Thursday, April 7, 2011

Catching up on Being Human

Yes, I've been remiss in recapping episodes but I plan to fix that problem... starting right now. Basically I'm going to discuss the last 3 episodes as if they were one big event and then we'll all be prepped and ready for the big finale next week. This recap has spoilers so skip to comments if you haven't watched the show!!! So let's get started!


Bishop kidnapped Josh and was going to force him to act as the fight club style entertainment for his visiting vamps but Aidan saved the day...not that we got to see any cool action or anything. The reigning wolf champ had been a prisoner for 15 years and in his spare time he was working on a written werewolf history. It wasn't looking god for Josh. Aidan bargained with Bishop to save Josh, but since the 2 wolves were already locked in the cage it seemed that a brawl was inevitable. I was royally pissed that we started to see Josh go furry (and violent) only to have the scene abruptly end to all is right with the world, everyone was back home and thumbing through the wolf history book. Total cop-out!

Nora announced that she was impregnated (her favorite word apparently since she says it like ninety times an episode) by Josh during the infamous back room tryst that occurred a few weeks back. They've only had sex that one time and it was sorta wham-bam which makes me wonder why they haven't tried again. The pregnancy has caused massive anxiety for both, especially Josh, because he worries that the baby is some sort of freaky werebaby (a frightening image to be sure) but he hasn't shared his secret so far. Not sure how that will play out but my guess is that things will sour for them next season and/or the baby will have problems.


The whole turning Bernie into a vampire fiasco was exactly that, a mess from beginning to end. Rebecca took this dying kid, turned him and thought that this would mark the start of a normal family life with Aidan. Only when Bernie's bullying tormentors turn up dead in an alley with their throats ripped out it would seem that he is having control issues and might be a little serial killer. Rebecca has her hands full trying to get him to drink bagged blood when Aidan finds them and offers to help. His version of help was to end Bernie before things got really bad, and let's be honest here: Vampire children rarely turn out well and they tend to draw the wrong kind of attention. Think Claudia, my favorite vampire child that ended tragically. Rebecca was devastated that Aidan destroyed her dreams of having a happy vampire family.

Meanwhile, some very important vampires (the Dutch) from the council showed up in Boston to check on Bishop and the nasty rumors they've been hearing about a bunch of newly turned vampires in the area. Maybe Bishop's plan for world domination isn't so secret anymore. Bishop, and Aidan, show them around town and it becomes obvious that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Long story short: Marcus betrayed Bishop. Bishop poisons and kills all but one of the Dutch. Aidan saves the last guy and Rebecca saves Aidan by killing Marcus. When all is said and done Rebecca asks Aidan to end her because the vampire life isn't for her. So bye-bye Rebecca. I'll miss her.

Now Bishop is after Aidan and the last episode ended with Bishop flying through the window of their brownstone and staking Aidan. Chaos ensues.


Brigit and Danny bring a psychic to the house to perform an exorcism and send Sally to the other side. Things don't go exactly as planned and the psychic doesn't finish the ritual which leaves Sally not exactly looking her best (she was actually quite scary looking). On the plus side, Brigit and the psychic lady learn the truth about how Sally died because Sally briefly possessed the psychic and shared her death memories with her. Then Sally decides to haunt Danny in earnest and actually manages to hurt him while he's shaving. Who the hell uses a straight razor anyways? That's just asking for trouble.

All this stress proves too much for Danny and he loses his tiny little mind. He decides that he will get rid of Sally by torching the house. No house, no haunt. Sally traps him in the house vowing they will burn together. Aidan and Josh burst in and while Josh puts the flames out Aidan flashes some fang at Danny. They all decide that killing him would be too easy and he is persuaded to confess his crimes to the police. And then Sally's door appears.


I have liked the pacing of the last 3 episodes and the highlight for me has been the flashback scenes of Aidan and Bishop. They both have an interesting and complicated history, and these scenes have given valuable insight into Bishop's flawed character and why Aidan doesn't want to be around him anymore. I wonder what they had in common all those years ago because it seems like they've always clashed in varying degrees. The finale should be good...the trailer shows Josh embracing his violent nature to go after Bishop. Good times:)

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