Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ TheHybrid~

Wow, this episode was packed with lots of things going on.... so let's jump right in.

Damon and Elena disagree on whether or not Stefan can be saved.

Klaus and Stefan are still on their quest through the Tennessee Mountains. Stefan is carrying Ray who is ‘dead.’ They arrive at the werewolf camp and the werewolves have heard of Klaus as “the hybrid.”

Tyler’s mom tells him that Caroline shouldn’t be sneaking out like a prostitute in the early morning. Tyler tells Carol that Caroline is not a prostitute, and notices something tastes gross in the coffee his mom gives him. After Tyler leaves, Carol makes a phone call to someone named Bill and she asks him to take care of the vampire problem she has.

Jeremy tells Matt that he saw Vicki again and that she asked for help. Jeremy convinces Matt to help him contact Vicki by using some of her personal items. Jeremy sees Vicki again and she tells him to help her come back. Anna appears and tells him not to trust Vicki.

Elena enlists Tyler’s help and asks him where would werewolves be on the full moon. He tells her that some werewolves like to run free like a state park or the mountains. She thanks him and tells Alaric that she’s going to track down the wolves. Alaric won’t let her go alone.

Alaric and Elena are hiking through the mountains when Damon finds her. Alaric called him, he’s angry and tosses her into a lake. She convinces him to help them. He makes her promise that they will leave before the moon is full.

Klaus reveals his plan to Stefan to make and army of hybrids. Ray wakes up and drinks human blood—but something is wrong. He’s crying blood tears. Klaus doesn’t know what’s wrong. Ray bites Stefan and runs off. Klaus won’t heal Stefan until he finds Ray.

The mysterious Bill shows up at Mayor Lockwood’s house. She tells him that it’s Caroline and that she’s known her since she was a child. Bill tells Carol that Caroline’s a vampire, that Carol knows what she has to do.

Matt lets on to Tyler that Mayor Lockwood has had him putting vervain in his coffee to make sure he’s safe. Matt tells him that when he was human he couldn’t taste it. Tyler realizes that his mom knows about vampires and confronts her. Carol tells him that she knows about Caroline and that she’s a monster. Tyler gets angry and takes her to where he locks himself up and makes her watch him change into a werewolf. He wakes up after the change and Carol promises to protect him.

Ray attacks Damon in the woods and Elena gives him the wolfs bane to get Ray off of him. They realize Ray is a hybrid. Alaric and Damon rush to get Elena out of the woods, but Ray attacks again and Damon leads him off into the woods. Alaric gets Elena to safety, but Ray attacks Damon—Stefan saves Damon by ripping out Ray’s heart. Damon realizes Stefan is not lost.

Elena tells Rick while they’re waiting for Damon that he is not a lost cause, he’s just lost. They’ve all lost family and they only have each other. Damon arrives and rushes her into the car and they speed away from the mountain.

Stefan takes Ray’s body back to Klaus, only to find that he’s had to kill the entire wolf pack. Klaus looks lost and depressed and says they were rabid. He thought it would work… Stefan tells him that he failed him and that he can do with him what he will. Klaus drips his blood into a beer bottle and gives it to Stefan. He tells Stefan that he is his only comrade now.

At home Damon is in Elena’s room. She asks if he’s drunk and he says no. He wants to know why she agreed so easily to leave after Ray attacked him. She defensively admits that she was worried about him and didn’t want him to get hurt. He tells her that Stefan is not a lost cause but he wants her to remember when Stefan is back how she felt when he was gone.

Alaric who is staying at Elena's house sees Damon leave. He asks her if she knows what she's doing. She tells him no she doesn't.

FINALLY we find out where Caroline has been. She’s been chained up and the door to her cage opens and she looks up and says “Dad?”


I have to say that I was so touched by the moments between Alaric and Elena. I think she's brought him back from a very lonely place, and he's going to become an important part of her life. What do you guys think?

The flashes of Damon's feelings for Elena are become more and more prevalent. Do you think he'll let Elena go so easily if Stefan can shake off Klaus and his 'ripper' life?

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