Sunday, April 17, 2011

A change in plans

Today was supposed to be a movie post in the morning and a contest in the afternoon but... its playoff time in the NHL and we (Flyboy, the monsters, and I) went up to Phoenix to catch game 3 of the Coyotes/Red Wings series. I love me some hockey and the Coyotes are my home team. And the monsters are finally on spring break this week so we needed to have fun. Aims testing is so not fun for anyone but it's a tossup as to who suffers more, the mommy or the kids.

Soooo, this means that the day was spent driving and then hustling around town to see family. How did those shopping bags get in my van? Okay, I did shop a bit. But in my defense, how can anyone resist the Disney store, or the Lego store? And I have kids with me! So essentially I am too tired to post anything that involves lots of typing, pictures, highlighting etc. Maybe tomorrow while everyone is swimming. I will make it up to you next week. We'll have a contest, a book club announcement, and other fun stuff.

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