Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Secret Circle ~ Bound ~

We pick right back up with our witchy gang and their exploits...

We open with Cassie reading her mom’s spell book. She beings to realize that she doesn’t have control on her powers after she breaks Nick’s window on accident when she gets angry.

Most of the circle spends the day chasing Cassie around trying to convince her to help bind the circle. She doesn’t want any part of it. Faye is trying to convince her that their individual powers shouldn’t be bound by the circle.

Cassie causes a beaker to catch on fire in science class and it’s really starting to sink in that her magic is out of control.

Adam and Cassie keep getting closer while he tries to show her that magic doesn’t have to be bad. Diana is worried that Cassie and Adam are getting too close.

Faye is getting out of control with her magic usage. She likes the power. She’s also creating havoc with her friends. Melissa (who slept with Nick) was flirting with Nick and then makes a rude comment about girls that would hook up with him.

Faye’s grandfather shows up and apparently, his circle of witches was the ones that took the magic away in Chance Harbor after an accident. Dawn (Faye’s mother) tells him that the teens are not using magic and no one has magic any more.

Dawn confronts Charles and makes him give her a crystal back. The crystal holds the last trace of the original circle’s magical powers. She’s worried they are using too much and it’s going to run out.

Cassie befriends a non-witch named Sally, even though Faye disapproves. Cassie and Sally volunteer at the sea fair.

Faye confronts Cassie that night and she accidently sends Sally flying through the railing of the pier down to the rocks below. Dawn rushes down to help Sally and she uses the crystal to heal Sally.

Charles confronts Dawn, but Dawn tells him that the incident would cause too much suspicion. She goes home to find her father in law waiting for her. He tells her he knows she used magic and he wants the last of the crystal. She uses the magic and causes him to have a heart attack.

Dawn confronts Faye and tells her to stop embarrassing herself.

The group, including Cassie, decides that binding the circle is the best way.

They meet at the beach around a bon fire and Diana leads the circle to bind their powers. The bonfire blazes after the spell is done.


So what did you guys think of this episode?

Are you anxious for Adam and Cassie to come together like their fate says they should?

Were you surprised that Nick and Melissa were together?

Is Faye going to get more and more out of control?


Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

Great recap Betty. I'm liking how they're keeping us guessing as to who the 'real' bad guy is. As of right now I don't trust ANYONE!

Betty Turner said...

@ Jen I agree... I really can't figure Faye out. At first I thought she was going to be the 'bad' guy, but I think the parents are going to be a huge problem in the coming episodes.... I want to know what they are after....

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

I think Faye is but, a mere puppet in the big scheme of things. I don't trust the parents as far as I can throw them.

Anna said...

This has been a great show so far! I really like Faye and I think you are right about her being a puppet. And I personally really want to see Adam and Cassie come together. I really wanna know what it is the parents are wanting to use them for too. Ican't wait for the next episode!