Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday at the Movies: Dylan Dog

I saw the trailer for this the other night while searching for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Pt. 2 and thought that it looked like a pretty cool monster movie. After some searching I also discovered that the movie is based on a series of comics put out by Dark Horse that I desperately want to read before I see the movie.

The movie stars Brandon Routh of Superman fame as Dylan Dog and Sam Huntington, who also had a role in Superman Returns, but more recently has snagged the role of Josh in the SyFy version of Being Human. Works for me! Early talk is mixed, not that things like that matter to me, and I would love to hear from anyone that is planning on seeing the movie. Maybe you'd be interested in doing a guest review?


In the New Orleans ­underground, Dylan Dog, a private investigator of the undead, tracks an artifact that will help prevent a war from breaking out among his werewolf, vampire, and zombie clients.



Michael J. Lee said...

Trailer makes it look pretty intriguing. It's a solid idea, just hope Hollywood didn't ruin it like they did Constantine

Michele Hauf said...

This does look interesting. Sort of reminds me a bit of Harry Dresden, at least in the style of interacting with all the paranormals. May have to check this one out!