Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Vampire Diaries S3 ~ Homecoming~

Damon Elena and Stefan and Rebekah and Mikael have planned to lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls.

Stefan tells Klaus that they have killed Mikael. He should come see for himself. He doesn’t believe him until Rebekah tells him that they have staked Mikael.

Rebekah tells Mikael that he destroyed their family and that she wants nothing to do with him.

Bonnie tells Elena that she doesn’t want to go to homecoming. That she can’t be as mad at Jeremy as she is because she’s his sister. That makes her think about Rebekah and Klaus and their connection.

Damon and Elena are preparing weapons to fight Klaus and he tells her that he has a backup plan but he’s not telling. Stefan interrupts and says he needs a tie and that with Elena’s luck with dances she’ll be killed by the homecoming queen.

Caroline tells Tyler to stop hanging out Rebekah the blood slut and he tells her that he set her up with Matt. She tells him that if it’s some sired Klaus thing she is going to be pissed. He says if he’s sired to anyone—it’s her.

Rebekah and Elena have a heartfelt conversation about her first high school dance and her feelings about her brother. Elena gives her the necklace back that belonged to her mother. Rebekah tells her that Mikael can’t be trusted. Elena says that she knows and then stabs Rebekah.

It seems the gym has flooded. Of course Tyler tells Caroline not to worry they’ll move it to his house.

Matt shows up to get Rebekah and Elena goes with him instead since she stabbed his date

Stefan tells Tyler that it’s a great party and he tells Stefan that it’s not a party—it’s a wake

Klaus tells Stefan that he can stop running and reunite his family. He wants Stefan to bring Mikael to him.

Damon and Mikael are chatting and Damon wants to know why he only feeds on vampires. Mikael tell him humans are innocent and shouldn’t suffer because he is what he is. Stefan walks into the room and Mikael feeds on Stefan.

Klaus tells Tyler that he invited a few dozen of his friends and tells Tyler he can run and tell his friends.

Tyler confronts Caroline and wants to know what’s going on. She tells him that he’s sired to Klaus and he can’t be trusted. Tyler tells her she has to leave because Klaus knows what’s going on. Tyler injects Caroline with vervain and tells Matt to make sure she gets out of the house.

Klaus sees Elena and he tells her that he’s one step ahead and to give it her best shot, she won’t succeed.

Tyler tries to stop Damon and he tells him that Klaus is going to kill everyone. There are a bunch of hybrids at the party. Damon and Tyler fight and Bonnie stops them using her powers.

Klaus is a little surprised when Mikael shows up at the party—alive. Klaus has told his hybrids to attack Mikael. But there’s a problem. Hybrids are still part vampire and can be compelled. Mikael has one of the hybrids to bring him Elena. Klaus calls his bluff and tells him to kill her. Mikael tells Klaus that his impulses will keep him from ever being great and he stabs Elena in the back, much to Klaus’s shock.

Damon stabs Klaus and he starts to die, but Stefan tackles him and stops him. While they are distracted Katherine stands up and throws wolfs bane grenades at the hybrids. Mikael is also shocked that he actually didn’t kill Elena, but it was Katherine. Klaus gets loose and drives the stake into Mikael. Mikael catches on fire and he dies.

Damon is screaming at Stefan asking him what did he do? Klaus says that he earned his freedom. Klaus lifts the compulsion on Stefan and Damon takes off.

Caroline wakes up and is pissed at Tyler. She says that while he is “Team Klaus” she can’t be with him because he can’t be trusted.

Damon is furious. He’s telling Elena what happened and Elena tells him to calm down. Damon says he doesn’t know what changed, that Stefan wanted Klaus dead as much as they did. Elena grabs his face and tells him that they will survive this and that they will be okay. Damon says they aren’t getting Stefan back. Elena tells him that they will just have to let him go. (This turned into a charged moment between Elena and Damon.) Katherine calls Damon and tells him it was a good plan. He tells her to stay safe.

Katherine and Stefan are in the car together and she tells him that Damon doesn’t understand what happened. He tells her that Damon doesn’t need to know. Apparently Klaus had a contingency plan that said that if he died, his hybrids would kill Damon. Stefan really does care and couldn’t let that happen. Katherine tells Stefan that he has to let his humanity back in. He has to care. Stefan says he doesn’t want to because of the things he’s done. He wants to know why she wanted to save Damon so badly. She says that she didn’t just want to save Damon, she wanted to save Stefan’s humanity. She says that even she lets in her humanity every once in a while. She loved him. She also loved Damon. She tells him that he needs to care because she need him to get mad.

Klaus is calling Rebekah and she doesn’t answer. She happens to be “dead” in the cellar.

Stefan calls Klaus and tells him that his freedom came at too high of a price. Klaus is headed to reunite his family and he opens the storage container and realizes the coffins are gone. He wants to know what Stefan is doing. He says that Klaus took too much from him and that revenge never gets old. Klaus threatens to kill everyone he’s ever met. Stefan just brushes it off and tells Klaus that he will never find his family if he does that. Stefan asks him how it feels for someone who has been one step ahead for a thousand years.

I have to say there was a LOT going on in the mid-season finale. Was it hard to keep up? I think the amount of double crossing in the episode out-did the rest.

The fact that both Katherine and Stefan wanted to save Damon broke my heart. I was so happy she admitted she really had loved Damon too.

I'm not sure I liked it that Caroline dumped Tyler because of Klaus. I think she should have stuck it out.

Matt breaks my heart... he's so lonely... he needs a girlfriend asap.

Oh Stefan.... what are you up to now... and will it actually work without someone dying?

I don't think I can wait until Jan 5, 2012 when the show returns.

What did guys think? What's your predictions for next year?

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