Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Secret Circle ~ Heather ~ Recap

It seems this show always opens with Melissa and Nick waking up together.

Cassie is reading her book of shadows, trying to find out what happened to Heather Barnes.

Cassie wants to go and see Heather, but Diana says that it’s not a good idea for her to go alone. She volunteers Adam to go with Cassie.

Faye tells Melissa that Nick will never change and that he’ll hit on every girl. Melissa gets angry at her.

Adam and Cassie go to see Heather. Her brother tells them that she’s been immobile for 16 years. Heather grabs Cassie’s arm.

Adam tries to tell Cassie that they don’t know her mom did this to Heather, but Cassie knows she did. Cassie shows Adam her book of shadows and he says that they need to talk to Diana about helping Heather.

Faye apologizes to Melissa about talking trash about Nick. But then she points out that Nick I talking/flirting with a girl. Which causes Melissa to tell Nick that she can’t see him anymore.

Adam makes a poultice from Cassie’s spell book. Diana stops Adam from helping Cassie saying it’s too risky to help Heather.

Cassie enlists Faye to help undo the spell. They take the poultice that Adam made and sneak into Heather’s house. Cassie puts the poultice on Heather’s arm, covering thei sigil. They repeat a spell but it doesn’t seem to work.

While Cassie is letting Faye read her book of shadows, Heather breaks into the house. She tells Cassie about being possessed by a demon and that her mom had put a spell on her to stop the pain because it hurts her. Heather starts to scream and chases Cassie and Faye throughout the house. Nick and Melissa who are next door realize that something is wrong when they see Faye banging on the window of Cassie’s house.

Adam realizes that something is wrong when Cassie won’t answer the phone. The rest of the circle shows up at Cassie’s and Heather escapes out the front door. She ends up getting hit by a car and the ‘demon slug’ looking thing attaches to Nick’s coat.

Adam shows back up at Cassie’s house to check on her. He helps her clean up the house and the mess that Heather made. He agrees they need to know more about what happened the night their parents died and more about their powers.

While in bed the ‘demon slug’ thing slides into Melissa’s ear.


So did you guys like this episode? I'm glad that Nick and Melissa's relationship is devloping and becoming more than just a sex thing. Hopefully Nick will man up and be the guy that Melissa is certainly going to need with that 'demon slug' in her.

I have to say at first I wasn't comfortable with Cassie and Adam... I actually wanted her to like Nick. But this triangle has me conflicted. I want Cassie and Adam together, but I don't want them to crush Diana.

I'm still a huge fan of Faye, I think she's my favorite witch. Do you guys have a favorite yet?


Anonymous said...

Ohh didn't know this show even existed... Seems like fun, I'm so gonna get it :)

Betty Turner said...

Hi Hilda!

The show comes on every Thrusday at 9pm on the CW network. It's a fantastic show. :)