Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog tour and contest with author CJ Ellisson

Today we have another fabulous vampire guest here at Bite Club, although I hesitate to say whether or not she's as easily riled as yesterday's visitor. I'm simply not sure, so tread carefully or you might find a nice pair of ass kicking boots shoved...I kid, sorta. Our guest does not come empty handed and is kindly offering up 2 ebook sets of Vampire Vacation and The Hunt. Since this is an ebook contest I can open things up to our international crowd, no shipping fees to worry about, and will offer them up to all that leave a meaningful comment and a valid email, either with said comment or in the profile. So tell me how you'd envision the V V Inn. I'm always curious to see how others might view an undead only resort. How do vampires get pampered~ an endless blood supply? Seminars on evading Hunters? What would the rooms be like? The possibilities are endless! Don't forget to say Hi to Vivian.

And Now, a Word From Vivian

Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Dria McAndrews and I’m a vampire. I go by the moniker of “Vivian” to newer acquaintances, such as yourselves. The nickname began as a play on words from the employees working at my establishment, the V V Inn.

I’m not thrilled with the designation, but it’s grown on me.

I run an exclusive resort for the undead with my human husband, Rafe. You’ll see no commercials for our remote hideaway in Alaska, no tacky Priceline dot com deals, and certainly no website. Our clientele prize their secrecy and anonymity above all else.

Did you know the staid accountant who does your taxes and never seems to age, truly doesn’t? Yup, he’s one of ours. Or how about the pale nightclub owner of the swanky downtown joint that always has a line around the block? You guessed it – she’s a Vampire, too. There are a lot more members on our secret team than even you would have believed.

Our establishment caters to this unique group of individuals who hide their existence from the human race. Halloween and Anne Rice have made it easy for us to live openly for at least one month of the year, and even a bit longer in New Orleans—where the crowd is ever hopeful one of us will jump out from the shadows to seduce them. But day-to-day, across the globe, we must do our best to blend in and adapt to remain undetected.

What would you do if the governing body of vampires wanted you dead? Would you stand and face your stronger and more numerous counterparts or fake your death and hide? I may have the deadly power to manipulate and mind control my fellow vampires, but sheer numbers will beat me every time. I did the wise thing and hid.

Scoff all you will, but I’m happy. I live in a dark cold corner of the world with my loving husband, a tasty werewolf servant, and a successful business. Our clientele has no idea of my age or my unique power, and I plan to keep it that way.

Things went according to my carefully laid plans for years, until that damn dead body turned up last fall. Now my life has changed more in one year than it has in the past fifty! More vampires live permanently at our establishment and call me vile things like “boss” and “master” than I care to tolerate.

I’d much rather strip Rafe naked and pretend we didn’t have a care in the world. With this latest adventure, a planned hunt of a fellow vampire on the resort’s fifteen square miles of frozen wilderness, long past enemies have come to haunt me and threaten what is mine and all I hold dear.

Maybe the time to run and hide has stopped.

Allow me a moment to pull on my ass-kicking boots.


Come, join Vivian’s Seethe at the V V Inn and find out what happens…

~~ C.J. Ellisson ~~

Guest Speaker at Vamps at Sea – a Vampire Themed Cruise to Alaska



Renee Gschaid said...

Hello, thank you for the giveaway and yay for vampires!


C.J. Ellisson said...

Thanks, Renee, for stopping by and commenting!

And thank you, Anna, for the great layout you did today on the blog -- looks terrific.

SandyG265 said...

I think all of the rooms would have metal shutters that could close over the windows, warm blood taps, and a big screen Tv that would show the sun rise for nostalgic guests.

Alicia0605 said...

Well I think they would have luxury rooms. Everything Silk!! They would have unlimited blood!


ML said...

I haven't read any of these yet, but I'd envision the VV Inn being very posh. I'm thinking a lot of antiques because they've had years to acquire things-and likely when they were new!

mljfoland AT hotmail DOT com

wanda f said...

Love this post.I think it would be very oppulent very cushy,the windows would be treated with a coating that allows vamps to actually see the sun,bottled blood of high quality would be all that is served nothing "lower shelf" so to speak . please enter me