Tuesday, July 12, 2011

True Blood Recap: Episode 3 - If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?


Truthfully Bite Clubbers, I'm not sure how to feel about this episode.  It wasn't bad but, I don't know that it was great either.  Here's what happened:

We picked up where we left off from last week.  Sookie's talking to Eric on the side of the road.  She starts to realize there's something very wrong with him.  He comments about her smell and lunges at her.  She takes off and of course he follows.  She then proceeds to punch him in the face for trying to snack on her.  He tells her that he knows what he is but he can't remember who he is.  He starts talking in the language Marnie used to cast the spell and tells Sookie what he remembers about the circle and the woman he sees in her place.  Sookie then lays out the ground rules for staying at her and Eric agrees.  Once they get back to her house she notices that Eric stops at the front door because he's waiting to be invited in.  She figures she might as well play this angle and 'invites' him in.  After she helps clean him up she gets a visit from a very desperate Pam begging her to hide Eric while she figures out a way to fix what's been done to him.  She says she'll babysit him if she gets paid for it.  Pam agrees.  She then takes Eric down to his hidey hole.  Next day she pays Alcide a visit.  Aaannndd...you're going to have to wait for those details.  Anywho, after working her shift at Merlotte's she heads home and discovers Eric is missing.  She sits down to read (a Charlaine Harris book mind you) and notices a bright light coming from her front yard.  She heads outside and is greeted by Claudine.  Claudine practically orders Sookie to go back to the Fairy Realm.  As Sookie begins to tell her she's not going, Eric comes out of nowhere and starts feeding on Claudine.  Sookie is telling him to stop but, he's so focused on the feeding that he ends up killing Claudine.  Yes, you read that right.  Eric ends up killing Claudine.  That's the first WTF moment of the night.

On to King Bill of Louisiana.  He starts his night by reprimanding an idiot vamp who gets caught on film feeding on a human.  Unfortunately he has to sentence him to the True Death.  As he's walking out of his office he sees Jessica has come to visit him.  She asks him for some advice about the situation with Hoyt.  They have a heart to heart *snort* and Bill tells her that she has to be honest with him.  The next night we see Bill is at a fancy restaurant trying to contact Eric.  After what looks like another failed attempt he's joined by Portia Bellefleur.  This broad bluntly propositions him with a co-workers/friends with benefits deal.  He tells her that he can't love her and she says she's okay with that.  As you may have guessed, this leads to Bill and Portia bumpin' uglies.

I've pretty much covered what Eric has been up to in this episode in the Sookie section.  I would like to point out that I think Alexander Skarsgard is doing an amazing job of capturing Amnesia Eric's vulnerability and sweetness.  I remember why I liked this version of Eric in the book.  He's been stripped of his bravado and arrogance and we get to see him be loving, protective and caring with Sookie.  No, that doesn't mean I like him.  It just means I'm giving props where props are due.

I am sooo pissed at you Mr. Alan Ball.  I've sat here waiting patiently for my hunk of burnin' werewolf love and you go and spit in my face.  As I mentioned above, Sook goes to visit Alcide to see if he can help her with Eric.  Mr. Ball then decides to sucker punch me in the stomach by having Debbie 'effin Pelt walk out with cocktail wieners to greet Sookie.  Apparently, in the year that Sookie's been gone she's found Jesus, cleaned up her V habit and gotten back together with Alcide.  All I'm going to say about this is screw you Mr. Ball.  Screw you!  That would be WTF moment #2 of the evening.

Poor Jason.  I really, really, really hate how this is playing out.  I hate it way more than that whole scene with Alcide.  Jason is in the process of turning.  He's wounded, dirty and in all around bad shape.  My dislike for Crystal and Fenton hit a new high this episode.  Jason is trying to tell Crystal that he needs to go to a hospital because he needs help and medicine.  Crystal tells him to drink some water and to swallow the pill she pops into his mouth.  He asks her if it's medicine and she says it's Viagra.  She goes on to thank him for what he's doing for her people.  He blacks out and when he wakes up Crystal is busy riding the Jason train.  And this, readers, is where I lost some of my faith in this show.  It also happens to be the 3rd WTF moment of the evening.  When Crystal finally gets Jason off, the camera pans back and we see that the women of Hot Shot are lined up waiting for their to turn to hop on the Jason train.  I get that sometimes a rape scene is necessary in certain movies and TV shows because it's kind of detrimental to the story line.  This however is not an example of one.  This was a very unnecessary use of a rape scene.  Not only is he being violated against his will but, they decide to go one step further and practically turn this into a gang bang.  I don't understand at what point this seemed like a good idea.  I'm really disappointed in the decision to take Jason story arc down this route.  Disappointed and down right disgusted.  That is all.

After getting the call from Sookie about Eric's condition she hightails her vamp butt over to Sookie's house.  She begs her to watch over Eric because she's scared what will happen if his enemies and/or Bill find out that he's lost his memory.  When she refuses, Pam threatens her.  Eric pushes her and forbids her to talk to Sookie in that fashion.  After agreeing to pay her to babysit Eric she takes off for Fangtasia.  The next night Lafayette ends up paying her a visit.

After visiting Bill and getting some 'fatherly' advice, she heads home to face Hoyt.  As soon as she walks through the door he's laying into her about being worried about her being gone all night.  He then asks her why she didn't get rid of the creepy doll they found in the house when they moved in.  He's mid sentence when she tells him about her indiscretion and he flips out.  He tries to leave but, she ends up glamouring him into forgetting what happened.  That there would be WTF moment #4.

Sam arrives at Merlotte's and discovers a very skittish Andy sitting outside of the bar.  After witnessing Andy have a crazy V meltdown he heads inside.  He sees Sookie talking to Tara and heads on over to say hello.  He asks if she's interested in a drink and she says yes.  They head back to his trailer and partake in a few shots and some chit chat.  They're flirting back and forth but, reveal to each other that they're both seeing someone.  The other significant thing that happens to Sam this episode is his brother's revelation about a con he wants them to pull on Maxine.  This of course outrages Sam and the boys end up hating each other all over again.  *sigh*  Brotherly love.  Ain't it grand.

As she's conversing with Sam, Jesus walks out to the back and asks her where Lafayette is.  She realizes that Lafayette has taken off to go straighten things out with Eric after the whole coven meeting fiasco.  She and Jesus take off to Fangtasia.

After the upheaval at the coven meeting Lafayette tries to explain to everyone that they need to clear things up with Eric.  No one's listening though because they feel they're in the right.  He later has the same discussion with Jesus and Tara but, they think it's not the greatest idea.  The next day he pays Terry to cover his shift and decides to follow through on his idea to clear the air with Eric.  Unfortunately, for him he's met by a very angry Pam.  She's roughing him up to get answers when Tara and Jesus arrive in the basement to rescue him.  Tara's holding Pam at gunpoint as they're explaining to her what happened the night before.  Pam tells them that they have 24 hours to bring her the witch that messed up Eric.

Arlene & Terry
Jessica decides that the best way to get rid of the doll that keeps showing up at her house is to give it to baby Mickey.  Arlene isn't to kosher on the idea but, Jessica convinces her that she should let the baby keep the gift.  This should turn out real inneresting.

Favorite Quotes
'I know I'm a vampire Snooki!'
'It's Sookie.'
-Exchange between Eric and Sookie

'No.  You're being punished for being stupid.'
-Bill to idiot vamp

'Bill, I'm not stupid.  I'm just unfaithful.'
-Jessica to Bill

'No I don't because other women don't exist for me!'
-Hoyt to Jessica

'I'm going to beddy bed.  You b*tches clean.'
-Lafayette to Tara and Jesus
'You just killed my fairy godmother!'
-Sookie to Eric

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What did you guys think?  Were you loving or hating this episode?


BLHmistress said...

I agree I just love how Alexander is protraying this character and I feel the same this is reason why I really loved Eric in the books. I loved how he just shoved Pam and said "Be Nice to Her" even caused Sookie to raise an eyebrow to that one LOL.

I know I was so disappointed with all we got from Alcide is one scene?? and back with Debbie ugh, I just have a feeling she isn't all done with Sookie. You can't change that fast and forget.

OMG I just want to rake Crystal's eyes out, how disgusting was that whole thing, to not just her take advantage of him(and thats putting it mildly) but I have a feeling the rest of the 'family' did as well.

Pam gotta love her - loved her line you have 24 hours or I will eat f*ck and kill you.

So I hope Tara and them get Marnie to help or fix this or so crap is gonna go down.

May I say it must be good to be king- Bill is getting even more action who is next??

Again what is up with that doll??? and who is behind that?

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@BLHmistress - I thought that line and scene was funny too. I love the look on Pam's face while's she's trying to be 'nice' to her.

Of course she's not. She's just biding her time. Ugh! That whole scene still gets me mad.

*shiver* I don't even like thinking about it.

LMFAO! That's right I totally forgot to include that line. Pam is bad to the *ss.

I don't think this whole witch thing is going to go away that easy. I have a feeling they're going to play it out the rest of the season like they did with Maryann.

It sure is good to be King. He's come a long way from being emo Bill.

I have NO idea! I'm really interested to see how they play that whole thing out.

Smash Attack! said...

Agreed about Alexander. He is really doing a superb job.

I was downright disgusted with Jason's predicament. Not happy with that story line, at all. Also really pissed off with Jessica's decision to glamour Hoyt. My opinion of her hit the floor.

LOVE Lafayette. Can't say that enough. My fav character, and someone I'd seriously love to hang out with.

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@Smash - I have no words to describe how disturbed I am by that whole thing.

Yeah, Jess really disappointed me too. It'll come back to bite *snort* her in the patoot.

I love me some Lafayette too. I'm soo happy they kept him on.

BLHmistress said...

I have another question did anyone else get the feeling maybe just maybe Eric isn't as lost as he is making out to be, I caught a couple ornery looks he gave when no one was looking or was I just seeing things.

I couldn't believe Jessica glamoured him I was expecting well a huge blow out fight then poof nothing. I honestly think that is drive her to feel more guilty.

I think it will be interesting if Tara and Pam have a showdown- Tara is a lot tougher than in prevous seasons so it will be interesting how it will play out.

Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

WTF moment 1: I was glad Eric killed Claudine because I don't like the show version of her. They were ruining her all over so I'm glad she's gone so I can keep my book Claudine version.

WTF moment 2: I'm with you I was PISSED when Alcide ended up back with Debbie Pelt. Because she found Jesus and stopped V. Bullshit! They aren't supposed to be together, she's a crazy!

WTF moment 3: Yep, completely with you! I hated this part. It was bad enough that Crystal was taking advantage and raping Jason but it's total crap that they have the entire pack at hotshot doing the same thing. Plus in the books Crystal really did like jason and she wasn't with Fenton, Fenton just had an over obession with her. >-( Grrrrr...makes me so made!

WTF moment 4: I was very upset with Jessica about going and drinking the other guys blood and I was double upset with her when she glamored Hoyt into forgetting their argument. She needs to explain to him that she needs variety. I mean he's not going to eat PB&J every day for every meal for the rest of his life. And that True Blood to her is like us eating shit. So what these two need to do is come to an agreement on how Jessica can get some variety blood yet still be satisfied with Hoyt alone in the other areas. Oh and don't forget even Bill and Eric drank other peoples blood when Sookie was too weak to keep giving them hers.

I can't believe Jessica gave Arlene and Terry's baby the creepy ass doll. I can't believe how much Andy freaked out on Sam...I'm not really liking that plot either. This show is getting worse then the books have been getting. :-( But there are still sexy guys so I guess I'll force myself to watch the show. :-P

Anna (Bite Club) said...

WTF! I still don't have a definitive point of view about this episode, except I do think I like he new and improved Bill. And Pam still rocks!

But Jessica glamming Hoyt? Alcide and Debbie? Jason and the creepy Hotshot people? Yep, WTF indeed.