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The Vampire Diaries ~ Know Thy Enemy ~

Aaaaannnnnd we’re back after an excruciating hiatus for us Vamp Diaries lovers. This episode was so full of so many “what??” moments that it was hard to keep up. This was certainly a who’s betraying and using who episode. Beautifully done, with some great special effects. **Spoiler alert**

Mommy's Home.........

Isobel is back. She shows up on Elena’s doorstep but Elena won’t let Jenna invite her in. Of course Jenna is mad and hurt that Alaric and Elena lied to her about Isobel. A very moving scene when she retreats to her room and cries.

Katherine is prancing around the Salvatore house scantily dressed trying to convince them to not tell Isobel that she’s here and out of the tomb. They’re not buying her act and she tells them that “I want Klaus dead, so I’m on team you.” They still don’t buy it.

Jenna goes from heartbroken to pissed in 6.2 seconds and has packed a bag and is going to stay on campus. She won’t let Alaric and Elena explain and she leaves. John comes in with his snarky comments and Alaric punches him in the face. A long time coming if you ask me. Elena is delighted.

Caroline calls Stefan and tells him that she came clean to Matt about her being vampy and he tells her to keep looking for him. Caroline keeps calling and searching for him for most of this episode.

Elena is pissed that John invited Isobel in, but Jjohn says that Isobel has been trying to find Klaus. Isobel offers Elena a safe house—a house that Isobel has put into Elena’s name and that no vampire can enter without Elena’s invitation. Elena declines the offer and tells her to leave.

Damon takes Bonnie and Jeremy to the site where the witches were burned. The witches make themselves known by making noises and actually freezing Damon in a patch of sunlight and taking away his ability to be in the sun. While he smokes and sizzles he asks Bonnie for “a little help here.” She does her witchy magic and he’s able to move again. He tells Bonnie and Jeremy he’ll wait outside. Bonnie channels a lot of the witch’s powers and they come with a warning. Jeremy wants to know how much power Bonnie has tapped into. She creates a violent storm. Jeremy is terrified that Bonnie is going to die. I hate the fate that Jeremy is possibly going to lose a third girlfriend in only two season’s f the show. Someone needs to cut him a break. Let him be happy.

Isobel is seemingly attacked by Katherine, but the two are best buddies. Katherine compliments her house while they sip blood from wine glasses. Isobel retorts that “It was the nicest foreclosure in town,” which was her only charming comment during the show. They chat about how Isobel is using John to keep Katherine safe from Klaus. She assures Isobel that she can get the moonstone from Damon and Stefan.

Stefan and Damon and Elena are discussing that Elena doesn’t need to be anywhere by herself and always needs to have someone with her. She says that they can’t go everywhere with her. Katherine interrupts them and wants to know where the moonstone is. Damon tells her its in a safe place. She wants to know why they still don’t trust her. Obviously not remembering the times she tried to kill the both of them and the girl they love. Damon is certainly back with his amazing, snarky comments tells her “don’t mistake the fact that we haven’t set you on fire in your sleep for trust.”

Katherine searches the house looking for the moonstone. After searching every room, shehas found the moonstone that Damon hid in the soap dish in the bathroom. (A little weird for a ‘safe place’ but I can see where it blended in.)

Isobel surprises Alaric and apologizes to him for all the things she’s doing, but a witch incapacitates Alaric and kidnaps him.

Isobel bites John and flings him down the stairs at the Lockwood mansion where Elena is accepting a donation to her adoptive mom’s charity. Isobel then kidnaps Elena while Katherine switches places with her. Stefan finds Katherine and is getting better about recognizing when Katherine is impersonating Elena and confronts her. Unfortunately Stefan seems to forget how clever Katherine is and ends up getting tossed into a bush while Katherine drives away. Katherine turns up at Isobel’s borrowed house and is greeted by the same male witch that kidnapped Alaric. The same witch incapacitates Katherine and takes her.

Matt finally turns up and confronts Sheriff Forbes that she knows vampires exist and she seemingly calms him down and takes him to cool off at her house. Caroline comes home and finds him. He tells her to tell him everything and then demands that she makes him forget. Caroline does her compulsion on him not knowing he’s pumped full of vervain. We see what Matt is up to when he gets in the car with Sheriff Forbes and has a mourning session over Caroline. Looks like Caroline will have to deal with her mother and Matt as enemies in the near future. I can only hope Tyler comes back and kills Matt. I’m sorry I liked Matt in the beginning, but he’s turned into a whimpering ass.

How could I seriously not include THIS picture?

Stefan calls Damon and alerts him that Katherine and Isobel have Elena and Katherine has found the moonstone. Damon digs through the soap bowl looking for the stone before furiously flinging the empty bowl across the floor.

Isobel has Elena shoved into the backseat of her SUV and ends up taking her to a graveyard. Isobel reveals that it is her gravestone and that her parents (Elena’s grandparents) put flowers on it every week. She apologizes to Elena and tells her that Klaus needed the moonstone and Katherine and that she was sorry that she was such a disappointment to Elena. Isobel gets a phone call and seems so relieved when she’s told that she is finished. She closes the phone and tells Elena goodbye before yanking off her necklace and bursting into flames.

Elena keeps Isobel’s necklace and tells Stefan that she didn’t think she’d feel bad but she does. A sympathetic Stefan comforts her. Damon and Stefan took a idea from Isobel and has deeded their house to Elena. So that It’s protected against vampires—even them—Damon tells her he’ll be pretty pissed if she locks him out. John wakes up from the dead and Damon snatches him up off the floor ready to kill him. Elena tells him to stop it and John wants to talk to her. John tells her that if she feels safer with him not around, then he’ll leave. He just wants her safe. She tells him that he’s screwed up and that breaks everything he touches, but he’s the only parent she’s got. She also tells him that maybe she can learn to not hate him.

Damon tells Stefan that Bonnie said the spell worked and “she is locked and loaded.” Stefan realizes that no one knows that Bonnie has her powers back—not even Katherine.

Katherine wakes up on the floor and sees the male witch draining the blood from a body. She assumes it’s Klaus and tries to run but the witch has spelled the house with a spell like the tomb spell. Katherine turns around expecting to see Klaus, but in fact it’s Alaric who has been possessed by Klaus. “Hello Katerina.”

So what did you guys think of this episode after a long hiatus? I think it blasted the story line along and tied up a lot of loose ends running around like Isobel and John seems to be getting a little bit better as we go along. To me, Bonnie is developing quickly as a strong character as well as a force to reckoned with.

So what are your thoughts? We always welcome comments and suggestions.

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