Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Secret Circle ~ Slither ~ Recap

This episode was a shocker and a heart-breaker.....

Faye is a little creeped out by the fact that her mom is “dating” Diana’s dad.

Melissa tells Nick that she knows where her family’s book of shadows is hidden. She makes him dig up this old suitcase in the woods.

Principal Chamberlain and Charles are using the blood moon and the crystal to try to restore their powers. Principal Chamberlain upsets Charles when she rejects the idea that they actually start dating.

Finally!! Melissa and Adam have a hot make out session with some whipped cream and desert.

After telling Nick it’s going to be their little secret, Nick learns that Melissa has called the whole circle together.

The gang finally realizes that Melissa has a demon inside her. After they realize that something inside the suitcase is moving.

Nick shows he really cares by demanding that they help her.

Cassie tells the circle to trust her and she runs to get her grandmother’s help. With the help of another stone that holds the rest of the adult’s magic Grandma chases the demon out of Melissa.

Grandma realizes that the demon is still in one of the circle members. She passes the stone over Nick and he takes off running from the house.

The demon (Nick) confronts Principal Chamberlain at the Boathouse and tells her that he needs a new body. He takes her out to the docks and on the way Prinp. Chamberlain calls Charles and lets him hear where they are going.

Charles grabs Nick and Principal Chamberlain tells him that it’s not Nick, it’s a demon and the only way to kill it, is to drown it.

Charles drowns Nick.

The circle had been looking for Nick when Cassie and grandma realize that Nick had drowned.

The circle is devastated that Nick is no longer with them.

RIP Nick......


I have to say I was heartbroken about Nick. Just when his story with Melissa was developing and he was becoming an actual character instead of just a brooding shadow in the background.

What do you guys think of this twist? How do you think Melissa will handle it? Now that the circle is broken will their magic run rampant again?

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