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Review: The Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz

Book Description:

It’s the beginning of summer in North Hampton, and beautiful Freya Beauchamp is celebrating her engagement to wealthy Bran Gardiner, the heir to Fair Haven and Gardiners Island. But Freya is drawn to Bran’s gorgeous but unreliable brother Killian, and sparks fly when the two decide to play a dangerous game, following an ancient story of love, betrayal and tragedy that harks back to the days of Valhalla.

Witches of East End follows the Beauchamp family—the formidable matriarch Joanna and her daughters Freya and Ingrid. Freya, a sexy bartender, has a potion to cure every kind of heartache, while Ingrid, the local librarian, solves complicated domestic problems with her ability to tie magical knots. Joanna is the witch to see when modern medicine has no more answers; her powers can wake the dead. Everything seems to be going smoothly until a young girl, Molly Lancaster, goes missing after taking one of Freya’s irresistible cocktails. As more of the town’s residents begin disappearing, everyone seems to have the same suspects in mind: the Beauchamp women.

Fraught with love, small-town secrets, and witchcraft, Witches of East End will capture any reader who craves a page-turning, heart-stopping story of myth and magic from an author who knows how to deliver.


Freya, her sister Ingrid, and her mother Joanna live in North Hampton.  They are quiet, friendly ladies who are hiding a secret. They're witches, but there are rules now that make them unable to share their magical powers with anyone or even use them themselves. Being unable to use their powers has made them feel bored and calm, and they do not like it at all.   
One night Freya decides that there cannot be any harm in using just a little magic so she mixes a love potion in one of the drinks she is serving at the bar.  Once she does this she decides that she feels so much better and continues to the point that now people know what she is doing and they come to her bar specifically for her special drinks. Seeing her sisters example, Ingrid, the librarian, decides to being helping others and starts by making a friend who cannot have a child be able to have one.  People in town hear of her healing powers and start coming to her for advice. While Joanna does not agree with this practice she begins to use her powers too.  Little do they know that there is something bad coming their way.   
It begins with a missing girl on the Fourth of July and with the mystery of who Freya’s fiancé really is.  Add into this whole mix some romance between Freya and her soon to be brother in law, Ingrid’s love for a man that is dating someone else, and Joanna having to go see her husband after centuries.  Lot's of things for the witches to deal with! Will the witches be able to find the culprit of the bad things happening in their town? Read to find out.
This book kept me turning the page trying to solve the problems that were happening to the witches.  You wanted to find out with them, or for them, why these strange, bad things kept happening.  The relationships in this book motivate you to keep going, to make sure that they all end up okay, and just the subtle things that the author throws in at you about the witches lives. *spoiler alert* Like the fact that they are actually immortal and Joanna has to get young again and be pregnant with the girls again if something causes them to die. All these components make this book a great read with a great mystery.
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*Reviewed by Jenny O. *This book was sent by the publisher for review purposes.

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