Friday, April 15, 2011

The Vampire Diaries ~ The Last Dance ~

This episode is chock full of action and twists and turns.

Klaus is possessing Alaric’s body. He still has Katherine locked up. He compels her to tell him what she knows. The he compels her to stab herself repeatedly in the leg while he’s gone.

Elena finishes signing the papers to the Salvatore house. She asks Stefan to come in. She tells Damon that if she lets him in he has to play by her rules and behave himself. He agrees. Elena insists that she’s going to school and she’s safe with Bonnie, but Stefan goes with her. Elena tells Stefan that she is going to the dance and that she’s not going to let Klaus take over her life. While at school Klaus (Alaric) teaches the history class with such disdain it’s really funny. He has also compelled some of the students to give Elena messages from “a really hot guy named Klaus” that hopes to see her at the dance. Elena still insists that she’s going and Stefan and Damon agree and that they will both go with her.

Alaric (who is still possessed by Klaus) shows up at the Salvatore house and learns of their plan to keep Elena safe and he learns that Bonnie is the one that has the power to kill him. Elena doesn’t want Bonnie to put herself in danger, Damon attacks Bonnie and she flings him across the room. Damon proves that Bonnie is stronger than Elena gives her credit for.

Matt and Sheriff Forbes are still plotting together. She tells Matt to take Caroline to the dance and to continue to pretend that everything is okay and that he still doesn’t remember. Caroline dressed as Jackie Kennedy in a very cute pink suit, is pleased when Matt seems to be acting like himself, and they attend the dance together.

Bonnie and Jeremy talk about the pros and cons of Bonnie harnessing that much power of 100 witches. He’s terrified for her and doesn’t want her doing it. She’s honest with him that it could kill her, but that’s the sacrifice she’s willing to make.

Elena confides in Stefan that she had convinced herself that Klaus wasn’t real and after the scare at school, she believes he’s real. Stefan stresses that they’re going end Klaus and his threat to her.

At the dance, everyone is on their toes. Stefan warns Caroline what’s happening and Jeremy and Bonnie are prepared. Damon showed on some moves ‘we’ve never seen before.’ He dances with Elena and tells her that he’ll protect her. He moves on to Bonnie and seems to actually show some concern about her welfare and that harnessing that much power would kill her. She tells him to “be careful she might start to think he cares.”

Klaus starts chaos by compelling the announcer to dedicate a song to Elena from Klaus—which is “Dedicated to the One I Love.” Which I found certainly funny.

Klaus then creates a distraction when he compels a few boys to ambush Jeremy and beat him. Stefan and Damon realize that it was a distraction and that they need to find Elena.

Elena has realized that Bonnie could die if she harnesses that much power. They finally realize that Alaric has been possessed by Klaus and Bonnie tells Elena to run. Bonnie faces down Klaus. He didn’t’ realize how strong she was and he suffers some injuries, but in the end Bonnie dies from harnessing that much power.

Elena is completely distraught and cries hysterically. He orders Stefan to take her home and he will deal with Bonnie’s body. He takes Bonnie’s body and puts it in the trunk of his car, although you do see a flash of regret in his eyes.

Jeremy comes running and Damon breaks the news to him.

Back at the Salvatore house, Elena is crying and she slaps Damon when he comes in. He tells her that Bonnie had to die because Klaus wasn’t going to quit until he thought Bonnie was dead. Elena catches on and Damon reveals that Bonnie isn’t dead, she cast a spell to make it seem like she harnessed too much power and died. Damon tells Stefan that at the end of the day he’ll be the one to keep Elena alive because he doesn’t cave in to whatever Elena wants. That in the end you have to be the bad guy and he’s okay with that.

Jeremy lights candles around Bonnie and is there when she wakes up. In true geek form, Jeremy has set up a wireless hotspot so Bonnie and Elena can video chat.

Elena apologizes to Damon and says that she understands that he did it to protect her and Bonnie. Damon replies “here’s to duplicity.” Elena stresses that she will not let Bonnie die for her. Damon says “Let me be clear, when it comes to you, I will always choose you.” They share a long heated look and Elena tells him goodnight.

Elena sneaks through the house and goes into the basement. Unlocking the cell that Elijah is held in, she pulls the dagger from his chest and then sits back and waits on him to wake.


So what did you guys think of "The Last Dance?"

I think Bonnie is growing so much stronger and Elena, while she might make some bad choices, has finally started standing up for herself.

I have to admit I still think Tyler needs to come back and kill Matt--at the very least beat him for Matt betraying Caroline.

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