Wednesday, June 29, 2011

True Blood Recap: Episode 1 - She's Not There


I have a confession to make Bite Clubbers.  I'm still in shock over the season 4 premiere.  I literally watched most of it with my mouth hanging open.  Oh what you don't believe me?  Check out my notes:

Sometimes it felt like I was watching a completely different show with the same cast of characters.  Sort of like an alternate universe if you will.  Between you and me, I think I kinda liked it.  I know the purists are going to be flipping their wigs about the craziness that went down but, I liked that Alan Ball and his team flipped the script on us.  So let's get to nitty gritty shall we?

Last season ended with Sookie poofing out of existence.  This season begins with us finding out exactly where she went.  I'm sure you're not shocked when I tell you she's in THE Fairy Utopia folks.  Okay fine maybe it's not called Fairy Utopia but, she's definitely in the realm of the Fae.  Everything's all peaceful and beautiful and fairy-y.  No visit to fairy is complete without some special guest appearances.  First up, we've got bellboy Barry.  Who knew he had a little fairy in him.  *snort*  Sookie and Barry are chit chatting when they're offered lumiere fruit (aka light fruit).  They're basically glowing apples.  Barry's all about the light fruit so he dives right in.  Sookie's not quite sold on the idea of eating the light fruit (they're glowing apples guys - I can't say I blame her).  She looks up from examining said fruit and here's where special guest appearance number two comes in.  Sitting across the yard going to town on some light fruit of his own is none other than her grandfather.  That's right folks.  I said her grandfather.  Turns out dude got beamed into the realm of Fae 20 years ago and has been there ever since.  Are you thinking, 'WTF?' yet?  No?  You will in a second.  Anywhoozle, she gets to talkin' to granddaddy Earl and catching him up on what's happened with the Stackhouses.  Sookie starts seeing grotesque visions of the things around her and starts putting two and two together.  She mentally tells her grandpa that they're in a trap.  ENTER MAB QUEEN OF THE FAE.  Mab tells Sookie that she's the one that sent for her.  She no longer wants anyone with fairy blood cavorting on Earth after the 'vampire breach incident' so she's recruiting humans for the harvest.  Dun dun dun!  Sookie's not down with the harvesting of humans but, Mab doesn't want to hear it.  She tries to force light fruit down Sookie's throat and ends up getting a Sookie blast to the face.  This causes whatever illusion their casting to fade and we see the Fae for what they really are: ugly, disfigured troll like creatures.  O_o  So Sook and her grandpa break out into a full out sprint for their lives.  They end up running into Claude (uh, yes THAT Claude) and a group of Fae who don't agree with Mab's attempt to close the portal to Earth forever.  He helps her and her grandpa get through the portal and back to Bon Temps.  The second her pretty southern feet hit the floor both Eric and Bill sense it.  Unfortunately, grandpa's been eating the light fruit so Sookie has to watch her grandfather die on top of the grave where her parents and grandmother are buried.  Talk about tragic.  Before he dies he asks her to give his pocket watch to Jason.  Sookie picks herself up and heads home.  When she gets to her house she sees that it's in the process of being fixed up.  I'm talkin' the works: cleaned up, fresh paint, new furniture, etc.  Jason walks in dressed in full cop gear and hugs her so tight he almost break a rib.  Sookie's a bit stunned by his reaction.  And here's where you're going to say, 'WTF!' if you haven't already.  Jason informs Sookie that she's been gone for A YEAR and as a result ended up selling the house.  Go ahead.  Let it out.  I'll wait.  She heads for the porch after giving Jason the time and is met by her vampire suitors.  Of course they start to squabble like children.  Bill demands that Eric leave but, before he does he mentions that everyone who claims to love her gave up on her EXCEPT him.  Once he leaves Andy shows up freaking out as only Andy can.  He starts bombarding her with questions when Bill interjects and tells him she's been on Super Top Secret vampire business.  Next day she makes the rounds at Merlotte's to see everyone.  She also meets with Portia Bellefleur to figure out if there's a way she can get back her house.  Later that night she's changing into her PJs when she's surprised by a visit from Mr. Eric Northman.  He goes on to inform her that the person who owns her house is him which in Eric logic means he now owns her.  Oh schnap!

In the year that Sookie's been gone, Bill has been a very busy boy.  He's into politics now.  We get to see him in action when he holds a press conference for the good citizens of Bon Temps.  But that's not all folks.  Turns out our Bill is the new King and no I'm not talking Elvis.  Know what that means?  Our beloved viking now reports to Bill.  I know, nuts!

So aside from being the owner of Sookie's house and having to report to someone who used to be his subordinate, Eric's up to his ears in PR for the American Vampire League.

*sigh*  No sign of that sexy piece of man meat yet.  BOOOO HBO!

In the year that Sookie's been gone Jason has become quite an upstanding guy.  He's now a real cop.  He tries to keep Andy off the V.  Yes, you read that right.  Crazy, I know.  He also has been taking care of the folks in Hot Shot.  On one of his trips to drop off food, one of the kids tells him the freezer's not working.  When he goes to check it out someone bops him over the head with a shovel and locks him in the freezer.  That's right.  You guessed it.  Jason is about to be in really bad situation.

Oh Pam.  What can I say other than she's back in full pastel and her wit is sharper than ever.  Something tells me she's going to be Jessica's sidekick this season.  Actually it's probably the other way around.  Either way, I say bring on the Pam.

Our baby vamp is back and is trying her best to get used to the whole living with a human thing.  They have a bit of a blowout but are quick to laugh it off.  They make an adorable couple but, we begin to see signs of strain for Jessica during a night out on the town with Hoyt.  Pam is quick to point out her struggle with her vampire nature even though Jess is in denial about it.

We get a couple of quick glimpses of Sam during this episode.  First time we see him is when he's giving Sookie a hard time for disappearing.  The next time we see him he's having dinner with some shifter friends.  After some interesting dinner conversation they all strip down and take a run through the woods as majestic horses.  Those crazy shifters.

I'm about to blow your minds.  You remember Tara takes off at the end of last season, right?  Well we find out that she never returns to Bon Temps and instead travels from place to place eventually settling in New Orleans.  We also find out that she's become a cage fighter.  O_o  And that she's in a relationship with....another woman.  O_o  She finds out Sookie has come back but, doesn't seem willing to return to see her.

Lafayette is back and flamboyant as ever!  He's still with Jesus (meh) and still a cook at Merlotte's.  Jesus convinces Lafayette to meet his coven.  During their first meeting with the group, the leader of the coven, ends up channeling Eddie the vampire which totally freaks Lafayette out.  He ends up taking off.  The next day Jesus convinces him to give the group another chance.  During this visit they end up reanimating Marnie's familiar, a parrot named Minerva.  This sets the tone for what's going to go down this season.

Arlene & Terry
So Arlene and Terry get married and are raising what Arlene feels is a very troubled baby.  Terry reassures her that Mickey is a good baby.  Ya'll thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

Favorite Quotes

'Okay, if your job is to look after me, can I just say you suck.'
-Sookie to Claudine

'Smell like where old air fresheners go to die.'
-Lafayette to Jesus

'Decapitating Barbie dolls.  What the hell kinda baby does that?
-Arlene to Terry

'That tree with a plaid shirt, it has a name?'
-Pam to Jessica

'The way you're eye f*ckin' fang bangers from across the room, that's especially romantic.'
-Pam to Jessica

'Sookie, you are mine.'
-Eric to Sookie

Video Extras

Okay guys I totally need to discuss all this new info with you.  What did you think of the season premiere.  What did you like?  What did you hate?  Inquiring minds NEED TO KNOW!!


Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

Yeah, the first episode was very wow for me. I felt the first part of the Fairy scene was a bit corney....I can get over that feeling yet. But I liked that they showed the true form of them since Fae hind their true form from humans. The whole eating the light fruit and not being able to return to earth means Barry can't come back. :-( That was all a bit strange. I can't wait to see Claude in his human yummy form!

Eric is sexy as ever. Love his thought of buying Sookies house. I wish he would have lost his memory all ready...we need some Eric and Sookie lovin.

I love Bill and all but he's getting a bit on my nerves...I can't believe he's the King now. It's so hard to seperate the books from the show. Grrr...stupid brain!!!!

I love Tara's new self. She looks awesome and she's badass. The lesbian thing didn't surprise me at all. LOL. She's been screwed over by guys. I also like that she's not all shakey lip wide-eyed Tara...that was getting a bit annoying for me.

Sam...oh I hate what they are doing to my strong reliable Sam. :-( He's so angry and mean, I HATE IT!

The Witches are just weird and I hope Lafyette stays away from them...they are very bad news!

Tommy...what is up with him being with Hoyt's MOM??!!!!???!!!

I love Hoyt and Jessica, please don't screw up their relationship. They are adorable together. Stupid boy at the club, go away and leave her alone!!!!

Blah on now having sexy Alcide in the first episode...he's so yummy!

I love Pam still. She's awesome!!!!

I don't know how I feel about Arlene's baby. I don't think he's evil but if she keeps acting like that he's going to turn evil with crazyness! LOL. The whole pulling the heads off Barbies...come on people...babies pull at things all the time and break stuff, not because they are being evil but because that's what babies do! *Eye Roll*. Of course knowing this show he'll be the devil himself or something odd and dumb like that. LOL. Still going to keep watching but I hope it stops being so damn strange just for a little bit and goes back to the true blood I know from seasons 1 & 2 and even parts of 3...

Yep I'm one of the purists when it comes to this show right now. :-P

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@D - What I thought was interesting was the role reversale that took place with Claudine and Claude. Wasn't she suppose to be her protector while he was all about himself?

LMAO! I for one am not happy that he bought Sookie's house. Sneaky sneaky sneaky! But I am for some Eric and Sookie lovin'.

I was stunned into silence but, I think it's a really interesting twist.

I agree with you on Tara. She seems to be at piece and not so all up in your face.

Don't like the sitch with Sam either.

You and I both know he's going to be elbow deep in trouble because of those witches.

LMAO @ Tommy comment.

Jess and Hoyt are definitely going to go through a rough patch. I hope they can pull through it.

Double blah for an Alcide-less episode.

Pam is totally awesome!

Oh D. No sense in holding on to any normalcy. I have a feeling this season is going to blow our minds.

Thanks for stopping by!

Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

No problem Jen! Thanks for the recap. I know this season is going to blow my mind just not sure if I want it to blow my mind too much. Oh and what is up with Jason taking care of hot shot and then getting smashed over the head...I'm guessing this is supposed to be where he is...maybe I shouldn't mention that for people who haven't read the books...never mind on that thought process. I can't judge yet but I'm interested to see what next week holds for us.

BLHmistress said...

I am not sure what I think of the fairy thing part of me didn't care for it though I did love when Sookie got to see her granddad.

When I saw Sookie's house redone first thing popped into my mind Eric by the way I loved the way he said everyone claims they love you but I was the only one that didn't give up on you. Take that Bill(sorry I am a still a tad bit angry with him with what he did to Eric last season.)

I do still like Bill just angry with him I hope he redeems himself this season.

Tara surprised me not only I didn't expect the fighting which I liked -(Maybe she might be a bit more tougher this season) but with a girl though I don't blame her LOL with all the bad luck she had with men.

The Witches not sure about them yet??

I miss Alcide too- they could have just stuck him there somewhere like when Sookie came home :) Though I am team Eric , Alcide is running a close second.

Sam I hope they give him something good but not sure with this anger management thing

Tommy omg That was a jaw moment I was like wth is he with Hoyt's mother.

I love Jessica but I have no idea what in the world are they doing to her and Hoyt? though I did forget about that doll in the one room(wonder that is and from who)

I so can't wait for next episode I wish it was on everyday :)

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@D - LOL! I see what you're saying. If the change is too extreme it'll lose some of its fan base.

I'm dying to see how they're going to play out the Jason angle. Half or whole. Hmmmm.

@BLHmistress - The fairy realm situation was definitely a bit bizarre.

LOL! I totally understand. I don't like that he's so opportunistic. I hope he redeems himself too.

I was shocked at first but, then when I thought about it I understood why she went with both decisions.

The witches are bad news I tell ya!

Team Alcide all the way. LOL! I agree. A quick cameo wouldn't have hurt anyone.

Not feeling Sam. And the whole Tommy thing was hilarious!

Oh crap that's right! I forgot about the doll. We'll have to keep an eye out for it to see what happens.

LOL! Me too! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!