Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ The Reckoning~

This episode was action packed…

The gang have decided to have a ‘normal’ senior year by pulling a senior prank. Unbeknownst to them Klaus is about to create more havoc.

Klaus grabs Elena and demands to know why she’s still alive. He holds Elena hostage and he feeds Tyler his blood and then breaks his neck. He tells them that his previous attempts at making a hybrid have resulted in death. This sends Bonnie on a quest to break the curse and contact the original witch.

Matt is tired of being ‘just’ human and he wants to help. He knows that Vicki is trying to contact him. He knows that Jeremy can see dead people after coming back from the dead. He ties a weight to himself and he tells Bonnie that she was always better at CPR than he was and he jumps into the pool. Thankfully Bonnie gets to him in time and saves him. He tells her that he saw Vicki.

Damon and Katherine are still on their little getaway. Katherine tries to romance Damon but he tells her that she just doesn’t do it for him anymore. He demands to know what her plans are. She shows him that she has Jeremy stashed in the trunk. Katherine makes Jeremy contact Anna and Jeremy tells them that Klaus is scared of Mikael. A vampire that’s a hunter. Anna warns them that he will kill them all.

Finally, Damon tells Katherine he’s going back to Mystic Falls after some frantic texts from Bonnie to Jeremy’s cell phone.

Rebekah sees a photo of Elena wearing her necklace and has a fit, she bites Elena and Klaus tells her to knock it off. This girl is just one really old brat.

Klaus makes Stefan completely forget that he was once a nice guy. He tells Stefan that when the clock on the scoreboard runs down, he has to feed from Elena and kill her. Even though the nice Stefan we know is gone, he tells Elena to run from him and he tries to not kill her.

Klaus is impressed by Stefan’s love for Elena overpowering his compulsion to feed on her. He gets annoyed and forcefully tells Stefan he’s a ripper. Elena sees the change come over Stefan and realizes that’s he’s gone.

Klaus rethinks his problem with the curse and realizes that the witch meant the opposite of what she said. To make hybrids you have to have the blood of the doppelganger. She has to be alive not dead. He takes some of Elena’s blood and feeds it to Tyler. Tyler goes through another transition but survives it.

Damon arrives and confronts Klaus and they fight. Damon tells him that Mikael is coming. Klaus runs.

Damon finds Elena in a hospital bed and carries her out of there. He takes her home and she tells him that she saw Stefan when he changed and he’s not coming back. She cries when she asks him where he was. He vows to never leave her again.

Stefan interrupts the moment when he comes in and tells them that Klaus has left, but has told him to be Elena’s protector. He then tells Damon and Elena to ‘carry on’ with their quiet moment.

Oh wait… We forgot that Jeremy was still with Katherine…. They find were Mikael is entombed. Katherine opens the stone casket to find him mummified and chained up. Mikael opens his eyes.


What did you guys think? I have to say I was on the edge of my seat all night!!

I have to say that I'm excited that Stefan finally gets to show that he's really strong. That was my complaint from Season 1 and 2 was that Stefan was too soft. Now I think he's too harsh. He must remember how he feels about Elena.

I like that Damon is going to protect Elena. Hopefully she realizes that Damon really cares for her in his own way. I'm ready to see some more romance between these two.

I definitely felt some sparks between Matt and Bonnie. I'd love to see if that works out.

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