acheron (Ash and Tory)

Books in the Series (this will link to Sherrilyn Kenyon's website):

Fantasy Lover
Night Pleasures
Night Embrace
Dance with the Devil
Kiss of the Night
Night Play
Seize the Night
Sins of the Night
Unleash the Night
Dark Side of the Moon
The Dream Hunter
Fear the Darkness
Upon the Midnight Clear
Devil May Cry
Dream Chaser
One Silent Night
Dream Warrior
Bad Moon Rising
No Mercy

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Amers425 said...

LOOOVE these books! Acheron is by far my FAVORITE. It's one of those books that I go back to a lot. The BDB books are Fantastic also. I always go back to the BDB Boys too. :-)