Tuesday, February 15, 2011

True Blood News

What's up Bite Clubbers?  It looks like it's going to be a slow news day today.  I've heard some buzz about a couple more potential castings but, I want to verify them before I post the info.  I'm not completely empty handed though.  HBO has created a behind the scenes production blog where you can find fun Q&As, exclusive images and links to True Blood's official Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages.

I also stumbled upon this nifty little teaser.  It might be old news to some of you but, I thought it was worth posting.

Another interesting thing I found was this pic of our resident vampire Viking hottie, Alexander Skarsgard, with his brother and father.  Color me surprised!  I had no idea his Dad was an actor too and a bad ass one at that.  What?  You guys already knew that?!  I must've been living under a friggin' rock.  *sigh*

Before I sign off I'll leave you with one more new discovery I made during my True Blood research.  Kristen Bauer, who plays our beloved Pam, has been busy during the off season.  I found some red carpet pictures of her showcasing a new addition...

Don't adjust your monitors folks.  What you're seeing is indeed one hell of a back and shoulder tattoo.  I'm a huge fan of ink and I think the work she's gotten done is absolutely stunning.  It goes great with her Colgate smile don't ya think?


Book ♥ Soulmates said...

Ok, where do I know Alexander's dad from? He looks so familiar!

That's a really pretty picture of Kristen :) And the tats were nicely done!


Anonymous said...

Jen - Fabulous update, it might be short but it was still great. I'll have to watch the teaser later since I'm at school with no headphones. I LOVE that tat! I'm so jealous.

Jen D. said...

Seriously you gals are the bomb diggity!

@Isa - He's Will Turner's Dad in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, he was one of the Dads in Mamma Mia!, and he was also in Ronin, Good Will Hunting and Hunt for Red October. He's a heavy hitter. Thank the lord...nothing's worse than a pretty lady with a butt ugly tattoo.

@Deanna - Thanks D! I should have a meatier post week after next. I'm hella jealous too. If I could pull it off I so would give it a try.

Vickie said...

I knew the last name was familiar, but I'm not sure I made the connection. Both dad and son are awesome, wee bit more of a crush on son, though....
REALLY looking forward to this season.