Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nothing treacherous here

I try very hard to keep this site 100% paranormal but just for today I wanted to share my favorite book quote for the week. Despite having not a single vampire or werewolf in sight, this remains my all time favorite romance series and I re-read them all every year as a comfort thing. I was insanely bummed that I couldn't get to Nora's bookstore for a signing when I lived in Virginia, dang school hours, but my hope is that someday I can get her to autograph a Roarke and Eve book for me, not that I would be capable of speech if I actually met her. Oh, and I'd love to stay in either the Roarke and Eve room or the Nick and Nora room at the hotel. So anyways, here's just one of my favorite lines...

"I do love it when you get glassy-eyed over tech. It's not altogether dissimilar from when you come." ~ Roarke, from the latest In Death book by J.D. Robb, Treachery in Death

I don't know about you but Roarke can talk tech to me anytime he wants!

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Lisa R/alterlisa said...

I so love this series. I've had my copy for about a week now and have resisted starting it as I know once I do than it's over again for another year. It's one of those series books that once you flip that last page, you wish you had never started it cause you want to do it all over again and NOT know the ending.


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