Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ The Birthday ~

Hi Bite Clubbers!

I’ve resurfaced again after a busy summer in a coastal tourist town. It’s that time again when the weather turns chilly and our favorite Vampire Diaries vamps come out to play!

We start with a recap from last season:

· Katherine and Klaus both creating mayhem for Stefan and Elena.

· Damon clicking together with his human side.

· Aunt Jenna and Uncle John both are dead.

· Caroline and Tyler’s hot chemistry.

· Jeremy sees dead people.

A few months have gone by since Stefan took off with Klaus. Today is Elena’s birthday! Caroline is busy planning Elena’s party. Jeremy is still freaked out over seeing Vicki and Anna’s ghost.

Klaus and Stefan find themselves in Tennessee where Klaus is looking for someone named Ray. Two girls tell him where to find Ray and Klaus tells Stefan to kill them.

Alaric is trying to be there for Elena and Jeremy. He sleeps on the couch.

Elena arrives at the Salvatore house and Damon walks out naked—covertly covered in suds. Elena makes him put on clothes and he tells her he will check it out.

Bonnie is MIA—off visiting family—but she video chats with Jeremy—He doesn’t confide in her that he sees dead people. But she knows something is wrong.

Caroline and Tyler discuss his mom and that she keeps watching Caroline. Tyler tells her that his mom thinks they are dating. Tyler tells Caroline that it’s not such a leap to make the assumption because they spend so much time together.

Alaric and Damon find the two girls that Stefan ripped apart—and covers up the murders. Damon knows Stefan killed them and not Klaus because Stefan kills, then feels remorse, so he puts the bodies back together.

Klaus and Stefan find Ray at a little bar. They demand to know the location of Ray’s pack of wolves. When he doesn’t give it up easily, Stefan uses him as a dart board. Sticking him with darts covered in wolfs bane. Stefan tells Klaus that he will deal with Damon following their tracks. While Stefan is gone dealing with Damon—Klaus continues to ‘play’ with Ray and ends up feeding Ray his blood. Then he snaps Ray’s neck

Caroline has put together a huge party for Elena and before she goes down to greet guests, he gives her a gift. Her vervain necklace that Stefan gave her.

Caroline expresses annoyance that Tyler brought some other girl to the party and compels his date to leave. He gets mad and gets in her face and tells her that she shot him down and that if she doesn’t want him dating other girls, she needs to stake a claim. They end up frantically kissing and they leave the party together. Late in Tyler’s bedroom they had really hot werewolf/vampire sex.

Matt and Jeremy spend a lot of time bonding and he tells Matt about seeing things he shouldn’t be seeing.

Alaric tells Damon that he feels like he is the “chaperone teacher from hell.”

Damon goes to pick up Andie from work and finds that Stefan has compelled her to stand on a high platform in the news studios. Andie tells Damon she can’t move. Stefan smiles and tells Andi that she can move and she plunges to the floor below while Stefan hold Damon and tells him to stop following him. He needs to let him go.

Damon returns home to Elena and tells her to stop looking for Stefan. He’s alive and well. He’s been killing people, not Klaus. Elena doesn’t want to believe it, but Damon tells her to believe it and let him go.

Elena goes home to find Alaric packing. He tells her that he’s not good at the parent stuff and that she’s 18, she can handle it.

Elena receives a phone call from an unknown number and no one is there. She knows its Stefan and she tells him to hang on. It’s okay, she still loves him.

Tyler’s mom catches Caroline leaving late from Tyler’s room. Caroline is embarrassed and tells Mrs. Lockwood that she’ll just get her purse and go. Tyler’s mom has put vervain on Caroline’s purse and it burns her hand. When Caroline gasps and drops her purse, Mrs. Lockwood shoots Caroline with vervain darts and Caroline collapses.


So what did you guys think?

What are your thoughts on the season premier?

What were you looking forward to that did or didn’t happen ?

And what’s your thoughts on Caroline being shot by Tyler’s mom? I think he’s going to flip.


Anna (Bite Club) said...

I only managed to catch a few minutes of the premiere because it airs when my kids have their bedtime routine. The good news is that Flyboy brought me a DVR and now I can record all my favorite shows:)

Betty Turner said...

@Anna Having a DVR this fall is going to essential. So many good shows on this season. :)