Friday, May 13, 2011

The Vampire Diaries ~ As I Lay Dying~ Season Finale


This season finale of Vampire Diaries was heart wrenching. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. I think last week’s episode with Jenna and Jules dying could have served as the season finale. But the best moment happened during this week’s finale.

Damon, knowing he’s dying, goes to see Elena and asks for her forgiveness. She tells him she needs time. Damon tells her to take all the time she needs even though he doesn’t have it to give.

Damon returns to the Salvatore house where he drinks and flings open the curtains. He takes his ring off and stands in front of the windows letting himself burn. Stefan of course, slams into him knocking him out of the sun and saving his life. Stefan locks him in the basement and vows to find a cure.

Elijah and Klaus are in the woods and Elijah tells Klaus that he’s cleaned up the mess he made. Klaus tells him that he remembers every kill and that it’s glorious that he can change at will. They both go back to Alaric’s apartment and Klaus stabs Elijah with a dagger with white ash on it while Catherine and Stefan look on. He says that he’ll keep his promise to reunite his brother with his family.

Stefan tells Alaric about Damon and he comes to suicide watch Damon. Damon tries to provoke Alaric by bringing up that he let Jenna die and he turned his ex-wife. Alaric just responds by telling him that they’re both too sober to have that conversation. Damon is getting worse—he’s having flashbacks about Catherine.

Elena, Jeremy, and Caroline attend the viewing of Gone With the Wind in the park with the rest of the town. Elena tells Jeremy that they have to keep active until it gets easier. Stefan shows up to tell Elena about Damon and she feels horrible that she was mean to him when he came to her. Stefan tells her to go see him.

Sheriff Forbes who has been spurred into handling the vampire problem by the Mayor detains Elena outside the house. Alaric tries to warn Sheriff Forbes that it’s not a good time to see Damon. She ignores him and actually lets Damon out of his cell.

Meanwhile, Stefan is dealing with Klaus. Klaus reminds Stefan of the vampire he used to be. The one that wiped out an entire village, draining all the humans dry. Klaus tells Stefan that he has a cure, but Stefan has to join him. Stefan tells him no and Klaus refused to help him with Damon’s cure. To show Stefan what the cure is… he bites Catherine and shows that it’s infected. He forces Catherine to drink his blood and the werewolf bite heals almost instantly.

While Elena is locked up, Damon is wandering the park and Jeremy finds him while he’s sick. Jeremy takes him into the Grille where Sheriff Forbes tries to shoot him but ends up shooting Jeremy instead. Bonnie and Caroline rush in. Caroline tells her mom to stay away from them while she tries to save Jeremy. Bonnie explains that his ring won’t work because he was shot by a human instead of a supernatural being. Alaric shows up and helps Bonnie move him to old house where she can tap into the witches power. They don’t want to help her because they think she’s abusing their power, and that if they help there will be a price. She begs anyway and admit that she loves him. Jeremy wakes up.

Elena breaks out of the room that Sheriff Forbes locks her in and goes to find Damon. She finds him wandering the park hallucinating about Catherine. He mistakes her for Catherine and tells her that she’s so beautiful and bites her. He realizes what he’s done and apologizes to her before collapsing.

Klaus forces Stefan to drink many bags of blood, calling out the blood lust in Stefan. Stefan agrees to go with him to prevent Damon’s death. Klaus tells Catherine to take a bottle of his blood to Damon and Catherine jets out of the room. Stefan tells him that Catherine will never take the cure to Damon. Klaus tells him that he’s very aware that Catherine had Vervaine.

Elena has gotten Damon back to the Salvatore house and into his bed. They have a heartfelt conversation and he tells her that he deserves to die. He also told her that he could have made a different choice and not have loved Catherine. He knows she loves Stefan and that it will always be Stefan. He admits his love for her and that should have met him in 1864 that she would like liked him. She tells him that she likes him now, just the way he is.

Elena kisses him.

Catherine interrupts them and gives Damon Klaus’s blood. He starts to visibly get better. Catherine tells them that Stefan is paying for the cure as they speak and that she wouldn’t expect him any time soon. That it’s a good thing Elena has Damon to keep her company. As a parting shot she says, “it’s okay to love them both. I did.”

Stefan and Klaus are in a warehouse where apparently Elijah’s parents are stored. (where now Elijah’s body will be stored) To make sure that Stefan is being truthful about going with him, Klaus has a human girl and wants Stefan to kill her without compelling her. Klaus takes the first bite and tells her to run. Stefan chases her down and bites into her neck. Uhoh.

Jeremy is at home and chats with Bonnie via video chat. Alaric comes in to ask him if he's okay. Alaric decides to stay the night. Jeremy wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes that he can see Vicki and he can Anna who are both dead.

Jeremy sees dead people........


I am really interested to see what you guys thought of the season finale! Were you disappointed or overjoyed?

I am so pleased that Elena kissed Damon on her own! (Insert fan-girl squeal here) I love their chemistry and hope this develops in the third season. What did you guys think?

I have to say that I am sooo excited to see a stronger Stefan. I think his character was way too 'nice' and it's time he was a stronger man. I have a feeling that Stefan is about to become a force to be reckoned with.

OMG Jeremy can see his dead girlfriends. What is this going to mean for Bonnie and Jeremy? I'm sure that his being able to see his ex-girlfriends is going to cause some issues for this adorable couple.

So feel free to share your thoughts and keep a look out in the next few weeks, I'll recap the whole season. :)


Katrina W said...

:O) I know !! I almost had a heart attack when Jermey was shot !! I thought beep no !! more !! I really thought that Genna may come back, biting the witch and all, but it looks like thats the end for her shame !! I really liked her,, and then they kill, John and Isabella !! geesh I have no idea which direction this is headed !! how bout you any ideas ?? hmmm. Wasnt as dramatic after the fact that Damon is not dead,, we all know the wouldnt kill him off, but it was almost believable ?? Yes !! u think !! and as for Jeremy ! geesh,, looks like the dead are going to haunt him !!

:) kat

Betty Turner said...

I know... I kept expecting Jenna to reappear anytime during the show, but it never happened... =(

I honestly think that Alaric will step up to the 'family' plate and become a sort of father figure to Jeremy and Elena. I was worried they were going to kill him off too, but I'm glad he has a chance at a bigger part of the show.

I can't wait until Jeremy tells Bonnie that he can see his dead girlfriends... I think that will be an amazing turn for the show and their relationship.

Damon and Elena are going to have their hands full with super-hyped up on human blood Stefan.

I really think in season 3 we're going to see those originals that were 'stored' in coffins come back to haunt Klaus. Especially if Damon finds them and revives them.

All in all I'm so excited for season 3 and CANNOT wait. I'll have to settle for re-watching Season 1 and then grabbing up Season 2 when it comes out on DVD. =)

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Thanks for posting another fabulous recap for Vampire Diaries! You rock, Betty!!!

Obsidian Shadows said...

i had thought of a different cure for Damon, but then it makes sense that Klaus' blood would be the cure, since he is a hybrid werewolf/vampire..
i thought of vervain/wolfsbane blood cocktail to burn out the wolf bite infection and vervain to help burn out anything else..

i knew they wouldn't let Damon die, he now has to watch over Elena while Stefan is out with Klaus.. and poor Stefan to be turned back into a blood thirsty monster.. oh no..

Kiss Katherine goodbye now.. she's gotta be back on the run to get away from Klaus again..

now Jeremy seeing Vicki and Anna, i'm not sure what to think about that.. and what about Bonnie, will she lose her powers again for punishment and will Dr. Martin's ghost haunt her becuz she didn't kill Klaus like he wanted her to do..

so many questions.. and we have to wait to find out the answers and what's next.. dammm..