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Guest post: Alex Severin

Hey all! Please welcome our guest author, Alex Severin, to the Bite Club lounge today. I'm currently reading her debut, Vampire Vintage, right now and I'll post my review next stay tuned. ~Anna
Hi! I'm Alex. I write about vampires.

Firstly, I want to thank Michele and Anna for giving me this opportunity to talk to you all today. This is my very first guest post on a blog, so be gentle with me.

So – vampires! Ubiquitous these days, aren't they?

I remember being in class when I was about 12. I think it was geography. Blech. Not interested. I remember slipping  my copy of Dracula inside my text book and wandering off into the wilds of the Carpathian mountains, where the children of the night made music and the locals hung garlic over their doorways.

I've had a long love affair with bloodsuckers. When everybody else was drooling over this hunky pop star and or that macho soccer player, I was drooling over Bela Lugosi. When all the other little girls wanted to be princesses or a Barbie doll or be kept by foreign millionaires, I wanted to be a vampire's muse.

But have you ever asked yourself, just what on earth is it that obsesses us so much about them?

Why are vampires hot like Mexico?

Long before the eventual sparkling of the vampire, there were other vampires. Yes! Stephenie Meyer did not invent the vampire, contrary to mainstream pop-cultural belief. There was unlife before Edward Cullen. They were also hugely and consistently present when other genres faded in and out in popularity – they just weren't a Twitter or Facebook meme that was tweeted or status updated by 798,000 teens and moms of teens every five minutes.

Throughout literary history, the vampire and deep, dark desires have been indivisible. From the clear sexual frustration of Bram Stoker in Dracula, to the overt and wanton displays of sexuality in the books of current vampire writers, (including me!) vampires have always been associated with love, sex, and unbridled passion.

Just think, in the dead of night, when all are asleep in your house, the dark, mysterious vampire, debonair, sophisticated, with an irresistible black velvet accent from some eastern European land, materializes silently in your room.

Maybe you're hot for the more contemporary vampire – you know, the biker bad boy with the ripped abs, rugged good looks and wild, unkempt long black hair scented with apples and engine oil.

Or maybe it's the strong, stoic bad-ass chick, the one who doesn't know if she wants to kiss you or kill you – or might just do both, the one who just radiates lust and longing at you from every pore.

Whatever your type is, whatever your penchant, their eyes are hypnotic; you are entranced, enchanted.

And they have one aim – they want that which lies beneath your skin, they want to own the life that flows through your veins and rushes through your passionate heart.

Your significant other will never know – sound sleeper; it's you and the befanged one's little secret.

You telling me there's not more going on than some neck nibbling action?

Your secret is safe with me.

But there's more than just sex to the allure of the vampire. There's more than just bloodlust and blood- dolls and the kiss of pin-sharp ivory fangs on hot skin.

There's love. Love that lasts beyond the end of the world. Love that cannot fade, love that cannot wither and die with the passing of time and the failing of the flesh. There's love that is as immortal as the vampire is. Love without end. Love, forever. Love, eternal.

There is a being who loves you, loves you unconditionally, loves you to the moon and back again, loves you like you've never been loved before and would die for you...if only they could.

Because vampires are forever.

Oh, and copious amounts of hot, steamy sex.

What more could a girl ask for?

And that is why we love our vampire boys and girls, and why we always will.

 About the Author
Alex Severin was born and raised in the Scottish Highlands, but was transplanted to the Wild, Wild West of the USA in 2005. They still have cowboys.

She tried her hand at custom written erotica - and quite successfully too, but decided she needed a career change after the clown porn story. Don't ask.

Alex's debut novel is Vampire Vintage Book One : Belladonna in Hollywood, a Golden Age of Hollywood Noir Paranormal Romance.


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