Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Being Human: I See Your True Colors...and That's Why I Hate You

Look, I finally found a few images that I can put on the blog! But overshadowing even that awesome announcement are all the glorious details from episode 7 of Being Human.

After Aidan explains the birds and the paranormal-bees to Josh about what happens when you fight with vampires, they decide that a little distance might be necessary, and Josh ends up taking Emily...home. And what a lovely dysfunctional home it is!  At times it was like That 70's Show meets The Munsters meets Intervention. Apparently Josh's parents have split up and everyone thinks he's crazy as a loon, which might happen in your house if a certain werewolf journal was stolen by a pesky sister and shared with the entire household. I knew I didn't like her!

So Aidan gets worried and follows Josh home, which results in a hilarious dinner scene where Aidan starts to vamp out because the chicken has garlic in it, Josh fumbles around trying to help, and Aidan gets an herbal tea bath. And how can we complain about our very sexy vampire in the tub?

Marcus shows up, a fight with Aidan ensues and ultimately Josh understands that he can't stay at home anymore. I felt sorry for him because he seems to have the hardest identity to hide and he obviously misses being around his goofy family.

And let's not forget about Sally. Boy, did she have a rough night! I have said from the beginning that Danny is an ass-hat psycho and last night was our first glimpse into his real personality. Long story short: Sally possesses Brigit's pen and conveys the idea that Danny killed her, Brigit confronts Danny at which point he whines and weeps about everything being a big accident, Brigit falls for it hook, line and sinker, and I think that Sally should totally have Aidan and Josh deal with him.

Thoughts? Ideas on how Aidan can torture Danny? And what do you think Bishop has planned for his happy vampire family?


debbie said...

I really liked the part about the garlic, I thought that was really funny. I honestly wish they would do something else with Sally. That part of the story never seems as good as the others.

Anonymous said...

This was another great episode. I really think the US version is coming into it's own and I enjoy it immensely every week. This week had some real highlights...Aidan reacting to garlic, Josh making up his "graphic novel" on the spot, the fight in his back yard between Aidan and Marcus, and the ending where we see what are probably going to be some version of the first vampires, the Old Ones, whatever you want to call them. AS a DISH customer/employee I use the TV Everywhere app and though I missed the show on Monday, I was able to watch it at work on my lunch break off my iphone. Can't wait for next week.