Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Secret Circle ~Masked~

Wow this episode was full of surprises.... Watch out scary spoilers are below..... =)

Faye and Cassie are preparing for their Halloween celebration while Grandma Jane is off to Henry’s boathouse to check on him.

Cassie meets Calvin Wilson and a mirror breaks when their powers—his residual—and hers active cross over.

Adam confronts his dad about what he said to Diana and Adams tells Ethan that he wants to be nothing like him. Adam wants to know if he was so obsessed with Amelia did he even love Adam’s mom.

While Cassie and Diana are setting up her house for the party, Cassie finds part of the blade that Simone used to attack her with.

Jake runs into Cassie while she’s on her way to see Calvin Wilson. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be sitting targets anymore. She needs to know more about witchcraft. He does magic to keep her car from starting while he goes and threatens Calvin. Jake takes a personal item of Calvin and his blood. Now Jake can kill him just by burning what’s in the jar.

Calvin tells Cassie that he doesn’t know anything about the symbols on the blade that Cassie has. Although Cassie sees the symbols on a similar knife in his shop. She takes a photo and then she and Adam research the symbols. They find out that these symbols are the calling card of witch hunters.

Melissa visits Nick’s grave while Jake is there. He tells her he is nothing like them.

Jake meets with the witch hunters and the two others that vow to help kill the witches are Ian… and LUKE.

Adam and Diana are still having issues.

Charles Wilson goes to see Ethan and tells him that Cassie came to see him and that she has a right to know who her father was. She needs to know about John Blackwell. She has a right to protect herself.

Cassie tells Faye to distract Jake while she searches his room. Faye doesn’t keep him distracted for that long and he finds Cassie going through his stuff. He convinces Cassie that Nick was the one that was dabbling in weird things.

While Cassie is distracted Ian and Luke are kidnaping the rest of the circle.

Calvin tries to call Cassie and warn her. Jake finds him and Calvin tells him that Cassie has dark magic in her. She’s stronger than the others. Jake burns the bottle containing his stuff which kills him.

The group has been captured and a circle keeps them from using their magic. Cassie gets angry when the Ian and Luke try to kill Diana first. She sets Luke on fire. Adam gets loose and lets the rest of them free.

Jake shows up at Cassie’s house to check on her. He tells her that she still doesn’t trust him. She tells him no she doesn’t and he says that sounds like a challenge and she tells him good luck with that.

After she walks Jake out Cassie sees something in the mail box. It’s an old book with the initials “JB” on it

Jane arrives at Henry’s lake house and she finds him dead. She tries to use a crystal to help him and someone knocks her out and takes the crystal.


I am such a fan of Jake and Cassie together! I want them to fall in love and live happily ever after. I doubt that will happen. I know, I know I started out wanting Cassie and Adam together, but in my head they really don't fit. Jake is strong enough to protect Cassie.

What do you guys think about Calvin and him saying that Cassie has dark magic in her. I think that scroll that was left for Cassie was her dad's. The initials "JB" and her dad's name being mentioned at John Blackwell?

Let me know what you guys think? Are you a fan of Cassie and Jake or Cassie and Adam??

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Anonymous said...

Cassie and Adam. I read the books, so when the TV series came out, i was really excited. In the books Cassie and Adam eventually get together, and i hope they will in the show!