Tuesday, July 19, 2011

True Blood Recap: Episode 4 - I'm Alive and on Fire


Hello Bite Clubbers!  I'm happy to report that I don't have any major gripes about Sunday's episode.  And YAY for that because the last one left me a little less than thrilled.  On to the recap my friends.

So Eric drinks Claudine dry and keals over.  Not to worry though.  He's just drunk off the fairy juice.  Sookie tries to get him to go inside the house before other fairies desend on them.  He's being stubborn and flirty.  He pinches her butt a couple of times and then takes off in an attempt to play catch.  He zips in and out and finally takes off for good.  So what does good ol' Sook do?  She calls Alcide, the resident werewolf hottie, the next morning so he can help her find the drunk blonde viking.  And then the friggin' moment I have been waiting for all season happens.  My delicious slice of hunky man takes his shirt off and starts to unbutton his jeans so that he can shift to sniff out Eric.  Me likey!  Me likey very, very much.  Ahem.  Anywho, after turning into a beautiful white wolf, Alcide takes off into the woods with Sookie in tow.  He stops in front of a lake or pond or whatever and Sookie tells him to keep going.  He doesn't budge.  When Sookie is about to address him again, our drunken Eric pops out of the water and begins to frolic.  By the way, it's broad daylight when they go looking for him.  And it's broad daylight when they find him.  He urges Sookie to join him.  Alcide shifts back to delicious naked man form and realizes just how wrong Eric is acting.  When Eric realizes Alcide standing there he bears his fangs and challenges him.  Alcide begins to growl and challenges him back. It basically turns into a bit of a pissing match until Eric starts to burn.  Sookie encourages him to get out of the water and go back to the house.  Sookie checks in on Eric in the hidey hole to make sure he's okay.  He asks her to stay but, she gets out of it by telling him that she needs to do human stuff.  Alcide is pretty upset that she's keeping a killer in her house.  She tells him that she could say the same thing to him but, is choosing not to judge him.  That quickly shuts up him and they hug it out and call a truce.  Later that night Sookie checks in on Eric and finds him acting all emo.  He's sad that he's not going to be able to ever see the sun again.  Sookie tries to cheer him up and he tries conning her into kissing him.  Right before he plants one on her he senses someone at her front door.  She opens the door and sees Bill standing there.  He makes a comment about looking for Eric and says that he hasn't looked in her house yet.  She refuses to let him in.  When he tries pulling the King power card on her she stops him dead in his tracks by asking him when she has ever lied to him.  Low blow Sook.  Low blow.  But I likes it.  He takes one foot inside and thinks the better of it and takes off.  Phew!  Close call.

Bill heads over to Fangtasia to question Pam about Eric's whereabouts and is met by Pam's sarcasm and hostility.  He heads back to his house and is met by Nan.  She's extremely pissed that he's wasting time messing with a bunch of witches.  She stresses that there will be no dead humans.  This obviously puts the vamps in a bind because they can't technically go after the witches.  Later that evening he heads over to Portia's house to meet her grandmother, Caroline Bellefleur (who is being played by none other than Katherine Helmond aka Mona on Who's the Boss aka Lois, Debra's mom, on Everybody Loves Raymond).  They're all sitting around chatting and going over the family tree when a very interesting discovery is made.  Portia, who Bill boinked in the last episode, just so happens to be her great, great, great grandfather.  Ewww!  This obviously puts an end to their relationship.  He then heads to Sookie's house looking for Eric and Sookie guilt trips him into not stepping foot inside the house.

I think I covered all the trouble Eric gets into this episode so I'll leave you with some pictures.

After helping out Sookie Alcide heads off to work and ends up coming home late.  Debbie smells the shift on him and he explains that his day was backed up because he was helping Sookie out.  She has a momentary lip twich but, let's it go and starts making out with my man.

My poor Jason FINALLY catches a break.  Luckily he was only sexually assaulted by one other woman after Crystal.  The next in line is Becky (the younger Hot Shot girl we've seen around in other episodes).  She walks in and starts to take off her underwear when Jason starts to protest.  He talks to her about how her first time should be special and she admits that she doesn't want to do anything with him.  She helps him cut himself loose so that he can escape.  The next morning Fenton confronts Becky and realizes that Jason has escaped.  He shifts and starts to chase after Jason.  After a rather drawn out hunt, Jason manages to climb into a tree and makes himself a spear.  When Fenton appears below him he jumps down and stabs that mofo in the neck.  He ends up killing Fenton.  I'm not going to lie.  I totally cheered.  Crystal then strolls up on the scene in panther form and shifts back to human.  She starts talking her crazy talk about Hot Shot and Jason cuts her off.  He basically tells her that if she comes near him he'll kill her.  He takes off and ends up collapsing near the side of the road.  Hoyt and Jessica end up finding him.  Jessica makes him drink her blood so that he can heal.  Goodness knows what will happen when the panther magic and vamp blood mix.

Now it's my turn to say poor Pam.  The night after being confronted by Bill, she meets up with Marnie, Lafayette, Tara and Jesus.  Marnie starts to cast her circle and chant her spell but, Pam becomes more agitated by the second.  Pam says something insulting and Marnie goes into possessed witch mode again.  She casts a spell on Pam that ends up disfiguring the hell out of her face.  Pam is so horrified she takes off.  What's worse than pissing off Eric?  That would be pissing off Pam.  I am certain she will be out for blood next episode.

The only thing that ends up happening to Jess and Hoyt this episode is finding Jason half dead on the side of the road.  Jess gives him some of her blood to help heal him.  Yeah, I know.  It's kind of uneventful.

Sam ends up getting confronted at Merlotte's by Maxine.  She thinks he has something to do with Tommy running away.  Sam assures her he doesn't which seems to calm her down.  He then heads over to Luna's house where he's given two surprises.  The first is that Luna has a daughter.  The second is that Luna's ex keeps a close eye on her.  If you ask me he's getting himself into a world of trouble.  But what do I know of these things.  In other news, Tommy ends up meeting up with his mother.  He spends the day catching up with her and is happy to learn Joe Lee is gone.  He sees some scars on her neck and is pissed to learn that Joe Lee had her fighting again.  Just as he's cussing out Joe Lee he ends up with a chain around his neck.  Turns out good ol' mom was lying about getting rid of Joe Lee.  He tells him he's going to teach him about loyalty, respect and family.  I'm guessing this is not going to be pleasant.  I'm not a fan of the little snot but, I'd hate to see him back with those two psychos.

Tara & Lafayette
I'm combining these two because they were together the whole episode.  Tara, Lafayette and Jesus head over to Marnie's to explain what's going on with the vamps and to tell her it's imperative that they reverse the spell put on Eric.  After what seems like hours they finally find something that will work.  They meet up with Pam the next night and it all goes horribly wrong...again.  Instead of fixing the situation she (or the spirit that inhabits her body) puts some funky juju on Pam.  Just when they thought they were home free.  BAM!  They're deeper in the mess.  Tsk tsk tsk.

Arlene & Terry
This whole baby thing gets weirder and weirder.  Terry walks in holding little Mickey and he's talking to him about Arlene and the kids who are passed out on the couch.  He sets him down to go grab something and when comes back into the room the kid has written 'Baby Not Yours' in red marker on the wall.  Trippy.  Real trippy.

Favorite Quotes

'Hey!  Did you just pinch my butt?'
-Sookie to Eric

'Now prepare to die you stinking dog!'
'Take your shot you dumb shit fanger!'
-Exchange between Eric and Alcide

'How'd the execution go?'
'Oh, very smooth.  Completey justified.'
-Exchange between Nan and Bill

'Well I could point out that you're the one who disowned your child by blood...'
-Sam to Maxine

'I am a cliche.'
-Luna to Sam

'Sure he's a rascal and a troublemaker and most of the time I'd like to slap the smile off his face but, he's a happy vampire.'
-Sookie to Eric

Video Extras

Ep. 41 - Preview

What did you guys think?  Were you loving or hating this episode?


BLHmistress said...

Here I am again LOL.

Well as you can imagine I loved Eric this week no surprise right, he was just downright cute. "you have a beautiful butt" mind you I drifted off for a moment wishing he would say that to me LOL. anyway sorry. He had some awesome lines this week "Come Play with me " was just too cute for words. But what got me when he said how he wasn't ever gonna see the sun again man my heart just melted- I wished Sookie would have hugged him - Hello! I would have.

Ok Alcide and Eric both naked got me kind of distracted for a few moments but - I loved how Sookie had to play 'parent ' and stop their pissing match LOL. Can I just add Alcide his chest --- oh okay I drifted off again sorry.

Bill, again doesn't look like he is gonna redeem himself to me though when he didn't go inside Sookie's house I was like okay maybe and also I like how he defended Andy a bit to his grandmother(don't care much for Andy but it was nice to see).

Didn't they pick a great actress to play Caroline.

FinallY!! Jason is away from the crazies yay!! Just interested though to see how he is going to deal with what happened to him. And did we see maybe a spark with him and Jessica, it definitely peeked my interest. (I do love Hoyt though).

Sam, I know alot don't either care for him or maybe not this storyline but I'm interested. If they do it right it might be a nice one. Though I have a feeling the way they set it up its going to be psycho ex is gonna cause them problems(sound familar)LOL

speaking of psychos - I got a weird feeling Debbie is gonna maybe show up at Sookie's and rat Eric out?? before she tries to kill Sookie again??

That doll creeps me out more and more each week- is it Rene in spirit eek.

and lastly can I say the shock of the night- Pam omg I hate to be anyone in her way next week.!!! And who is gonna stop these witches thats another big question??

sorry for the ramble but as you see I agree I think this was the best episode yet!!

Kim said...

My favorite episode from this season so far. Any episode that has a scene with both Alcide and Eric half naked is for me! Love them!

Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna) said...

Ok I'm starting with the baby thing...I don't think it's the baby at all...I think it's the creepy ass doll that's doing this all and that's why it kept showing up and Hoyt and Jessica's house after they had both tried to get rid of it. Very creep and weird. I think the baby is completely harmless!

I was completely pissed about what happened to Pam and I do agree that she is going to be out for blood at the next episode. I am also annoyed with Tara and Lafayette who are just idiots to have remained a part of the whole whitch thing from the beginning. I mean where did the bad ass Lafayette go who put his foot down when he didn't agree with something! >-(

Bill and Portia...ew! I didn't know if they were going to keep that story line in the book but I think it's gross but kinda funny!

Alcide in this episode was SMOKING hott! Rawr. I don't blame Sookie for not being able to look away but I was pissed about the Debbie part. Gag me please! Oh and I thought it was funny and very awkward when Sookie like play punched Alcide on the porch and then hugged him...they should have just stuck with the hugging because that section the acting was terrible! :-(

Poor Eric...him and Sookie are going to bang one of these days and we will all be very excited! LOL.

As much as Tommy can be a little shit I just cut him a break because he really doesn't know any better. I mean look who raised him and we know he didn't have any other role models since his parents never put him in school and always used him for fighting to get money. I wish Sam would be a bit more patient with him. Sam can be pissed at his crappy parents but Tommy just needs a good talking to and a better life then what he's had. I know, I've got a stupid soft spot for him...and I can't understand why Tommy didn't shift into a fly or something to get out of that chain...maybe that will happen next episode.

Oh and Sam is nuts for being with what's her face because we all know werewolves are very tough and terrible and here he is messing with a woman and daughter who have a werewolf watching every move they make. This is going to turn out badly I do believe.

I was sad for the lack of Jessica and Hoyt and I'm VERY happy Jason got away! :-D

BLHmistress said...

I forgot about Tommy, I too feel sorry for him and I agree he really doesn't know any better with parents like that ugh did you see his reaction when his mom betrayed him again :(.

Oh yea when Eric and Sookie knock boots, all the social networks are gonna crash LOL .

Dot S.(ladeetdareads.wordpress.com) said...

I am so shallow, When Alcide took off his shirt I yelled at the TV "Finally!!!" (at this point my DH rolls his eyes, not that he wasn't taking in the "cute butt" scene just before)Then we are absolutely treated to both Alcide AND Eric shirtless; now I'm totally going to write a fan letter to whoever wrote this episode.

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@BLHmistress - LOL! Glad you could make it. =) Alexander did a great job in this episode. It was incredibly sweet and innocent.

Yeah I thought that was funny too. It's always comedic when the 20 something has to be the grown up to the 1,000 year old vamp and the older were.

Oh Bill. Hopefully all this power doesn't go to his head.

I think it was excellent pick.

I was super excited to see him escape too. I hope things start to look up for him.

LOL! Right?! What is it with this show and psycho exes?

Damn that's a really interesting theory. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

I agree. I think someone should burn the damn doll.

The only thing I know for certain is that Pam is PISSED. I'm dying to see how this plays out.

Ramble away my dear. I love hearing everyone's commentary.

@Kim - I agree whole heartedly!

@D - Yeah I'd like to think so too.

Agreed. They just keep digging a bigger hole. Eric was one thing but, now that it's affected Pam their is some serious ish.

Double EWW!

He was scorching! I think I may have drooled on myself.

LMAO! I'm sure you and all the Eric fans will be squealing like little girls.

That's a really good point. Maybe the lack of oxygen to his brain prevents him from focusing on the shift?

I think so too. He should definitely know better.

@BLHmistress - LMAO!