Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Secret Circle ~Balcoin~

Jane tells Cassie that she doesn’t know anything about the scrolls that Calvin left. Cassie can tell Grandma Jane is a little jumbled.

Melissa’s cousin Holden shows up and intrigues Diana. She had a crush on him when they were little.

Faye goes to see Dawn and tells her that she can’t stop thinking about her Grandpa. Faye gets mad that her mom is still going to the benefit gala even though they had a death in the family. Faye tells Dawn she pushed Henry away from them.

Cassie brings Jake to the abandoned house and upstairs Faye watches them. She sees Jake pocket a stone and she calls him out on it. She tells him that she knows he’s up to something. Faye leaves and Jake and Cassie figure out that there is a family tree hidden between the pages of the scroll. She wants to know who John Blackwell was.

Cassie talks to Diana about it and she says it gives her a bad feeling. Diana tells Cassie to invite Jake tot the gala. She’s missing Adam.

Jake tells Issac the witch hunter that Cassie’s dark magic comes from the Balcoin line. The name changed to Blackwell. Jake says John was the last in the Balcoin line. Isaac says they need to leave before Jake loses sight of their goal.

Cassie goes to Calvin’s and his store is all locked up. She then goes to Jakes and it appears he’s packing to leave. He tells her he’s packing up Nick’s stuff. She asks Jakes to go to the dance with her and he tells her no and that he’s not interested. He shuts her down hard.

Faye tells Adam that Cassie brought Jake to the abandoned house and he was too interested in everything including Cassie.

Melissa and Diana are talking about Holden. Dian says he’s gotten cuter and Melissa tells her that he’s not her rebound guy.

Charles arrives to pick up Dawn and she wants the crystal and he tells her no. She tells him that he still needs her.

Cassie is getting dressed for the party and Jake can see her. The look on his face says that he does want her and care about her. Cassie takes the scrolls down to Grandma Jane and shows her the family tree. She doesn’t know anything about the Blackwell line. Grandma Jane is still acting weird.

Jake comes to see Cassie and he’s dressed in a suit. (WOW.) He tells her that he does feel something for her, but he doesn’t know how to deal with it. She took him by surprise when he first met her. He says he would be honored to go with her to the dance.

At the dance Charles asks Jane if she’s okay. She says she’s just watching Amelia have fun. He corrects her and tells her she means Cassie.

Faye and Adam arrive at the dance and Faye tells him that he’s supposed to be watching Jake and Cassie instead of Diana and Holden dancing.

Jake tells Cassie that they are going to dance. They dance and Cassie talks about her family and not knowing who her father was. Jake tells her that Nick told him about the short blonde girl that had moved into the Blake house. She was sad, but strong and he admired her. A phone call interrupts them dancing and Jake goes outside.

Jake meets Isaac outside and wants to know what’s going on. Issac tells him the plan has changed, they’re leaving tonight and taking Cassie with them. Adam over hears them and goes to gather the circle together. He tells them that Jake is a witch hunter and he’s after Cassie.

Jake tells Cassie about her bloodline being from the Balcoin line. It’s the most evil of powers ever seen. People will be coming after Cassie and Jake convinces Cassie to go home with him and then he convinces her to leave town with him. Cassie gets a text from Adam that Jake is a witch hunter and she tells Jake that she will leave with him. She goes to her house and they look at each other out their respective windows and Jake sees Isaac grab Cassie. He takes off after Cassie and Isaac and Isaac knocks Jake out leaving him lying on the lawn.

Jane tells Charles that she’s dizzy and goes to sit down. Dawn and Charles are talking to her and Jane mutters to Dawn that Amelia always says that Dawn worships John Blackwell.

Adam and the circle find Jake knocked out on the lawn and demand to know where they took Cassie. Jake tells them that they have to help him save her. Adam says he doesn’t care about anyone but himself when Faye interjects that Jake is serious—he cares about her and he means it.

The witch hunters are taking Cassie on a boat and Jake tells them the boat is made of the same wood that kept their magic from working the last time. Jake uses a spell to make the lights explode and Adam goes to get Cassie off the boat. Jake goes to help Adam and Cassie and Isaac stops him. Cassie, Adam, and Faye cast a spell to make the dock catch on fire so they can't be followed.

Jake admits to Isaac that he cares for Cassie and that she is strong enough to fight off the darkness. Isaac tells Jake that Cassie Blake is not the only Blackwell child in the circle. The boat pulls out of the harbor with Jake and Cassie staring at one another.


This was the Mid-Season Finale Until Jan. 5, 2012!!

So were you shocked? I was. Cassie isn't the only Balcoin child in the circle? Who do you think it is? My first thought was Jake. But Jake is too obvious... My next choice was Faye.. but I think this one is way too obvious. It was highlighted that it could be Faye by Jane saying that Dawn was fascinated with John Blackwell... But I think they went to to much effort to shine a light on this. My next thought was Diana or Melissa.

So tell me what you think? Who's the other child of JB? Will Jake come back? Will Adam and Cassie send mores sparks flying now that Jake is gone and Adam is a free agent?

Check in next week and we'll discuss it some more and I'll post some of the better screen caps from the first part of the season!

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