Tuesday, February 1, 2011

True Blood News


Long time no see Bite Clubbers!  As mentioned during the Vampire Diaries vs. True Blood winners post, I'll be stopping by every other Tuesday to fill you in on any and all Season 4 info that I can find in the vast well of knowledge we call the internets.  Today I'm bringing you some date and casting info.  Let's get to the good stuff shall we...


True Blood Season 4 will be premeiring on SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2011.


Four new characters have been cast for Season 4.  They are:

Portia Bellefleur (portrayed by Courtney Ford)

Courtney has appeared in episodes of The Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Dexter and Cold Case.  I found out an interesting fact while researching this lovely lady.  She just so happens to be married to this guy...

It's not every day someone gets to marry Superman (aka Brandon Routh).  *sigh*  Some girls have all the luck.

Luna (portrayed by Janina Gavankar)

Janina has appeared in episodes of The Gates, Dollhouse, NCIS and The L Word.

Hallow Stonebrook (potrayed by Fiona Shaw)

Yes, that would be Fiona Shaw of Harry Potter fame.  Her other film credits include Dorian Gray, The Black Dahlia and the upcoming The Tree of Life.  Something tells me she is going to kick some serious ass on this show.

I've saved the best casting announcement for last.  We finally find out who plays one of the most highly anticipated roles on the show.  This character has been the focus of many heated debates.  Okay, okay I'll get on with it.  The fourth character I have casting info on is....

Claude Crane (portrayed by Neil Hopkins)

Um, I guess he's not a bad choice.  He's not the best but, he's definitely not the worst.  Neil has appeared on episodes of CSI: NY, Lost and Castle.

Okay, so this is the part where I give you guys the floor.
What do you think of the casting choices for Season 4?


Melissa Walker ~ Edge of Forever said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for the updates!

Portia is not sitting well with me. Isn't she kind of normal and awkward in the books? Why does every character on the show have to look like a hot super model?

Claude - I have the opposite complaint here. He looks a little too rugged-hot. Maybe with all the sparkle CGI and make-up, they will make him look more like the male stripper Adonis Claude is supposed to be? *Squee!* Male Stripper!!!!

Fiona will make an excellent Eric-obsessed witch and I can't remember Luna at the moment.

Anna (Bite Club) said...

I'm so happy to have True Blood back on the blog! Thanks Jen!

I'm not thrilled with the Portia choice because as Melissa mentioned, she wasn't the sexy model type, but more the dowdy librarian. So we'll see.

Now Claude is another matter entirely:) Let's be realistic...a real Claude only exists in our imaginations, or in the pages of the book. My thoughts on Neil Hopkins have been positive so far, I mean look at the guy, but I'm curious to see how they play him on the show. He's definitely hot enough and I think he has that intensity without trying quality. It's those eyes. Him as a stripper....hell yes! However, it's all going to depend on the writing and the plot. I don't want to get my hopes up because he could turn into another Alcide, someone we did not see enough of last season.

Jen D. said...

Hi Mel! Hi Anna! It feels good to be back.

Re: Portia - Yeah I guess Courtney doesn't really fit the bill. Do you guys think that the show would be as popular as it is if they only put in average looking actors and actresses. Yeah, probably not.

Re: Luna - I think I saw it mentioned that she appears in book 3. I'll have to double check.

Re: Fiona - Can't wait to see her make Eric's life impossible.

Re: Claude - Like I said in the post. He's pretty middle of the road for me. I'll have to wait and see how Alan Ball decides to portray him.

Vickie said...

I did see Claude as somewhat different in my cranium, but I will wait and see what Neil brings to the party. Really really looking forward to season 4.