Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ Ghost World~

Damon realizes that Mason is back and he’s pissed. He has tied Damon to a chair and shoved a poker into his chest. Much like Damon did to him last season. Stefan finds him and pulls the poker out of his chest but leaves him tied up. Mason flings open the curtains and Damon burns in the sunlight without his ring.

Bonnie confides to Caroline just how much she hates the fact that Jeremy can see Anna because he wants to. Damon interrupts them and tells her that she has screwed something up because Mason is back. Bonnie stops over to see Matt to ask if he’s seen Vicki. He tells her no and that he wants nothing to do with any more ghosts. Bonnie’s grimoire flips open to a spell.

Elena talks to Alaric and Jeremy and tells them that she wants to contact Lexi. In all of Stefan’s journals, Lexi is the only one that has pulled him through. Jeremy tells her that he has to have some sort of connection to Lexi to contact her and he doesn’t.

Stefan interrupts Elena and Alaric and tells Elena he’ll be at the celebration—there will lots to eat. Elena looks horrified and he tells her to loosen up. After he leaves Elena tells Alaric that she just can’t let him go on like that.

Jeremy asks Anna if the witch that was helping Vicki was helping her. Anna says she’s not and that she really shouldn’t be there. Jeremy tells her that he doesn’t know why it’s happening but he has to do something before she disappears. He kisses her.

Caroline keeps Bonnie company while she does the spell that her grimoire flipped open to. The wind blows through the old house and scares Caroline. Bonnie opens her eyes and she can see her Grandma.

Elena goes to find Jeremy and sees him kissing Anna. All three are shocked that Elena can see her. Jeremy begs Elena not to tell Bonnie and she tells him that she will let him do that.

Damon tracks down Alaric and tells him that Mason is back and tied him up. Alaric is still pissed that Damon killed him. Mason shows up and starts to drink with Damon and Alaric. Mason just wants an apology from Damon and Alaric tells him good luck with that. Damon tells Mason that he didn’t have to kill him. He does a lot of things he doesn’t have to do. Mason tells Damon that he knows how to kill Klaus and the original vampires. He tells Damon to meet him at the Lockwood’s old cellar.

Stefan is startled that he sees Lexi. She tells him that he’s off the rails big time. He tells her to leave him alone and she mocks him saying that he always says that. She slams Stefan into the window of a car and knocks him out.

Grandma Shelia tells Bonnie that she cracked open the door between the ghost and human world and the witch on the other side kicked it wide open. We have to close it. You have to destroy that necklace.

Lexi shows Elena Ripper 101. Lexi makes Stefan thinks he’s been years without blood and then she stabs him with stakes.

Damon and Mason start digging through the cellar and Damon is wary. They manage to trip a trap and Damon gets staked… again.

Caroline and Bonnie are looking for the necklace and Elena tells Caroline that Jeremy was kissing Anna. She tells Bonnie and Caroline vows to find that necklace and send the ghosts away.

The Tomb Vamps are back and creating havoc for the first families. Mr. Fell is hung in a tree.

Stefan tries to get Elena to free him. Lexi tells her that he’ll say anything to get free and kill people. You have to ignore it. He then turns angry and tells Elena that he wishes he’d never met her. Ahh there’s the Ripper back. Lexi tells Elena that he has to see past the blood lust. Elena tells her that she can’t.

Bonnie and Caroline can’t find the necklace and they call Elena—she goes in search of Jeremy and asks him to ask Anna for the necklace. Jeremy tells Elena that he loves Anna and that he doesn’t want to let her go. Elena tells Jeremy that he can’t go on loving a ghost. Anna shows up and gives Jeremy the necklace. She tells him that she just wanted to be with him and find her mom.

Caroline sees the Tomb vamps about to attack Mayor Lockwood and she goes to save her.

Bonnie goes to meet Jeremy at the old house and she and Grandma Shelia perform the spell to destroy the necklace send the ghosts back.

Damon and Mason have reached and area in the cave that he’s not invited into. Mason tells him that he’s found what he’s looking for, but then he is pulled back to the other side.

Lexi disappears and Stefan asks Elena what she’s going to do. She says that she’s going home and be a friend to Bonnie and a sister to Jeremy. That there is nothing that she can do until he gets his hope back. But she can’t go on loving a ghost

Anna and Pearl find each other again before they disappear back to the other side.

Bonnie tells Jeremy to just go away. That Matt let go of his sister before he could let go of Anna. Jeremy leaves and the fire flashes and the necklace is back.

Alaric shows up and goes to see what Mason found. He tells Damon he’s not sure what he’s found, but there are hieroglyphics.


Wow. That was a lot of action packed into one episode!

Thankfully Bonnie was able to send the ghosts back, but not before Anna destroyed her relationship with Jeremy.

I am very curious to see what the hieroglyphics on the cave wall mean.

What were your thoughts?

Are you glad that Jeremy and Bonnie are over?

Do you think Elena will let Stefan go?

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