Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ The End of an Affair~

I was so impressed with the episode for this week! Lots of flashbacks that tie in story lines and give us insight to Klaus and Stefan that we didn't have before!

Damon gets a call from Katherine telling him that Stefan is in his old stomping grounds. He shows up at Elena’s—in her bed and tells her to pack they are going Chicago.

Klaus and Stefan are in Chicago stirring up memories of the “good old ripper days.” Gloria is also the witch that told Klaus how to break through his curse. She tells Klaus that he knows what she needs to help him create more hybrids.

Through a series of flashbacks, Stefan remembers that he and Klaus met at Gloria’s bar back in the 20’s during prohibition days. He remembers killing and creating havoc with Klaus. Stefan finds an old photo of him and Klaus from the 1920’s. He realizes that Klaus knew him before and he wants to know why.

Caroline’s dad is still torturing her by burning her with sunlight. He tells her that blood controls her and that if she relates blood to pain that she can control her vampire ways. She tries to tell him that she’s starving. However, it doesn’t make a difference to dear old dad.

Finally Tyler is knocking on Sheriff Forbes’ door.

Damon takes Elena to Stefan’s old apartment in Chicago and shows her the room behind the bookcase where he kept a list of his victims. This seems to make Elena realize the extent of “Ripper Stefan.” Damon leaves her in the apartment to go and track down Stefan. Elena is shocked to realize that Klaus and Stefan are right outside the door.

Klaus takes Stefan to this old apartment and Stefan opens the bookcase and sees Elena hiding in the space. He tells Klaus “look what I found” and pulls out a bottle of old alcohol. A scary moment thinking Stefan was completely gone and was going to hand Elena over to Klaus.

Klaus uses the time to refresh Stefan’s memory of the 20’s and the good time they had together. Klaus compels Stefan to remember the kills they made and most of all Stefan remembers that he and Klaus were as close as brothers were. He remembers Rebecca, Klaus’s sister—all the time they spent together. Stefan loved her.

Klaus goes to where he has the originals stored in caskets and he opens the casket that holds his sister. He pulls out the dagger that is holding her asleep and tells her it is time to wake up. He has a flashback of her choosing to be on his side against their family, but he also remembers that she was going to leave him for Stefan. He stabs her and puts her away. She’s still in her 20’s dress.

Back at Gloria’s Damon distracts Klaus and Elena tries to talk Stefan into coming home. He tells her that things will never be the same. She tries to inject him with vervain, but he grabs her and tells her to go home. He’s not coming back because he’s left bodies from Florida to Tennessee. Inside Damon and Klaus are fighting and Klaus stabs Damon, but Gloria stops them and tells them not in her bar.

Damon and Elena head back home—Damon thinks it’s time to give up.

Sheriff Forbes threatens to shoot Bill and orders Tyler to help get her from the chamber. Caroline and her mom come closer together after her mom tells her that she loves her the way she is. Tyler climbs in bed with Caroline and holds her while she cries about her dad. She say her dad hates her.

Klaus takes Stefan back to the ‘original’ storage building and Klaus lets Stefan see Rebecca. Klaus tells Rebecca that he needs her help. She starts hunting for a necklace. In a flashback, we see that it is the same necklace that Stefan gave to Elena. Rebecca is furious that her necklace is gone. Klaus is stunned that the necklace is the key he needs.

At home, Damon gets another call from Katherine. From her surroundings we can tell she was actually in Chicago.


I have to say I was happy that Katherine is back. I was getting a little curious as to where she was.

I don't think that Katherine realizes exactly how Stefan felt about Rebecca, although she was stalking Stefan at the time.

What do you think is going to happen to Elena and Stefan's relationship now that he remembers how he felt about Rebecca.

I am starting to have a soft spot for Klaus, but I wish Damon would find where Klaus is storing all of the Original vampires and turn them loose.

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