Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: Nocturne by Syrie James

Jenny's Review:

Nicole just needs to get home, so she sets off on a mountain road in Colorado only to be caught in a huge blizzard.  While she is attempting to navigate the almost blinding snow she hits a spot of black ice and her car is thrown from the road. The next thing she knows she is waking up in a nice warm cabin and a man is taking care of her.  Michael was just minding his own business plowing his road so he would not be snowed in when he sees the car fly off the road. Knowing he probably does not want to have company he thinks maybe he should just let it go, but he can’t and so he goes down to find out if the person in the car is alive. Now stuck together Nicole and Michael must learn to get along, but Michael has many secrets that Nicole just can’t figure out.  But they find that they understand each other very well and have a lot in common.  As they become more and more attracted to each other Nicole is made aware of a very big secret that Michael is holding back.  Can she manage to stay alive with this man, or should she risk it to run into the raging blizzard?
This is a great read for I would say mature adults, as it deals with sexual intimacy. The book is a great romance novel with a twist, and I'm not telling you what exactly that twist might be.  I liked how the characters were developed with an air of mystery about them. Michael is not the only one who has a secret in this book and that made the characters more believable. The mysteries also made the book a quick read because you were always anticipating what was going to happen next. 
*Reviewed by Jenny O. for Bite Club
Anna's sidenotes:
This was my first Syrie James title and although the official review was done by Jenny I did read Nocturne for myself. James has an emotional writing style that lets you become involved with the characters (both Michael and Nicole), and the tension between them was off the charts. I've already added another, Dracula, My Love (such a beautiful cover) to my evergrowing TBR mountain, and all her others (Jane Austen Made Me Do It, The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte) are on my Kindle wishlist. All of her books seem unique, intelligent, and thought provoking with a distinct voice, and after reading Nocturne I am recommending them to all my friends.
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Sophia Rose said...

I completely agree and love this book. Its unique to read something with just the two characters in isolation like this and have it be good.