Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Secret Circle ~ Pilot ~

Hi Bite Clubbers!

It’s me again! The CW is racking up shows about our favorite supernatural things. From the same producer that gave us The Vampire Diaries, Kevin Williamson brings up another, adapted for TV, story from L.J. Smith “The Secret Circle”. I of course loved the pilot and fell in love with the series. Witches might be the new vampire…? Maybe a close second… ;)

Sorry this is a bit long, but it’s a new series and the first pilot. Hope you enjoy!


Amelia Blake (Cassie's Mom)

Cassie Blake

Diana Meade

Charles Meade

Adam Conant

Faye Chamberlain

(Principal) Dawn Chamberlain


Nick Armstrong

The episode starts out with a car running Cassie’s car off the road and she ends up with a flat tire. She calls home and tells her mom Amelia that she’s going to be late. Unbeknownst to Cassie or her mom, a man is outside (the same one that ran Cassie off the road) their home. Suddenly things start to go wrong in the house, the waterline breaks and shoots water everywhere. Cassie’s mom is cooking and the stove catches on fire even though Amelia has turned off the gas. Outside the stranger is striking matches—and each one causes another disaster to happen. He finally strikes them all on the side of the box and flicks them toward the house. The house explodes in a ball of fire. He walks away.

A month later Cassie arrives in Chance Harbor to live with her Grandma Jane. Cassie learns that her mom wanted a new start. Cassie explores her new room and notices the hot blonde guy next door. She pulls the curtains closed and turns away. In the mirror, she notices that the curtains are pulled back open again. Cassie seems a little weirded out.

On the first day of school Cassie meets Principal Chamberlain. Apparently the principle was best friends with Amelia—Cassie’s mom. Cassie says that her mom never spoke of her life here.

Cassie notices a weird/creepy dark haired guy across the hallway from her locker. She’s distracted and can’t get her locker open. A couple of students stop to chat with her. Faye—obviously, a mean girl type—and Melissa—a quiet follow along type. Melissa invites Cassie to go out with them. Faye smirks and tells Cassie to try her lock again. This time it opens.

After school, Cassie goes to the Boathouse and meets Adam—the creepy dark haired boy at school. He also happens to be the son of her mom’s ex-boyfriend Ethan. Ethan tends to have a drinking problem and tells Cassie that their families are meant to be together and it’s written in the stars. Adam scolds his dad for drinking too much.

Faye and Melissa show up, but Cassie tries to leave. Faye and Melissa are watching her from the deck. Faye tells Melissa they can find out if she knows. Faye stares at Cassie’s car and it catches on fire and the doors lock her in.

Adam saves the day, seemingly making the fire go out and he saves Cassie. Diana shows up and tells Adam to take her home. She assures Cassie that it’s okay Adam is her boyfriend. Cassie looks disappointed.

Cassie meets Charles in town and he welcomes her to town and tells her he’s Melissa’s dad. (GASP) he was the one outside Cassie’s house and he killed Amelia.

Grandma Jane and Principle Chamberlain are mysteriously talking about the teens in town. Principle Chamberlain says that “if they were practicing… I would know.” Seems the teens could be up to something that will upset the adults.

Diana takes Cassie to a special place. They arrive at an abandoned house where Faye, Melissa, Nick, Adam are. Faye takes charge and tells Cassie that they’re all witches and that Cassie is one too. Cassie runs.

Adam goes after Cassie and shows her the magic that she and they can create. In a special moment when their powers join together Cassie and Adam make all of the drops of rain/dew in the forest float light as air. They almost kiss and Cassie runs away while the rain drops fall back to earth.

Faye taunts Diana that Adam and Cassie “made magic together.”

Cassie goes to see Adam’s dad. He says that it was like that with Amelia and it’s the same for her and Adam and that bad things happen when you mess with fate.

Faye takes business into her own hands as her powers are unleashed. She causes a really bad storm and can’t control it. Diana scolds her, but Cassie is the one that calms the storms and stop the rain. Cassie tells Diana that her mom didn ‘t want her to know. That Amelia didn’t want this life for her.

Charles goes to visit Ethan—Adam’s dad—Charles warns Ethan that bad things happen when you drink too much. Ethan Charles uses his powers to cause symptons like Ethan is drowning. He tells Ethan to stop talking or he could ‘fall off the end of the pier and drown.’ Charles leaves Ethan gasping for breath on the floor.

Adam shows up at Cassie’s house and wanted to apologize for earlier. He says he loves Diana and it can’t happen again.

Principle Chamberlain and Charles meet up outside her house and he tells her that he warned Ethan to stay quiet.

The day-glow stars that are above Cassie’s bed start to align and point her in the direction of the fireplace. Cassie realizes that a part of the fireplace can be removed. She finds her mom’s leather wrapped spell book and a letter that Amelia wrote to her. Amelia writes that if Cassie is reading this, then she’s gone and Cassie had to come to Chance Harbor.


So what do you guys think?

Did you watch the pilot?

Are you already crushing on Adam and Nick? I also have to say that the dads are not too shabby looking either.

I'd love to hear your opinions!


Alicia0605 said...

I'm so excited about this show! I watched the pilot and I loved it!

I think Adam is adorable but I have to agree the dads are pretty sexy!!

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Now I did manage to get most of this show watched and it seemed pretty decent. I like that CW is becoming a paranormal haven of cool television shows. Since this is on next to Vampire Diaries I figure I can just record both. Being that I am far removed from this age bracket it can be hard to watch such a young cast but I'll take my chances over the typical reality nonsense that seems to blanket the other networks.

Anybody going to watch the fairy tale shows on ABC and NBC? I'm psyched for those!

And we can't forget that season 7 of Supernatural is only one week away!!! I've been watching the entire series all summer on DVD and can't wait for new episodes.

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

This was my favorite L.J. Smith series growing up. I was both excited and nervous to see how the TV show would turn out. I think overall it was a good pilot episode. I think the girl playing Faye did a great job getting the character right. I swear I wanted to jump through the screen and slap her.

@Anna - I'm definitely going to try to check out the fairy tales shows. Grimm and Once Upon a Time right?

Betty Turner said...

@Anna yeah I'm going to watch the fairy tale series Once Upon a Time. I'm excited about that one too. There are just so many decent shows out this fall. :) I'm thrilled.

@Jenn, I haven't read the books for this series yet. Is the series sticking close to the books? I know you said Faye's character was pretty closet to the book.

@Alicia I love Adam too! But I think Nick has got a quality about him that I like. I think he's going to turn into our bad boy.

Jen D. @ Not Now...I'm Reading! said...

@Betty - There are definitely a few things that are different (it being TV and all) but, for the most part I think they got the feel of it right.