Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Secret Circle ~Beneath~

Adam and Diana show up at Cassie’s house and Jake is there. He says the witch hunters were leaving town. Cassie admits that she thinks that she did magic on her own.

Cassie is worried about Grandma Jane because she won’t answer her phone and she’s gone up to check on Calvin. Jake volunteers to go with Cassie to check it out and the group quickly says they will all go.

Obviously Jake lied and the witch hunter did not leave. Jake tells him that the closer he gets to knowing Cassie the closer he gets to knowing how to kill her

Dawn tells Faye that she doesn’t want her going, but Faye goes anyway. Dawn calls Charles and he tells her he is on the way home with Jane knocked out in the back seat.

Diana, Adam, and Faye ride to the lake house together after Diana told Jake and Cassie to ride together.

Jake is asking Cassie questions about her family and she says that she doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s worried about Grandma Jane. He also wants to see the papers that she has but she didn’t bring them with her.

They all arrive at the lake house and Faye hears someone saying ‘help me.’ Then she hears water running down the stairs and nothing is there. The group decides to spend the night since it’s raining. Faye goes to take a bath while the others work on the generator to get lights

Diana tells Cassie that she thinks that Jake has a thing for her. Cassie seems really interested. Jake comes to help Cassie start a fire and he tells her to use magic. When they do magic together it tells the other person so much about the other. They use magic to start the fire.

Faye is in the tub and the water turns to mud and weeds. She starts screaming. Diana and Cassie come to her rescue but the water looks clear to them. Faye accuses Cassie of trying to make her look crazy.

Meanwhile Charles and Dawn are snooping around the old house—Dawn tries to get Charles to give her the crystal and Diana’s book—he says no—the crystal stays with him.

At the lake house the group starts to play truth or dare. Faye dares Diana to take her shirt off for the next 3 questions and she does it. In turn Diana asks how many people Faye has slept with and she admits only 2. Adam uses his turn to ask Jake about the witch hunters and the others protest. Faye asks Cassie about stealing other people’s boyfriends. Then Diana dares her to kiss Jake. Cassie does and Faye gets mad and calls Cassie a relationship destroying woman. Cassie calls her a spoiled brat and Faye leaves.

Outside Faye sees the little girl that was saying ‘help me’. She follows her into the rain.

Cassie finds a photo of Faye as a baby. She asks Jake about Faye and he says that Faye thought their relationship was more than it was. She tells calls him a cheese-ball. He tells her that she’s cute when she’s angry and that she’s afraid to tap into those passions. Cassie says that she’s been accused of stuff all night and that she wanted to actually do one thing. She kisses Jake, but he tells her to stop. Cassie leaves embarrassed.

Diana is mad at Adam for looking away when Cassie kissed Jake. He tells her that he was looking at her. They end up sparring words and finally end up hooking up.

Cassie goes looking for Faye and sees the little girl. Faye hears Cassie yelling after the girl and Faye tells Cassie the story of when she was younger she fell in the lake her grandpa pulled her out. That little girl is/was her. That girl is here for a reason. Faye runs down to the lake and splashes into the water.

Jake and Adam pull her out while Cassie sees the little girl standing on the end of the dock. Cassie walks to the end and puts her hands in the water. It starts to churn and bubble and Calvin’s body rises to the top.

Charles makes Jane forget what happened at the lake house.

The police arrive at the lake house and Dawn comes to get Faye.

On the ride home Jake is impressed that Cassie did the magic to find Calvin’s body.

Adam tells Diana that he can make them breakfast if she wants to go to the Boathouse. She declines and tells him what happened at the lake house will not happen again.

Jake meets with the witchhunter and he says that his trip was constructive. That Cassie’s magic is more powerful than he’s ever seen and Calvin’s energy found Cassie and led them straight to the body. He says there is something he’s missing about Cassie. The hunter says it’s time for the witches to die.

Cassie comes home and Grandma Jane says that she didn’t even go inside the lake house. Cassie tells her that her scarf was inside and that it was weird. Cassie knows something is wrong.


Finally! Jake and Cassie kiss. Not once.... but TWICE. I'm a little excited. I want Adam and Diana to get back together so Adam isn't a threat to the relationship developing between Jake and Cassie.

What do you guys think? Do you think Jake will let the witch hunter kill Cassie? I really hope not! I think there is a good guy lurking beneath Jake's bad exterior.

Next week is the show's mid-season finale! Wonder what cliff hanger they are going to leave us with this time.


Cassandra (The Book and Movie Dimension blogger) said...

I hate that the show will yes end up on a cliffhanger.
So, happy that Jake and Cassie. Honestly forget "It's written in the stars".

Nice recap

Betty Turner said...

Thanks for your comment Cassandra! I was converted to a Cassie/Jake shiper' the first time he came onto the screen :)

JoAnne Kenrick said...

Great recap, although my interest in this show is slipping...greatly.

I was totally gripped to my seat when the demon possession first came into it, and it really built my expectations for Secret Circle. However, I find it is now heading down a teeny slop of 'tame'. The Jake and Cassie dynamics are the only thing keeping me tuning in each week at the moment.
I'm hanging on that things are going to get tense again :)

Cassandra (The Book and Movie Dimension blogger) said...

Sure thing Betty.
Glad young a Jake/Cassie Shipper.
Belcoin was so great, Jake did fall for Cassie:)