Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Secret Circle ~ Loner ~ Recap

Faye is angry that she can’t use her magic without another member of the circle present. She and Melissa try simple spells to make things move

Cassie doesn’t really want to hang out and be friends with the rest of the circle. She wants to keep that part of her life minimal.

Nick and Melissa are still hooking up even though Nick seems to only be using Melissa.

Cassie volunteers to help Sally with the dance decorations since she feels bad that that the Faye’s magic almost killed her. Sally is starting to notice that weird things are happening. She also really starts to notice the attraction between Cassie and Adam.

Principal Dawn and Charles are still up to no good. He took Henry’s body to the lake house where it will appear Henry had a heart attack.

Adam introduces Cassie to Luke and he asks her to the dance. At first Cassie refuses, but after seeing Diana and Adam together, she tells Luke that she wants to go.

Cassie runs into a creepy person named Zachary who apparently knew her mom. He makes cryptic remarks about not letting ‘it’ happen again and he asks if Cassie knew why her mom refused to return to Chance Harbor. He refuses to let Cassie leave. Diana interrupts them ad with their magic they toss Zachary away from Cassie.

The circle gathers and Diana tells me about Zachary attacking Cassie. Diana warns them that the circle is nothing unless they’re together.

Cassie digs through her mom’s yearbook and finds Zachary Larson and that he was not a ‘bad’ kid. Diana confides that they need to find out what happened to their parents. She believes it was witchcraft.

Faye is annoyed when Melissa wants to go to the dance and she stays behind at the abanoded house. She tries to light a candle with magic and Zach sees her. He tries to trap Faye but she gets away and goes to the school dance.

Faye tells the circle about Zach and they get preoccupied with the guy trying to kill them. Luke gets annoyed with Cassie because she dances with Adam and then disappears with her ‘friends.’

Diana and Adam dig through the school records and find out that Zachary dated a girl named Heather who died in the same fire that some of their parents died it. Somehow he’s ‘punishing’ them.

Cassie is hunted by Zach and the circle saves her by using their magic together.

Faye warns Nick to be nicer to Melissa—she’s a good person and doesn’t deserve the way he’s treating her. Nick takes the warning to heart and after Melissa tells him that she doesn’t want to hook up with him anymore, he offers to just watch a movie with her.

Diana and Cassie bond over their feelings about Cassie not knowing everything about her mom, and Diana admitting she didn’t want to lose Adam.

Principal Dawn and Charles take care of Zach and Dawn “marks” him. Telling him that no matter where he is, she can find him and make his life a living hell, more than Heather’s was.


Wow that was an action packed episode. What did you guys think?

I think Faye is developing as a character. Her chat with Nick about Melissa really stood out for me. I think we will see her develop more over the new few episodes.

I like the developing relationship between Melissa and Nick. I think he is damaged, but I think Melissa will bring out the best in him.

I still want to know what ARE those parents up to.

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