Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ Disturbing Behavior~

Welcome to another episode of The Vampire Diaries! This is building up to be an action packed season!

The episode starts with Elena and Damon in the kitchen cooking chili for the town’s gathering. They sparks are flying all around the kitchen and Alaric doesn’t like what he walks in on.

In Chicago… Rebekah clothes shopping. The funniest thing she said the whole night was “Women today dress like sluts.” In return, Stefan looks at Klaus and says “You’re the one who pulled the dagger out of her.”

Katherine is up to her old tricks again. She tells Stefan she knows Klaus is after the necklace that he gave to Elena and that whatever he’s planning won’t work. He’s not the diabolic type. I have to say I agree.

Jeremy is still seeing ghosts. He actually interacts with Anna and she tells him that for him to see her, he has to want to see her too. It’s a push and pull kind of thing. She warns him that there is darkness.

Caroline surprises Elena with Bonnie. She’ back after some down time with the ‘non-witchy’ side of her family. Bonnie jokes that she leaves town for the summer and everything goes to hell. Well pretty much.

Gloria uses Rebekah and a spell to find the necklace and she tells Klaus that she can’t put a bead on where it’s at. She needs a break. Stefan encourages Rebekah and Klaus to leave Gloria alone and they can go ‘eat.’ He’s hungry.

Sheriff Forbes gets Damon to try compel Bill to forget that Caroline is a vampire.

Caroline and Bonnie are talking with Elena about Damon and Stefan when Elena’s necklace burns her. Bonnie holds it and sparks shoot from it.

Stefan turns up back at Gloria’s after eating and she tells him that she knows he’s not all with Klaus. She tells him she knows about a ‘group of girls that were discussing’ him. That she knows that Klaus didn’t kill the doppelganger. Stefan won’t reveal the truth about Elena and Gloria incapacitates him. She uses vervain to make him hurt and is gleaning the truth from him. Katherine shows up and saves him.

Bonnie does a spell on the necklaces and reveals that it has it’s own magic.

Alaric warns Damon away from Elena.

Bonnie and Jeremy are looking for information on Elena’s necklace when Anna shows up and their books catch on fire. Anna tells Jeremy to be careful of Vicki—he tells her that she can’t be around while Bonnie is around. He shuts her out of his mind and she disappears.

The council holds a meeting and Bill shows up—apparently compulsion doesn’t work on him. Caroline takes off.

Jeremy tells Bonnie the truth about seeing dead folks.

Caroline and Tyler are interrupted by Elena mid-make out session. She needs Caroline.

Caroline comes in and saves her dad—Bill from Damon trying to kill him. She kicks Damon’s ass. Damon takes his frustration at Bill out on Alaric and Elena. Angry that Alaric tells him to calm down and Damon snaps Alaric’s neck. Damon tells that Elena he's not Stefan.

After getting rid of Gloria’s body after Katherine killed her. Stefan talks to Rebekah about the past. He wants to know who they were running from. Klaus wouldn’t be afraid of anyone. Rebekah kisses him and realizes that he’s not with them. Klaus shows up and Rebekah tells him that Stefan isn’t with them. Klaus knocks Stefan out.

Alaric is pissed that Damon killed him. Alaric tells Damon that realized he was a dick.

Caroline tells Elena she needs to face the truth, that Damon has gotten under her skin. Elena almost cries and asks Caroline what does that say about her. Caroline tells her she’s human.

Bill decides that he’s going home before he gets killed. Caroline tells him that she’ll be okay. He tells her because she’s a vampire, she’ll never be okay again.

Alaric tells the council that he should be in charge. Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood have both been compromised. He’s human.

Bonnie tells Elena that Jeremy is seeing ghosts. She gives Elena the necklace back, but it wasn’t Elena—it was Katherine. Katherine takes off with Elena’s necklace.

Katherine shows up at Damon’s. Let’s leave. Let’s go somewhere. Let’s create havoc. Unfortunately Damon is up for a little trip since Elena and Alaric doesn’t seem to understand him.

Stefan wakes up and Klaus reveals they are in Mystic Falls.


So what did you guys think? How much trouble is Katerine and Damon going to get into? Will Elena ever admit she loves Damon at least a little?

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